You only live once!

By Ashkey from New York.

I’ll start out saying I’m 16. I’ve always been into the alternative and music and weird clothing has made my identity until a week ago.

I finally decided to get a nose piercing… and next time I won’t go through the trouble of begging my parents. You only live once!!!

As soon as I figured out I wanted a nose piercing, I researched it. You better believe that I wasn’t going to do something to my body that I didn’t know anything about. I felt that when the time came, I would know everything I needed to know so I wouldn’t have last minute panic.

I needed permission and after all the research was done, I sat down with my parents and told them about it. After explaining, day after day, it was clear the message wasn’t going through their heads.

My dad told me that the only way he would let me was if he came along and checked everything. He couldn’t stand it if I was hurt. My mom was completely agaisnt it, saying that your body is your temple that (I’m gonna talk religion, don’t want to offend anbody!) Jesus Christ gave you.

Well my body was my temple,and just that: MY temple. I could choose to live whatever way,
There were million ‘reasons’ not to get a piercing; it might get infected, it was a huge responsibility, parents said no, pain… but they didn’t apply to me because they were that, reasons. You make them excuses if you don’t want it enough. But I wanted it and the happiness I was gonna feel, that liberation was worth everything.

Besides…although I have a low to high pain tolerance, depends where I’m hurt, I welcome the pain I bring onto myself. That doesn’t mean I go out and hurt myself on purpose. But everything in life comes with pain. And that’s something I learned to accept.

I went with a friend. We went to the library but she lives close to a couple of piercing shops. So after, we both went looking for a piercing parlor for me. After going to some, I found the perfect piercing parlor. Big Fish Body Tattoo and Piercing on Jamaica Ave.

There was only one piercer named Dre. He looked fairly young (early 30s max) and kept me engaged in conversation.(Distraction c:)  Needles were individualized in packets. There was alcohol and he wore gloves. I honestly recommend him.

First, he placed a dot on my nose with a marker, showed me a mirror, it was good. Then he took the piece of jewelry, of my choice, out. I got a screw stud, tricky to clean but it wouldn’t fall out.  I got the Dial foaming antibacterial liquid soap for kids so I knew there was no harsh ingredients, but first I cleaned my piercing with sea salt and warm water. Don’t use too much salt cause it dries skin!!!!

Well anyways, then came the needle. And as I was talking to him and holding my friend’s hand, I felt a sharp pain in my nose. I closed my eyes and scrunched my eyebrows. Three tears slipped out of my eyes. That’s normal. There’s  little capillaries in the nose and the nerves just tell you to cry even if you don’t want to.

When I opened my eyes, there was a huge needle in my nose. The feeling was so surreal. It felt great. Well he screwed the piercing in, told me about after care, offered me a cleaning agent which would cost me $10. Nope!! Piercing cost me $20 and I like saving money. So I left. I already had all the cleaning agents with me at home. Like I said I research my stuff.

My nose piercing is still healing, after a cold, a little bleeding (which it no longer does) and a little pus (which is no longer secreted), it looks great. I plan on putting a hoop. And then I’m gonna go back to that parlor and get an industrial. : ) And then I plan on many many more piercings.

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