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Nose Ring Guide

woman with two high nostril piercings

Are You Planning A High Nostril Piercing?

We generally think of nose piercings as nostril piercings. Some people also get their septum pierced. An unusual nostril piercing is the high nostril piercing that is done near the bridge of the nose, much higher than where regular nostril piercings are done. High nostril piercings might require a little more care than the usual nostril piercing although the actual piercing is not all that painful.

How is a High Nostril Piercing Done

For a high nostril piercing, your piercer would need a caliper, straight nostril jewelry and a receiving tube. The spot to be pierced is far thicker than other nose piercing areas.

If you are wondering what the calipers might be used for, don’t fret. They are for bending the jewelry to suit your nose as well as any swelling that might develop after the piercing. The swelling happens on the inside of the nose.

It is tricky getting the high nostril piercing done and you need a piercer who has got experience with this stuff. Normally, an 18-gauge needle with 20-gauge jewelry is used. The piercer, of course chooses based on the individual nose being pierced. Some bleeding might be there, but not much; after all, skin is being pierced!

high nostril piercing being performed

High Nostril Piercing Aftercare

Your role in the entire process is to follow aftercare instructions to the letter. Obviously you are not supposed to handle the jewelry if you do disturb it, you might develop a swelling. Since you need to make sure the inside is okay, you will be advised to use a sea salt spray up your nose a few times a day for roughly a month. Never touch your piercing without washing your hands well!

High nostril piercings take longer to heal than the usual nostril piercing and this could be anything from two to six months. Keep checking with your piercer periodically to see whether your piercing has healed fully. Usually, nostril screws or labret studs are used in high nostril piercings.

Double check to make sure that the piercer is an expert with a steady and firm hand. Many piercers will prepare you for what to expect so that you don’t get all worked up.

But exactly where you locate your high nostril piercing depends on your nose and your preference! 😉

4 thoughts on “Are You Planning A High Nostril Piercing?”

  1. I remember some pain, but I still don’t know what a “high” septum is verses a “low” one….
    Does that mean that the cartilage is pierced?

    When I had my nose done, they pulled down the fleshy part at the bottom of my septum so the skin inside stretched a bit lower than the cartilage of my septum and pierced that.

  2. I just got mine yesterday. I tend to be a fast healer and i guess my piercer was nervous becuase he dropped the nose ring trying to put it in. So he had to repierce it and start all over again. It hurts a little but the results look amazing. So the pain was worth it in the end. And believe me there was alot of pain….

  3. after getting nose pierced… is it normal for the swelling inside the nose to cover up the end of the stud??

  4. Your article states “High nostril piercings might require a little more care than the usual nostril piercing although the actual piercing is not all that painful.” I have to disagree. I have my high nostrils done. They are extremely painful!

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