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Nose Ring Guide

Bridge Jewelry

Bridge JewelryBridge jewelry is worn in the bridge piercing, which is an interesting nose piercing that is located almost directly between the eyes across the bridge of the nose. It is also called the third eye piercing. This piercing goes horizontally through the little stretch of skin at the top of the nose.

You can also have a vertical bridge piercing which is a surface piercing and not the same as the horizontal one. The piercing is done with a straight or curved barbell. You can also have a shallow piercing where you can wear a smaller bridge jewelry ring. If you plan to wear a ring, make sure your bridge piercing is completely healed. The ring must preferably be a D ring that permits comfortable movement. If not, it can migrate or cause scars. This is especially so if it is too close to the bone, when it is forced to move forward. These piercings are generally 12 or 14 gauge piercings.

With bridge piercing, you need to have some easily stretchable skin between your eyes. If the skin is taut, it can take longer to heal an also result in migration and scarring. Sometimes it ends up healing crooked. To make sure this does not happen, go to an experienced piercer who can mark the right location at the top of your nose, taking your face into consideration. Finding the right spot is quite tricky.

The most common bridge jewelry used includes curved barbells and straight barbells. Some people prefer to wear seamless rings, although the body can reject this kind of bridge jewelry. Barbell designs are considered best. It is made of a central shaft with a bead at both ends. Barbells can be straight, curved or circular. The beads can screw on over internally or externally threaded design.

With bridge jewelry, making the barbells is a unique process that uses lathes. You can get handcrafted barbells that are more expensive than the machined ones in a huge variety of materials, colors and designs. Some bridge jewelry comes with interesting embellishments that you would be proud to wear. Generally, Bioplast is considered best for its versatility and flexibility so you might consider getting in bridge jewelry made of Bioplast or PTFE.

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