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14 yr Olds Nose Piercing

Nose piercing storyBy Boris, Victoria, Australia

Hey well I’m 14 and i have wanted to get my nose peirced like since i was 5, and on my 14th birthday i was finaly aloud.

No one can guess how nervous i was.. about 4 days before i got it done i found out i was aloud to get it. I went on like 100 websites about nose peircings and how to look after them and watched heaps of movies on itunes there was one video that really freaked me out.

I was so nervous i wouldnt stop talking about it to everyone, the day had come the day i was getting my nose peirced i was excited and nervous at the same time we went shopping and then went to the peircing shop.

I was standing out the front of the shop for about 5 minutes deciding if i should go through with it or not! I went into the shop with my mum and i couldnt even talk i was shaking so much(all of the websites and videos made it look really painfull and scary) the guy kept saying to me how it was going to be fine and he told me what he was gonnna do.

He shoved a cork up my nose and i jumped coz i thought it was the needle and then he put the needle through i thought it was a pen or something i didnt even feel it! And he poked the stud through the hole if anything hurt that is wat hurt the most.

He told me to keep it in for 6 weeks. I recently went back to get some more nose studs i put one in and yeah its all fine now!

If you do go on websites and get really freaked out you should just get it done it’s so worth it and you won’t even feel it!

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  1. im getting mine done next week, and im 14 years old. im really nervous but every website ive looked at people have said it doesnt hurt just the stud part. im more nervous that my dad said the skin might grow over it, which makes me really nervous, has that happened to anyone ? im getting it done at a tattoo place, so with a needle. everyone says its safer with a needle.

  2. i got mine done and im 13 🙂 i got it done liek 2 weeks ago and i changed mine the first week i got it done. it was infected at first and started tu sink in but then it healed and now its perfectly fine. i love it and got it wif a gun and have no regrets 😀

  3. hello i just reed your story yh and did u change it after 6 week’s ? i had my nose done like 2months ago and im 14 but the person who done it said 2 change it after 2-3weeks so i dont know reallyyy x

  4. I hit 40yo this year and I had a dream I got my nose pierced so when we were walking past a piercing shop .. I thought .. this needs to be done. I booked in and as there were no appts available for the time i wanted I booked for the following day. No worries, got it done. I laid on the bed, it all happened so quickly. Was a tad painful but no more than being in the dentists chair waiting for your teeth to be done lol. Seriously though was over and I sat up with tears flowing. I was told that’s normal and it’s a reaction. No worries.

    2nd day and no probs. I love my nose pierce. All my friends of varying ages say it looks great and good on me. My hubby and a few other friends think i’m going through a mid life crisis lol. Who knows maybe I am. I think I’m going to get my eyebrow pierced but I wear glasses so not sure if it will interfer with my new googs I have ordered.

    For those wanting to get their nose pierced, go for it ! make sure you are lying down while they do it as some youtube videos I saw some sit up and others lie down.
    btw watch the youtube vids AFTER you get the pierce not before lol.
    cheers from Oz

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