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Nose ring screws are a type of nose body jewelry that is either bent or twisted forming a U-shape nose ring. These rings are probably the most popular nose jewelry. Thats simply because they sit very tightly in your nose and it is pretty difficult to lose them.

Something else to consider is the material the nose ring screw is made from. Choose a body friendly material such as gold, titanium or bioplast rings if you are getting your first piercing. These materials are body friendly and help the healing process. You need not worry if you’re sure you’re not allergic to any materials.

Also, if only a few weeks have passed since you got your nose done, and the piercing seems to be  nearly healed, you still should go for materials which facilitate the healing process. Veterans of nose piercings will vouch for this!!

You can get nose ring screws with countless different gems, spikes, balls and dangles attached, so browse through the nose jewelry below and find the best nose ring screw for your nose piercing!

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