Yeah That Girl Right There ,She’s Pierced

By Nicole from Jacksonville.

Growing up I always wanted piercings. I’m 20 years old and have had 4 piercings so far not including my ears. The one that shocked me the most was my nose piercing. It was a spare of the moment decision. I have had it for almost 3 months now. I was stoked to get it until the piercer was like you might bleed a lot .I didn’t bleed initially but after 10 seconds it came down. I was freaking out! The actual process was much shorter than I thought and it hurt for like a second. It felt like a pinch but hurt more than any piercing I have got. The piercer was nice and calmed me down because when he started talking about blood my anxiety got the best of me. He made the whole process very comfortable and talked about how things were going to work. I got my nose pierced with a piercing needle. The hurt lasted for a second. He gave me the aftercare instructions and made sure I was okay to leave. I love the feeling that you get when you get a new piercing! My mom was there and thought I would chicken out Ha-ha I fooled her! Everybody still jokes about it and calls it a booger. When it is all said and done I love my little booger. If I could I would do it again. I took it out for the first time yesterday and it was hard to get back in. I would suggest not taking it out unless you know how to put it back in. The first nose jewelry I had in was a nose screw but those are very hard to get back in. I got some bio flexible ones and ended up having to cut a little piece off to put it back in. I like the nose screws because they stay in and for me that is great because I’m a wild sleeper. I often forget I have a nose ring because after you get used to it, it won’t bother you at all. I buy my jewelry off amazon, Wal-Mart, and tattoo shops. I hope you enjoyed my piercing story!

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