9 Years Old & PIERCED

This nose piercing story was sent in by Marie Katherine Preston from Lemoore, California

9 Years Old with Pierced Nose

OK so this is my story of all the times I’ve pierced my nose! 😉

I’ve always admired piercings ever since I was a child. I was 9 years old & one night for reasons I don’t remember I had the impulse to pierce my nose & decided “why not” so I grabbed a pretty earring & a safety pin & I sat on the floor of my bedroom in front of the mirror & examined my nose trying to decide where to stick the safety pin.

So when I chose a spot I proceeded & stuck myself with the safety pin & oh my word it hurt SO bad! 😡

My eyes were watering like crazy & I had the safety pin almost all the way through when suddenly I began sneezing uncontrollably like probably 20 times OMG I was kind of freaking out like wth did I do?!

Is this gonna be a permanent thing having to sneeze like this all the time!?

Yeah I was freaking out a bit ha-ha anyways I finally stopped sneezing & proceeded & the last layer was by FAR the most painful ❗

It pinched so bad it I could feel the pain shooting alongside of my head up into my temple & it was not a very fun feeling…

After I finally got the safety pin in all the way I YANKED it out & my nostril began to bleed…

I grabbed my shirt & wiped away the blood so that I could see where the hole was & I grabbed my earring & shoved it in which was just as painful as the piercing was.

So I have this big ol’ round silver earring in my nose. I somehow managed to hide it from my mom till she dropped me off at school. So I was on the playground & showing it off thinking I was such a bad ass LMAO oh Lord… & wouldn’t you know one of the teachers caught me & her reaction was priceless yet at the same time I had that overwhelming feeling of “BUSTED”

Yeah she freaked out & was like “is that an earring in your nose!!?” She rushed me to the nurse’s office & they had me take it out & cleaned it up so it wouldn’t get infected & then CALLED MY MOM ❗

Ohh she was so PISSED LOL. Yeah I was in trouble ha-ha! 🙂

I pierced my nose myself again when 15 & took it out & again when I was 17 & took it out then when I was 20 I did it again & kept it in & took proper care of it & that took a good 3 months to heal because I kept managing to snag it on everything all the time ugh what a pain in the ass ha-ha but it healed & I love it & just the other day July 27Th to be exact I decided to add a second piercing to the same nostril 😉

I used a 20G Play Piercing Needle. I disinfected the area with rubbing alcohol & figured out the placement & then shoved the needle though & pilled it out & had grabbed my nose stud & put it in & my eyes watered like crazy & I have sneezed close to 50 times today so far ha-ha but it’s doing great 😉

I made a homemade saline solution & clean it 2 times a day & before bed I put the saline solution on my cotton ball & soak it for like 3 min then take it off & go about my night.

Well that’s the end of that story ha-ha hope you enjoyed reading this ❗

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