A Whole lot of Hoopla for Nothing

By Kaylie, From Tucson.

When I turned 18 I wanted to do something, anything that would challenge me. I wanted to travel or go skydiving, which led to my decision to get a piercing. I am/was deathly afraid of needles, I wouldn’t have my ears pierced either, but I was an infant at the time so no complaints there.

As for my piercing it was a means to face my fears and I didn’t want a ‘vanilla’ nose piercing, but I was also trying to find a compromise between risqué and still able to hide it if I had to (say for work/future career plans) I have friends who’ve had to remove snake bites and dimples, and they left nasty scars, But a Septum Piercing’s is pretty much invisible, if I want to hide it I use a retainer and the only way you’d know I have the piercing is if you looked up my nose.

But before I get ahead of myself, the experience prior to getting pierced was intense. You tube freaked me out, I wanted to be prepared so I watched videos, read stories and asked around, All I ended up doing is making myslf paranoid, nervous and regretting my plans. I watched people who had bad experiences, who went to their friends and inexperienced piercers. Luckily I found the PERFECT place to get the job done, “Straight to the Point”, The piercing studio was CLEAN, free of tattoo and hair salons, (I know the combo is convenient but when it comes to piercing STTP’s studio was a better choice) The studio had a doctor’s office style work space and friendly and knowledgeable piercers.

Beforehand my piercer went through the logistics and picked out the jewelry (from quite the selection, though you could only start with a few options) then we went to a (cringe) dentist style chair. By this point I was pale and ready to pass out from the nerves, but my piercer was kind and very patient. He offered candy and water to help ease my nerves then sterilized EVERYTHING!!! I am all about the clean environment. As for the actually piercing it went by in a flash, but thanks to you tube it felt like an eternity.

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