Absolutely Nothing to Worry About!

This nose piercing story was sent in by Rebecca Kvasnicka from Ravenna, Ohio

Nothing to Worry About Nose Piercing

I wanted my nose pierced for the longest time in high school, I always thought they looked really pretty and accented the face! 😉

I asked my mom if I could do it and she said she was all for it, and told me to ask my dad too. My dad scrunched his nose and told me he didn’t think I would be able to sit through it. Lol, little did he know, I did! 😉

My mom surprised me on my 17th birthday by taking me to the tattoo shop where her and my dad always got their tattoos. I was so nervous, I was shaking a bit when I was trying to sign the papers.

A super nice guy led me into the room off to the side and asked me if I had any questions or concerns, told me how to care for and clean my piercing, and asked if I was okay. I told him I was all good, and to go for it.

He started by marking a dot on the left side of my nose, exactly where I wanted it. After that, he grabbed the needle and I of course didn’t wanna watch, so I closed my eyes…

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The Bitch Pinch

This nose piercing story was sent in by Faybiene Angol from Christiansted, Virgin Islands

Nose piercing story

So I Got My New Nose Piercing On The Eight Of August Which Was Just Last Week Friday.

I Basically Got It As A Symbolism Of How Pierced My Heart Felt When Someone That I Really Loved And Ended Up Hurting Me. Pretty Corny But I Didn’t Get It Just To Get It Or Be In The Crowd.

I’m A Funny Chick, Very Outgoing, and Outspoken At It Too. I Like Exaggerating Pain When It’s Really Not That Bad Whatsoever. I Guess I Do It To Overbear The Fact The Feeling Could Be A Whole Lot Worst.

So I Go In The Jewelry Store During My Lunch Break To Finally Do It And Get It Over With Because I’ve Been Dying To Do It. I Think She Sucked Because Right Now My Nose Isn’t Swollen But My Piercing Sunk.

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My Second Nose Piercing Story! (Double Nose Piercing)

This nose piercing story was sent in by Taylor Cromwell from Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

My second nose piercing story

I noticed that the double nose piercing was a unique piercing and I rarely see it, in fact I never have and that’s what inspired me to get it ❗

I decided to get the second piercing done about two months ago, I’ve had the first one for two years, and finally got around to it this Saturday 😉

I’m 15 so I had to bring my mom with me (after countless times of trying to convince her), she was more nervous than I was!

I went to Pleasure & Pain, recommended by a friend, the piercer was very nice, she explained what she was going to do which was: ” take a deep breath in, and when you breathe out I’ll push the needle through” – it all happened very quickly, and I didn’t feel any pain at all, she used a single use piercing needle and the tool to help keep it straight, she explained how to take care of it when she was done.

I had a very pleasant experience and will definitely go back! 😉

The stud is the new piercing, and I’m very happy with it! It’s not fully healed yet, but my first nose piercing took 4 weeks to heal, so hopefully this one will take the same amount of time!

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9 Years Old & PIERCED

This nose piercing story was sent in by Marie Katherine Preston from Lemoore, California

9 Years Old with Pierced Nose

OK so this is my story of all the times I’ve pierced my nose! 😉

I’ve always admired piercings ever since I was a child. I was 9 years old & one night for reasons I don’t remember I had the impulse to pierce my nose & decided “why not” so I grabbed a pretty earring & a safety pin & I sat on the floor of my bedroom in front of the mirror & examined my nose trying to decide where to stick the safety pin.

So when I chose a spot I proceeded & stuck myself with the safety pin & oh my word it hurt SO bad! 😡

My eyes were watering like crazy & I had the safety pin almost all the way through when suddenly I began sneezing uncontrollably like probably 20 times OMG I was kind of freaking out like wth did I do?!

Is this gonna be a permanent thing having to sneeze like this all the time!?

Yeah I was freaking out a bit ha-ha anyways I finally stopped sneezing & proceeded & the last layer was by FAR the most painful ❗

It pinched so bad it I could feel the pain shooting alongside of my head up into my temple & it was not a very fun feeling…

After I finally got the safety pin in all the way I YANKED it out & my nostril began to bleed…

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Lots of Blood…

This nose piercing story was sent in by La’Tavia Polty from Fort Worth, Texas

Lots of Blood Nose Piercing Story


First time I wanted a piercing I lived in New York – I was only 13 but the people that worked there thought I was like 16, but my Mum blew it saying I was a minor! 😡

But finally I got one here in crappy Texas I was shaky and scared and stared out the window sadly all the way to the piercing/tattoo place.

I was scared I thought she was going to use the clamp but she used the very sharpest needle.

I had anxiety for a moment but hey I got my nose piercing 😉

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My Nose and Navel Piercing Story

This nose piercing story was sent in by Maria Elise Goebeler from Boone, North Carolina

My nose and navel piercing story


After getting my ears pierced I decided that I was in love with piercings. I am 15 and got my navel pierced in February 2014. I got it done at Hidden Hands Piercing Studio which was the only place that would do it for a 15 year old. I did a lot of research to make sure that they were clean. I had to have a parent to sign papers, but mine were supportive of my decisions so it all worked out. The day before I got my drivers permit so I was not really focused on getting it done.

