Nose Rings Guide

Nose Ring Guide

Hi, I'm Jesse!

LA born and bred, I’ve been a piercing artist in the city for over 10 years. I love what I do and hearing about why people chose to get a piercing and their reaction afterwards. 

Through my experience I wanted to share people’s stories as well as cover the range of questions I’m always asked when it comes to nose piercings.

I cover some of the most common problems after nose piercings such as the nose piercing sinking into the hole as well as nose piercing healing tips. I also look at the various types of nose piercings.

I’m a firm believe in good nose piercing aftercare so I’ve included the instructions I give to all my customers post-piercing. 

On my blog I love to share some of the stories customers have shared with me, and I encourage you to submit your own story if you too would like to feature!

I hope you find the information on my blog useful and enjoy reading about other people’s experiences – may it inspire you!


Jesse, nose piercing artist America