After school blues

This nose piercing story was sent in by Lauren Georgia from Cradley Heath, West Midlands, England

Nose Piercing Done With a Needle

I’ve had my nose done 4 times in total now, 3 with a gun and once with a needle.

The problem with getting a nose stud is that I couldn’t get a ring in and it also kept falling out in my sleep 🙁

My mum agreed to let me have it done with a needle so I went along to Nel’s body piercing studio in West Bromwich after previously getting my septum and a few other piercings there. I was first recommended it by a friend who had been before and told me of the excellent service she received, so me and my boyfriend went right after our last exam! 😉

Nel was really nice as always, he made sure that I liked where it would be and that I was sure I wanted it done, he also told me that it’s painful so I could make sure that I was up for it. He also made us feel at ease by joking about our uniforms. Also the studio was very nice, clean and sterile which is always important

Nel is the only piercer there which is reassuring as it’s always a familiar face after you’ve been once 😉 After going there I will definitely now be going every time I get a piercing as it’s good quality and none of my piercings have gone wrong there.

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Pierced Off!

This nose piercing story was sent in by Jenna Deacon from Barnet, UK.

Nose Piercing Experience

I first decided to get my nose pierced because my aunt had one and I have always loved it and also as I felt I needed a change after just splitting with my bf of a year.

I pestered my mum for it for ages and she finally agreed (with much reluctance!) that I could get it done after I finished my GCSEs as a reward and also as a 16th birthday treat. This was to be my first proper piercing as all I had done before was my ears at Claire’s and my second ear piercings I had done myself.

I chose this cute little piercing shop down the road from me as many of my mates had got piercings done there before and it was the cheapest place around. I went in the day before to book my appointment but the lovely lady who owns the place just said turn up around midday, so that’s what I did but instead of being welcomed with open arms I was fronted with a tall gold teeth clad, dreadlocked man who shunned me away as a tattoo was taking place and was told to come back in half an hour 😡

For many this would deter them but I had waited too long to get this done so there was no way I was backing out now. My mate and I wandered around the secluded street for what seemed like ages in the pouring rain for the half hour, then finally retreated back to the shop.

Once back at the shop I was regarded with the same icy attitude as before and had a form thrust into my hands to sign to say I consented. I was then shown into what looked like a hole in the wall were the piercing bed was, I grabbed my mates hand for moral support and we both headed over to the guy who was doing my nose but was told she had to stay in the other room.

So I faced it alone… 🙁

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Young, Hardcore, and Seriously Naïve!

This nose piercing story was sent in by Makala Garloff from Santa Rosa, California.

Nose Piercing Story


On my 15 birthday my mom and I decided I could get my nose pierced. She had hers pierced at fifteen too! 😉

We went online and looked at reviews of local shops. They all had good reviews so we just picked the cheapest.

We showed up and everything seemed fine. The artist was really friendly and pierced up. She later told us it was her first day. This made me nervous but we continued…

She was struggling with the supplies. We marked where I’d be pierced. As she inserts the needle she starts to shake. It’s half way through when it breaks! 😡

I start bleeding like crazy. She starts to cry and apologize…

Another artist came in and fixed it. He apologized about the service and didn’t make us pay. We left directly after.

Since then I have had my septum pierced. That went much better! 😀

* * *

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I Almost Squished His Hand For Nothing!

This nose piercing story was sent in by Ashley Carroll from Rochester, New Hampshire.

Nose piercing story


It’s been several days since I got my nose pierced, I am 21 and 3 months old. Ever since I was 13 I’ve wanted to get my nosed pierced, my dad’s side of the family is Italian and most if the woman in their 20s and 30s have their noses pieced. Unfortunately my parents were very strict about it growing up so I had to wait. I met the love of my life a few months ago and he encouraged me to get finally get it done.

We drove down to Connecticut to visit his old Navy base, while we were down there we checked out a few piercing parlors and found one that was the right price and had sanitary materials. We arrived at Vogue in the Crystal mall in CT.

The men there where incredibly nice! The guy up front I’m pretty sure was British. My BF and I giggled and questioned whether or not he is British. The guy went through how to take care of the piercing and how much it was, he also gave me a paper with all the care instructions on it. After he went through everything my BF and I final decided his accent was real.

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How to Deal With Nose Piercing Sinking In

Nose Piercing Sinking In

Although it’s normal for people not to have any significant problems with the healing process of a new nose piercing, one of the most common issues we hear about from those who do is that the nose stud is “sinking in” and/or skin is growing over the stud of the jewelry. If you’ve noticed this starting to happen with your nose piercing, DON’T PANIC! There are many tricks and tips that can help you get through it smoothly and have your nose piercing in tip top shape in no time. Read on!

