Nasallang Piercing

Image: Russ Foxx – Body Art & Modification

You have probably heard of the nasallang though not everyone knows exactly how it is done. Although it looks like a straight long barbell piercing both the nostrils via the septum, it is actually three piercings – two nostrils and the septum! ❗

Quite unusual, this combination piercing involves piercing the left and right nostril, as well as the septum at the same level so that a single barbell of suitable length can pass through the three piercings.

Cliff Cadaver – the famous piercer popularized the nasallang piercing. Some people get all three piercings in the nasallang simultaneously although it really does not make a difference. This is also referred to as a three in one industrial of the nose.

In the nasallang, the septum piercing passes via the middle of the nose – the part separating the right from the left nostril, which is called the septum. The septum piercing goes through that soft portion on the septum and not through the cartilage. The actual procedure is just like the usual needle piercing with a clamp.

The nasallang piercing could take about three to four months to heal. Your piercer will likely tell you to use salt soaks twice a day. Nasallangs are a great way to stand out from the crowd with a body piercing! 😉