My friends call it “My Midlife Crises”

By Nadia from Kansas.

When I turned 30 I got my third hole priced in my ear. Since most of my friends are much younger than me it seemed like the thing to do. Once I got that done I noticed a lot of people were getting there cartilage priced. Earlier this year I had that done as well?

Since I live in Kansas there are not too many places to get body piercings done so I went to the store and got the piercing gun and had my daughter-in-law do it for me. She told me it would hurt. I wanted it done so I didn’t care if it hurt. Once that was done I didn’t want to stop there. Most of my friends have their nose priced.

Now that I’m turning 34 this weekend I figured now is as good a time as any. I called several places to get prices and called all my friends who have had there’s done to find out where they got there’s and finally settled on having a good friend who does piercing do it for me. She did it for me as an early birthday gift.

I waited two weeks in anticipation for her to do this, (We had confliting schedules) so when the day finally came to have it done I was scared. Some people I talked to about getting it done said it would hurt a lot, while others said it would only bring a tear to my eye.
Now that the time was here she asked me to lie down and she would get everything ready. I lay down and she started to stick the needle into my nose and it hurt like crazy. I told her to stop and take out the needle. She laughed and did. Her sister who could not get hers done told me to man up. I told her too. An hour later I was ready to try again. My daughter-in-law held one had and my husband held the other and it was done. I thought I was going to die when she started to twist the needle but I lived through it and am very happy with having it done.
I’m proof that you’re never too old to feel young!

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