2 Nose Piercings Within 24 Hours

This nose piercing story was sent in by Jennifer in New York!

2 Nose Piercings Within 24 Hours


I had only had my nose ring for 12 hours and I got it caught on my shower loofah while showering and it fell out! 😡

I’m new to the piercing scene so I could not get it back in…

It was a screw too so that made things much harder. 🙁

Long story short, the shop couldn’t get it back in either saying it had closed on the inside.

That left me with two choices…wait for the right side to heal, redo the piercing or let it close and pierce the other side.

Getting nose re-pierced after first nose stud fell out

I chose the latter and boy I tell you – two piercings in less than twenty four hours is a trip! Worth every minute of it though. 😉


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