Jordin Sparks Nose Ring

Jordin Sparks Nose PiercingJordin Sparks nose ring has been in the news nearly as much as the person herself! 🙂

Born Jordin Brianna Sparks, the multi-talented girl is an American pop and R & B singer, songwriter, fashionista and plus sized model. As the youngest American who won the American Idol title in their sixth season, she went on to release her debut album which won her an American Music Award and Grammy nomination in 2008. In December 12, 2008, her self-titled debut album was certified Platinum!

She is the daughter of Phillippi Sparks who is an ex-left cornerback for the Dallas Cowboys and ex-defensive back for the New York Giants which explains her love for the game.

Even though she had no training, Jordin’s singing talent was obvious from a very early age. By the time she grew up to her early teens, she was singing, acting, modeling, and fast gaining recognition. She performed with the likes of Alice Cooper, Michael Smith, Mathew Ward, etc. and won several awards.

With such a solid background, it is hardly surprising that everything Prom Idol Jordin Sparks does is news. As for her nose piercing – I’d say that Jordin Sparks’ nose ring is likely a diamond stud and looks fabulous on her. The pretty star’s perfect nose piercing diamond stud flashes and sparkles each time she moves, competing with her gorgeous smile.

Obviously, Jordin Sparks nose ring was also in the news. While some fans felt it didn’t really go with the rest of her look, it hardly deterred her from giving in to the glitter of the irresistible diamond. These days diamond studs are hardly expensive and practically just about anyone can afford them. There is a choice of the tiniest 0.01 carat diamond to the large diamonds some people just love to wear on their nose piercing. They can be bezel or prong set in gold and worn securely. The prong set shows off the diamond more prominently.

Jordin Sparks nose ring is probably a diamond stud because they are so comfortable and easy to wear. They just have to be inserted into the piercing after which the backing is pushed into the stud, holding it in place securely. Diamond studs are pretty much like the straight barbell body jewelry with the diamond at the visible end over the nostril and the backing inside the nostril.

The best part is – you can keep changing your nose jewelry for different occasions and diamonds are a girl’s best friend, as proven by Jordin Sparks nose ring! 😉

7 thoughts on “Jordin Sparks Nose Ring”

  1. she does look good with the nose stud but it is too small for her face and little bigger would make her looks even more sexy.

  2. My comment is that the nostril stud Jordan is wearing is not real. How I know this is that a diamond has depth and the stone is sitting to flat on her skin to have any depth. The setting used for her stud is a bezel setting, placing a real diamond in a bezel setting reduces the brilliance of the diamond because the light cannot refract through the stone, and this is how a diamond gives off color. Diamond nostril studs should be set in a prong setting to offer maximum brilliance of the diamond.

  3. i love jordin sparks. she is my favourite singer and my role model. Shes the one who encouraged me to follow my dream . i wanna be a singer when i grow up and my parents dont really encourage me, so jordin sparks said dont let anyone stop you from doing what you wanna do. i love you to death jordin ! your such a precious human being.

    I LOVE YOU !

    And btw; u look gorjus with that sexy diamond stud .x

  4. I think she looks incredibly pretty with her nose piercing. I would love to have a tiny diamond stud just like hers

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