Super-painful Nose Piercing Experience – But It Was Worth It!

Finding inspiration for getting a nose piercing wasn’t all that hard for me as a person. I love the way it looks!

In fact, I love piercings in general. Especially ear piercings. The other part of me was inspired because it would make my father angry. I love that too! 😉

It took a while but I convinced my mom to let me have it done since I’m still a minor. Though it took a LOT of betting in the long run. I was just about to give up, but luckily she said yes to me ❗

The place I chose, Ink Pit Tattoo, was recommended by my close friend Hallie. So her, my mom, and my other close friend, Riley, and I all went there in my mom’s car together.

Hallie kept warning me on the way there how much it would hurt, but it would be totally worth it. And she was absolutely right! Meanwhile beside me, Riley was trying to talk me out of it as we blared music down the highway. I think after a short period Riley gave up, knowing how I get when I have my mind set on something.

And to be honest, his complaints against the piercing fell on deaf ears in the car. Approaching our destination I started to get excited. I felt like a kid on Christmas day waiting to open up all the big bowed gifts under the tree! 🙂


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Monroe & Nose Piercing Story From Wisconsin

Monroe and Nose Piercing Story in Wisconsin

The first piercing I got was my Monroe. This piercing, unlike popular belief, was just as (if not less) painful as getting an ear piercing ❗

A year after, I decided to get my right nostril pierced.

Both piercings were done at a local studio called the ColourBox in Green Bay, Wisconsin. My piercer was the most calm and steady I’ve ever met. To this day, she is still the one I go to! 😉

The process for the Monroe, was a simple slide of the needle. There was no clamp, just a quick one-and-done. The nose, however, required a clamp. The process was more painful (as it is cartilage and filled with nerves) and did make me cry.

The crying was not due to the pain, but rather the fact that the piercing is so close to your tear ducts and from all the nerves ❗

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Nose Piercing – First Out of 27 Other Piercings!

Nose piercing - first out of 27 others!

Free Body Jewelry

Starting at a very young age I LOVED the pierced and tattooed look. As anybody who has been pierced knows there’s the dreaded “need to be 18” factor or the even more dreaded “attempt to get parental consent”.

When I was 15 after a lot of begging and pleading and deal-making I convinced my dad to sign for my nose piercing. My main reason for choosing my nose was the awareness that it was one of a select few piercings I actually had a shot at getting my pops to agree to.

I’ll never forget. .. He finally said yes on a Wednesday afternoon but told me I had to wait until Saturday. At the time it felt like the longest few days of my life. Finally Saturday morning came.

I’d love to tell you I picked the shop because of its stellar reputation or great reviews but in reality I went online and found which shop was open at 10AM and a reasonable distance from my house. Off to Rock A Billy we went…

I arrived just as they clicked the open sign on, giddy with excitement. I had my dad and best friend with me. (I got really lucky that it is actually a very reputable shop.) I walked in and the lime green walls filled with tattoo flash and the walled of section in the back with a sign that read “Get Poked “above the curtain, caused my excitement to sky rocket ❗

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Keeping Up the Family Nose Piercing Tradition!

Family nose piercing tradition

So I was 12 when I decided to continue on with the tradition of getting my nose pierced. It runs in the family for the ladies to have it. So 3 years passed and one day I was pumped and ready to do it! 😉

On the way there I was saying how I’m going to take it like a champ. We got to the place and there was a lady named Linda, she was going to perform the piercing for me.

She gave me the marker and asked me to dot where I wanted it. I found the perfect spot on my nose.

Before she even grabbed the clamps I broke down crying. Like sobbing and everything! 😡

I begged my mom to not get it but then my boyfriend Sam, walked in and I had to pick myself up. He asked if everything was fine and I said yes. I knew I had to go ahead and get through with this.

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Getting Pierced With a Piercing Gun

Nose pierced with a gun

I had always wanted to get a piercing but always fearful of the pain. Around my 16th birthday my mom let me my nose done. When the day finally came around I was nervous as hell!

We went bazaar in Irving, Texas. The people were real nice and professional. They did however use piercing guns. Many people are hesitant about doing that method but so far I’ve had minimum problems ❗

The process was simple they made a dot on my nose and I checked it and then they put the gun to my nose and pulled the trigger. Honesty from a scale to 1-10 the pain was a 3/4, it was fast.

Afterwards I could relax because I finally did it. A few days after it was sore and a little bit painful to yawn and blow nose. The only complications I had was the piercer put a nose ring that was too small that it started to sink into the hole. I was worried but to fix the problem I went and bought a proper nose ring and changed it very quickly.

