my nose ring story.

By Jaylyn, from Al.

Dear All,

I hope you will enjoy this :

First let me put the background so that the matter becomes easy to understand
I am a 18 year girl from Mobile (alabama) i asked my mom can I get a piercing on my nose.

The story begins like this. I was informed earlier that ‘They'( onlaws our place for this. They added that its their family tradition. I was also informed that the piercing will be done at my home with a silver-needle. I was scared, even my MOM do not have a nose-pierce. The last piercing I had was my ears and I dont remember the episode even
That was a Tuesday morning.

They arrived at our resi at arround 11am. I was in my room. My Mom called be downstairs.
I saw my would be Mother-in-law with two other lady members of their family . I got introduced once again . We had tea together and had a chat for almost half an hour. I was tensed as I knew that any moment they will start the process.
Then suddenly my MIL asked me whether I am ready for it or not. My MOM answerd them tha I am very scared, my MIL smiled and said ‘nothing to scare- it a family tradition and there is no way to avoid the same’

My MIL took out a small red box from her handbag and handedover the same to one of the lady members.
The lady asked me to sit on the floor and aksed my mom to get a candle.
I sat on the floor silently. My mom came back with a candle. The fan was switched off the candle was lightened.
The box contained a silver-needle which to me was too big and thick. I cant tell the size but it should be ( _______________ ) this big. The thread had turmeric coated on it. The thread was first folded into two equal parts and then passed through the needle-hole . Once its passed through the same was again folded in two equal parts. So it was basically 4 threads together.
I was very scared but could not speak. My MIL was sitting in front of m im not marry bt it a fsmily thing they get a say so too;; please send my nose ring thnk hope u in joy

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