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Nose Piercing Story – At Last!!!

This nose piercing story was submitted by Joshulyn in Locust Grove, Georgia!

Nose piercing


When I was in 7th and 8th grade, I became obsessed with body piercings. I told my mom that I wanted to get my belly button done at 16 and my nose after that healed.

Well I’m 17 now and December of 2013 I asked my dad could I my nose pierced and he said “Yes!” But he never took me to get it done… 🙁

March of 2014 I reminded him by saying – “Hey, could I get my nose pierced?” and he said “Yeah, let’s do it on Monday when I’m off and you’re out of school!”

So then after school my dad picked me up and my mom was in the car and we drove to the tattoo and piercing parlor and the piercer (she was so nice and cool) she asked for both mine and one of my parents IDs.

She gave me a few options on which color stud I wanted and I chose a red stud because red is my birthstone and that’s the first ring I always get with a new piercing (my second hole on my ears and my belly button).

The procedure didn’t take long and the pain to me was a 6 out of 10 and it made my eyes water (hurt a little worse than my belly button piercing both times).

After that everything was finished, she put in an L-shaped nose ring in my nose – 18 gauge and the red stud kinda blends in with my skin.

Kinda wish I chosen the regular clear or something brighter. But I get to change it in a few weeks. I’m just happy to get it! 😉

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