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I Accidentally Yanked Out My New Nose Ring…

Nose Piercing Story

Free Body Jewelry

It took about half a year for me to get my nose pierced. I wasn’t quite sure if I was ready in the beginning. I told my mom I wanted to get both my nostrils pierced because I thought it’d look cute and a couple celebrities I know have the ring and stud combo aka Chris Brown which I thought was sick as hell and different.

My mom agreed on one for now then after it fully heals she’ll take me to get the other pierced.

There’s a problem with getting my nose pierced though – my school didn’t allow piercings except for ears so I’d have to get it clear or flesh colored.

Honestly, I didn’t give a flying f**k because I already wear uniform and have a dress code for our free dress days so I wasn’t gonna get restricted on piercings ❗

I’m 16 and I got my piercing during winter break. I knew I’d get it from the same lady who pierced my ears when I was a baby so I was a bit less nervous, but the thought of the pain roamed through my mind for days!

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Septum Piercing isn’t as Painful as You May Believe!

This nose piercing story was sent in by Quoshae Louise 

Septum Piercing isn't as Painful

So I already have my right side of my nose pierced.

This summer I started looking at the septum piercing. I didn’t like it at first. But then I started liking it and I wanted one bad ❗

Two days before school started and I still wanted it. I thought if I wanted I probably wouldn’t want it no more. NOPE! August 9, after school shopping I went to get my piercing.

When the lady told me to sit down I got scared!

She started cleaning the inside of my nose (Awkward).

When she put the thing on my nose my hands started shaking. (Like a p*ssy) But she counted to three and stuck the needle in ❗

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Niki’s Nose Nonsense

This nose piercing story was sent in by Niki Larimore from West Plains, Missouri,

Nikis Nose Nonsense Piercing Story


I had been thinking for several years about getting a nose piercing. A few things that held me back were being a mom of 3 girls and wanting to be a positive role model for them. Also working in the makeup industry where I am very involved in the lives of women of every age.

It wasn’t until this year, the year I am to turn 30 that I decided to do something for myself. 🙂 One day my good friend Maria said on Facebook, “I’m thinking of getting my nose pierced. What do you think?” I commented that I have been wanting to get it done and suggested we go together. I called the shop here in my town on Saturday and made my appointment for the following Tuesday.

On Monday Maria decided she was not going to get it done because she can’t have it at work and didn’t want to wear a band aid. Ugh, sooo I went on anyway, she did come to my appointment to watch!

The shop is owned by a husband and wife both whom pierce and tattoo. The man comes out and calls me in, he’s a short plump man, filled with tattoos and no teeth. Eek I was nervous! Maria assured me she had gotten tattoos by this feller and that it would be OK. So I nervously went back with him.

Josh was his name, he noticed my nervousness immediately and questioned it. He then swabbed my nose with a numbing and bacterial agent; which was a really weird experience. Then he said to move forward to the edge of the chair and he handed me a bunch of paper towels folded up.

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Absolutely Nothing to Worry About!

This nose piercing story was sent in by Rebecca Kvasnicka from Ravenna, Ohio

Nothing to Worry About Nose Piercing

I wanted my nose pierced for the longest time in high school, I always thought they looked really pretty and accented the face! 😉

I asked my mom if I could do it and she said she was all for it, and told me to ask my dad too. My dad scrunched his nose and told me he didn’t think I would be able to sit through it. Lol, little did he know, I did! 😉

My mom surprised me on my 17th birthday by taking me to the tattoo shop where her and my dad always got their tattoos. I was so nervous, I was shaking a bit when I was trying to sign the papers.

A super nice guy led me into the room off to the side and asked me if I had any questions or concerns, told me how to care for and clean my piercing, and asked if I was okay. I told him I was all good, and to go for it.

He started by marking a dot on the left side of my nose, exactly where I wanted it. After that, he grabbed the needle and I of course didn’t wanna watch, so I closed my eyes…

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The Bitch Pinch

This nose piercing story was sent in by Faybiene Angol from Christiansted, Virgin Islands

Nose piercing story

So I Got My New Nose Piercing On The Eight Of August Which Was Just Last Week Friday.

I Basically Got It As A Symbolism Of How Pierced My Heart Felt When Someone That I Really Loved And Ended Up Hurting Me. Pretty Corny But I Didn’t Get It Just To Get It Or Be In The Crowd.

I’m A Funny Chick, Very Outgoing, and Outspoken At It Too. I Like Exaggerating Pain When It’s Really Not That Bad Whatsoever. I Guess I Do It To Overbear The Fact The Feeling Could Be A Whole Lot Worst.

So I Go In The Jewelry Store During My Lunch Break To Finally Do It And Get It Over With Because I’ve Been Dying To Do It. I Think She Sucked Because Right Now My Nose Isn’t Swollen But My Piercing Sunk.

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