To pierce or not to pierce?

By Sumz, from Brisbane, Australia.

I’ve always adored body piercings and when I was younger I couldn’t wait when I could get to the age of when I’d finally get a nose piercing, which was my ultimate favorite.

I started nagging my parents about it for a year until i was allowed to get one, and I was 14 and really excited when they finally gave in. So after getting it done and falling in love with it all over again (I loved the way it looked on my nose) I remember the time when I was led into the piercing salon and that adrenalin that I’d finally get what I was wanting all those years.

Anyways after the piercing was all done and 7 weeks or so had passed by I got a cold and during the night was a sniffly mess. I woke up in the morning and my piercing was gone, as well as the hole. I was devastated. I didn’t get it re-pierced again, until today, exactly a year later. It didn’t hurt at all, and after it was done my nose felt normal again, if that makes any sense.
I plan on keeping it forever and if you’re planning on gettingone, don’t hesitate! It’s worth whatever it takes 🙂

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