Nose Rings Guide

Nose Ring Guide

Bioplast Nose Rings

Why Buy Bioplast Nose Rings?

The most important reason to buy Bioplast nose rings is that they are safe from infections, swellings and allergic reactions. Bioplast is recommended as the best material for first-time piercings. Even if you do develop an infection, Bioplast heals it much faster than other materials do. When you get pierced with Bioplast, there is hardly any swelling and no allergic reaction. The Bioplast nose ring shaft can be sterilized by autoclave up to 121°C.  Bioplast is made to the highest standards.

And for variety, you have a choice of  Bioplast nose rings with different Austrian crystals like aqua, Blue Zircon, brilliant Capri Blue, Caribbean Blue Opal, Aurora, Crystal Golden Shadow, Crystal Metallic Blue, and Emerald to name just a few. All these crystals are Swarovski crystals, renowned for their high quality!


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