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Nose Ring Guide

I Accidentally Yanked Out My New Nose Ring…

Nose Piercing Story


It took about half a year for me to get my nose pierced. I wasn’t quite sure if I was ready in the beginning. I told my mom I wanted to get both my nostrils pierced because I thought it’d look cute and a couple celebrities I know have the ring and stud combo aka Chris Brown which I thought was sick as hell and different.

My mom agreed on one for now then after it fully heals she’ll take me to get the other pierced.

There’s a problem with getting my nose pierced though – my school didn’t allow piercings except for ears so I’d have to get it clear or flesh colored.

Honestly, I didn’t give a flying f**k because I already wear uniform and have a dress code for our free dress days so I wasn’t gonna get restricted on piercings ❗

I’m 16 and I got my piercing during winter break. I knew I’d get it from the same lady who pierced my ears when I was a baby so I was a bit less nervous, but the thought of the pain roamed through my mind for days!

I almost thought about backing down but my desire for it was too strong. I remember walking in and it was so Christmassy. My mom kept saying it’s going to hurt and you’re going to bleed so badly and that didn’t make me feel any better.

The lady was helping out a customer because she also sells gold and silver necklaces and grills (teeth jewelry) so we waited for a while then she finally came around to me.

I told her before what I wanted so she got everything ready. I was both scared and excited but I was telling myself it’d all be worth it. I remember closing my eyes and just feeling an intense pinch. Surprisingly it didn’t hurt and didn’t take very long! πŸ˜‰

She told me the procedures to cleaning it and I was on my way out. I love my piercing but I am so bad at cleaning it lmao the second night after I got my nose pierced I was so paranoid so I’d feel if it was still there once in a while. One time my nail accidentally tucked under the piercing bc my nails are long and I accidentally yanked it out ❗

I was wide eyed and hurriedly ran to the bathroom. I heard that it closes up really fast and I didn’t want that to happen so I tried forcing it back in and I couldn’t find the hole.

Me being crazy, I tried to make a new one lmao I know I was dumb but I didn’t want it to close. I calmed down then tried again and found the whole. My nose ended up being irritated from the force and got swollen in the inside.

Luckily it looked completely normal on the outside. I didn’t know how I could decrease the swelling. I didn’t want to tell my mom because she’d freak out. So that means buying sea salt for sea salt soaks wasn’t gonna happen. I also tried ibuprofen paste but that didn’t seem to work…

It was swollen for a while till I read about soaking it in warm water and not playing with it. I started doing that and after a day the swelling went down. I’ve been taking better care of it ever since πŸ˜€

Now it’s been a month and my teachers finally said something about it so I have to find a way to hide it but I’ve loved the way it has looked on me and I feel it really fits my personality. I’m going to get my second nostril during the summer and also get my belly button pierced with my friend along with an industrial on my ear and a cartilage.

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