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Booger Looking Nose Piercing

This nose piercing story was sent in by Chassidy Guevara from Houston, Texas

Booger looking nose ring

My nose piercing experience, well to begin with, when you’re about to get your nose piercing, you always have to pay attention to your piercer because you don’t wanna have to get your nose piercing redone right?

Well, I went to get my nose pierced, the experience was not so bad, it didn’t hurt at all! I was expecting pain, and swelling right after I got the piercing, but nothing, I loved my piercing, only problem was it was green… 🙁

Everyone told me it looked like a booger ❗

Rule # 2: Get a pretty silver one. Never get the color green. I was so excited that I wanted to wear the hoop nose ring!

Ugh, so there I went, 4 days later to change the nose ring, in my bathroom (bad, bad idea!) I cried because the piercing wouldn’t go in anymore! I did not feel like myself anymore. I even had to wear a fake nose hoop because I was ashamed.

After I went back to my piercer he told me I had to wait a while 3 weeks before I get it redone. I was so mad at myself 😡

So after about a month, I went and got it redone, but that 2nd time was horrible. It hurt so much. But the pain was worth it.

I’m so happy with my piercing. Never again will I take it out, or ask for a green colored nose ring! Always clean it, especially if you’re sporty, and you sweat a lot. Clean your nose 2 times a day, don’t wanna have boogers on that nose ring right?

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