Nose Piercing DIY

By Melissa, from Canada.

Being a thirteen year old girl I saw a lot of other girls at school with nose piercings. I wanted one a lot, not to fit in but because I really love them. My mom wanted me to wait until my birthday. Waiting was never really my specialty. I was doing this with or without her permission; my main reason is because I believe since it is my body I have the right to do whatever I want to it.

I decided to do it on a Friday night; I was bored with nothing better to do. Oh yeah I know, jabbing something through your skin seems like a great plan. It did waste some time though. My methods weren’t very conventional either……In my bathroom I had an old piercing earring (of course I sterilized it….in boiling water). I used this because one….i couldn’t find anything better and two….i was extremely afraid of jabbing the middle part of my nose and this was just the right size. In my mind, at the time, this seemed like a great plan. I had earlier prepped myself with people piercing their own noses n YouTube, a website full of idiots who will do anything for views. Not the best place for examples=).

When I had finished “sterilizing” everything I grabbed a marker to place a dot. This part probably took the longest as I kept washing it off, well I didn’t want to pierce it in a bad spot for nothing. When I was happy with my placement I grabbed the earring and held it on the spot. I had already pierced my Monroe (which I have taken out now) so I had a tiny bit of experience (not really). Twisting, that’s what started it out making the first mark, well I guess hole. I decided to do this as quickly as I could; I’m not that good with pain. My method was breathe in, breathe out push in. There are around three layers in your nose…I think. That is at least what it feels like. The first layer, the top is sensitive but not very, just a little shove and you’re through. The middle or second layer for me at least did not hurt one bit. The last layer just about did me. It is the most sensitive part.


2 thoughts on “Nose Piercing DIY”

  1. Speaking of getting there nose pierced i am going to go get my nose pierced by a perfessional in dallas and get a ring that costs 500 dollars. && i’m going to get gages && my belly button pierced. people say you’re only 15 don’t do it, but i tell them to go on somewhere. lmao. 🙂

  2. Diy Nose piercing

    Firstly i got a sewing needle and a earring
    that i marked the spot i wanted to put it in and got the needle i tried to push it through but its tooooo hard!!! and now 1 day later it had like pus now i have a scar but i tell my mum its a pimple 🙂

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