Miley Cyrus’s Nose Piercing

Miley Cyrus Nose Piercing

Wow! Did you know that Miley Cyrus had just got her nose pierced as well? I just found it out while surfing the Net and it seems that she did it after the break-up with Justin Gaston – according to this website.

Whatever the reason for Miley Cyrus’s nose piercing – personally I think it looks cool on her and this is to everyone who’s slagging her off – C’mon people, every person can have as many piercings as they wish!

By the way, this is the second piercing Miley Cyrus has after she got her belly button pierced for her sweet sixteen!

6 thoughts on “Miley Cyrus’s Nose Piercing”

  1. so what if she got her nose piered she is a normal girl aswel & at the end of the day she can have what she wants done anyway . i’ve got mine done aswel , no big deal to be honest . x

  2. it looks wonderfull on her, im 14 and ive got mine done ‘but i had mine done with a gun so i feel anypain and still dont 🙂 she’s a beautifull young role model 😀 xx

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