How I became “The Nose”

By Helmut from Germany.
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It all started in 1998, when I decided to get my right nostril pierced. I desired this Piercing for a long time before, I was deeply inspired by Lenny Kravitz in these days.

I used to be student and lived on my own, far away from home. So I went to Town in order to search for a good Piercer. And at last I found a guy, whom I trusted and felt very comfortable in his studio.

So I got my right nostril pierced with a common Ball-Closure-Ring. Healing process was no problem, the Piercer gave a disinfecting fluid to me. I used it twice a day and there never were any problems.

One year later I wanted to have even more noserings. So I visited my Piercer and together we decided, that a septum piercing would be the right one for me. I had it done just that day and was very happy about it. No one had septum piercings in these days and it felt pretty cool to be unique.

A few years later it seemed to me, that my nose was “not ready”. So I decided to get my left nostril pierced too. But then a probem occurred …..meanwhile I lived in another part of the country and my Piercer didn´t have his studio any more.

But we still had contact through the years and so I called him. After a little smalltalk he invited me to come round for a cup of coffee and a Piercing.

So I visited my Piercer at home, we sat and talked for a while and then he pierced my left nostril…in his living-room. But all clean and very professional.

I never had any problems with my noserings. Healing was easy, maybe because I took good care of my Piercings?!

Today I´m wearing Nostril-studs in the nostrils and a Ball-Closure-Ring in my septum. For the septum I´ve got different jewelery so I can choose it to fit my outfit.

I never had Problems in Public because of the Piercings. Some People stare at me, but I don´t mind. In my Job it never was a problem to wear Piercings. I´m working as an old people´s nurse and no one cares about my noserings. Even not my Boss…..she´s got a nostril piercing

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