A Simple Beauty with Nose Body Jewelry

Girl with rose and nose piercing

While some women enjoy gaudy and flamboyant makeup and accessories, others of us prefer a more simple kind of beauty and choose to accentuate – rather than cover up and replace – our natural features with light makeup and nose body jewelry for a radiantly fresh appearance.

One excellent example of this approach is the girl in this picture. With her warm skin tone and bare collar and neckline, she demonstrates the natural beauty of the human body. The green from the rose stem brings more life to the look and the single red rose itself complements the dark color of her hair.

The monroe and left nostril piercings she gracefully displays balance one another semi-symmetrically on her face and enhance her simple look by adding a bit of shine to it as well as drawing one’s eyes in to her young, pretty face. With a breezy touch of makeup added to the mix, her look is brought to life even more and and the two piercings seated amidst it all are in ideal position to bring out the best of it! 😉

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