For the initial piercing, a piercer will usually use nose jewelry with a longer post and have you choose a large jewel or ball for the top so that it won’t “sink” into your piercing hole during the post piercing swelling. This will allow extra room for the swelling that occurs after being pierced (so that the jewelry won’t be too tight) until the swelling has gone down and you’ve healed enough to trade the jewelry out for something smaller. Sometimes, however, the piercing can become displaced or other factors can cause the jewelry to “sink” or have skin grow over it.

If you have skin growing over your piercing stud you’ll want to be sure not to leave it that way for long. The longer the skin is allowed to grow over the jewelry, the more painful and complicated it’ll be to fix. If it’s not too painful and doesn’t look infected, try to push the stud through the layer of skin as soon as you notice it trying to grow over.

Next, you’ll want to change the jewelry to either a hoop or a piece with a longer post or at least a bigger stud, depending on your particular situation. (Usually, I’d recommend switching both but if you already have a long post in with a small stud on the end switching the stud may be enough or vice versa.) If you’re not sure which option is best for you, I recommend speaking with your piercer – or possibly another piercer – about your situation.

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Murphy’s Law & My Nostril

This nose piercing story was sent in by Kailu McQueen from Longmont, Colorado. Thanks!

Nostril Piercing and Murphys Law


I’m a 42 year old wife and mother of 3 young adults. I’ve wanted my nose pierced for quite some time. I finally bit the bullet and went yesterday (5/9/14).

This piercing is my mother’s day gift ❗

Everything was going well, nose being prepped, and decision with a dot for which side. I picked out a cork screw piece of jewelry for my nostril (big mistake).

The procedure began (ouch) and then my piercer proceeded to insert the jewelry. It wasn’t going in well, and the bleeding started… 🙁

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Omg! What Was I Thinking?

This nose piercing story was sent in by Cheyenne Brown from Michigan. Thanks!

Nose Piercing Story


When I was 14, I tried to pierce my own nose (not a very good idea by the way!) I ended up getting the stud through, but the pain was horrific! 🙁

After a few weeks I took it out because not only was the pain horrible, but my friends weren’t the most careful around my face.

5 years later I decided to go get it professionally done 😉

My boyfriend’s mother wanted to surprise me by taking me to get it done. I’m so happy and thankful that she did! I couldn’t have asked for a better present. I’m in love with the results ❗

This should be the only way you ever get a piercing – professionals only! 🙂


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Beautified Poke

This nose piercing story was sent in by Kayla from Phillipsburg. Thanks!

Beautified poke nose piercing story


I’ve always loved the simple nose piercing.

I was sceptical about getting it done myself at first but then I finally decided to do it! I found an awesome piercer in a well sanitized shop & POKE ❗

IT took a minute! It healed within 5 weeks with mandatory healing directions and now that is how you’re beautifully poked ladies! 😉


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My Dog Tried to Eat My Nose Ring!

This nose piercing story was sent in by Mariah Carroll from Wheelers Hill, Australia!

Dog tried to eat my nose ring


So I got my nose piercing on the 4th April this year and everything was going good and I was cleaning it 3 times a day like I was told to.

So anyway I was at a friends’ house and their daughter head butted me in the nose the day after I had it done so it was sore so I went home and cleaned it and it was OK but sore… 🙁

So the next day my dog was playing with me and her tooth got caught on my nose stud and ripped it half out so it was half in my nose and the top stuck on her tooth! 😯

I was crying and my dog was still trying to play and my mum ran in and had to take the top of the stud out of my dog’s mouth and push it back in to my nose and now it is really, really sore

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A Simple Beauty with Nose Body Jewelry

Girl with rose and nose piercing

While some women enjoy gaudy and flamboyant makeup and accessories, others of us prefer a more simple kind of beauty and choose to accentuate – rather than cover up and replace – our natural features with light makeup and nose body jewelry for a radiantly fresh appearance.

One excellent example of this approach is the girl in this picture. With her warm skin tone and bare collar and neckline, she demonstrates the natural beauty of the human body. The green from the rose stem brings more life to the look and the single red rose itself complements the dark color of her hair.

The monroe and left nostril piercings she gracefully displays balance one another semi-symmetrically on her face and enhance her simple look by adding a bit of shine to it as well as drawing one’s eyes in to her young, pretty face. With a breezy touch of makeup added to the mix, her look is brought to life even more and and the two piercings seated amidst it all are in ideal position to bring out the best of it! 😉

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