My piercer was very experienced and steady. When I had the piercing done, I had so much adrenaline running through me that I hardly felt it which is good 😉 She didn’t use a clamp which worried me a bit but it turned out fine. She also took the needle out and then put the barbell in. Afterwards it started to hurt a little more but a few days later it was fine and only hurt when I bent in weird angles. I got a sheet that had all the information that I needed on it which was very helpful.

Unfortunately I was stupid enough to not listen to the cleaning instructions and I got a healing bump from too much saline (the salt mixture they use to clean it). 6 months later I went back to get my nostril pierced which hurt even less than the navel piercing. I got it done at the same place but had a different piercer. He was a lot better and more experienced than the last one which I loved. He had all sorts of weird piercings and it was interesting to look at them. This is the third day I have had my nose stud and I love it ❗

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Bloody Mess!

This nose piercing story was sent in by Ellie Harris from New Salem, Massachusetts

Bloody mess nose piercing story

So I’ve wanted my nose pierced since I was younger, but my dad always said no 🙁

A few days ago I was stuck at a car dealership with my mom waiting for her car to get an oil change and I knew there was a piercing place down the street so I asked my mom if we could get my nose pierced and she have me the usual answer “ask your father” so I knew I was screwed, but I texted him anyways and he said yes cuz I’m 17 and finally deserve it ❗ So I looked online on my phone to check the hours for the piercing place I knew of and they said they were permanently closed, I was NOT happy!

So I found another one just down the road, but when I went there they said they only did tattoos now!

But the girl there did tell me of another place about 10 minutes away, so we decided to go there. We walked in and the place was awesome, they had so many different pieces of jewelry and decorations! I was so ready for this! So I chose a silver 18g ring and went to the waiting area and obviously got a little nervous, I already have 5 different ear piercings but I never got my nose pierced before.

A guy came out and called my name, my mom couldn’t come in with my cuz my little sister was with her and wasn’t allowed in the room so I was going in alone. He sat me on a chair that kind of looked like a dentist chair and sterilized my nose.

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Getting Pierced High By My Best Friend

This nose piercing story was sent in by Ayjay Villasin from Chicago

Getting pierced high


Hi c; My Name is Ayjay and I’ve had a 16g septum piercing for almost 5 weeks. Besides my ears, this is the first piercing I’ve ever got.

I never liked typical piercings. Lip piercings like snake bites, Monroe… Eyebrow piercings, industrial bar, cartilage. I loved how septum looked – idk what it was but it caught my attention more than other piercings have! It wasn’t too much and it wasn’t too conservative. It was also a BONUS that you could hide it 🙂 I love all septums but on me I prefer a teeny tiny little one that just shows 2 little balls c:

I was hiding it at first from my mom but I came home several times forgetting to flip it up! She doesn’t really care. I’m 16 at the moment and I got pierced at my best friend’s house…

I know that everyone hates people that pierce themselves but trust me; I studied my ASS off for this. I didn’t wanna get an infection; I wanted to make sure everything was right 😉 I’ve wanted a septum for about 2 years. I finally decided I wanted to actually get it in the beginning of sophomore year. I got it done in June! It took a long time for it to actually happen. I read about septums and self-piercing for almost a whole school year. I read and looked up as much as I could.

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Booger Looking Nose Piercing

This nose piercing story was sent in by Chassidy Guevara from Houston, Texas

Booger looking nose ring

My nose piercing experience, well to begin with, when you’re about to get your nose piercing, you always have to pay attention to your piercer because you don’t wanna have to get your nose piercing redone right?

Well, I went to get my nose pierced, the experience was not so bad, it didn’t hurt at all! I was expecting pain, and swelling right after I got the piercing, but nothing, I loved my piercing, only problem was it was green… 🙁

Everyone told me it looked like a booger ❗

Rule # 2: Get a pretty silver one. Never get the color green. I was so excited that I wanted to wear the hoop nose ring!

Ugh, so there I went, 4 days later to change the nose ring, in my bathroom (bad, bad idea!) I cried because the piercing wouldn’t go in anymore! I did not feel like myself anymore. I even had to wear a fake nose hoop because I was ashamed.

After I went back to my piercer he told me I had to wait a while 3 weeks before I get it redone. I was so mad at myself 😡

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The Piercing That Caused My Trust Issues

This nose piercing story was sent in by Kelia Williams. 

Piercing that caused my trust issues

It all started with a visit to New York – which is where I’m from! 😉

The whole trip all I talked about was getting my nose pierced as I wanted it done for a while and I refused to start my senior year in high school without one!

Luckily they got the hint and took me to Brooklyn to get it done the next day. This was going to be my 5th piercing and even after all of those I was still scared 😡

The guy we went to said he was experienced but I was weary because I’m usually a loyal Claire’s piercee but they don’t work anywhere below the ear. He asked me which one I wanted and they were all pretty much the same but I picked a gold plated diamond stud.

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