I thought you were broke?

By Addis from Las Vegas.

Toward the end of eight grade I wanted to do somethign big to show more of my rock style attitude, and I wanted my nose pierced. My mother has one, and that inspired me even more to get one, but she said she wouldnt be able to untill summer break.
Disappointed…I waited. Knowing my mother and the fact that she spends alot of money on nothing she was probably going to hold it off. I even asked her and I was right. I probably wasn’t going to get it untill high school started 🙁
It was saturday morning, and my mom was really bubly despise the fact she was working all night. I went in her room to discuss what were going to do today and she said the mall.
I just ooked at her and said,” I thought you were broke?”
She laughed and said that she needed a nose ring from HOT TOPIC. I looked away trying not to look mad just when she said, “Let’s go get yours done at diversity”. Madly happy I jumped and screamed rushing the kids to get in the car so we can go to the mall then Diversity. Finally the ime comes!!!! Fourteen and proud to say that I’m going to a tatto and piercing parlor. O.o
Finally we made it, a bit nervous but I was getting antsy…and wanted the guy who was doing the job to hurry. LOL!!! sat in the chair with a smile..and he was very proffesional and nice, told me to breath in breath out and I was done. A little tear from the nervs, but I was smiling. Looked in the mirror more satisfied, grabbed a dum dum, tipped the guy, and ran to the car to show my sibilings.

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