My friends call it “My Midlife Crises”

By Nadia from Kansas.

When I turned 30 I got my third hole priced in my ear. Since most of my friends are much younger than me it seemed like the thing to do. Once I got that done I noticed a lot of people were getting there cartilage priced. Earlier this year I had that done as well?

Since I live in Kansas there are not too many places to get body piercings done so I went to the store and got the piercing gun and had my daughter-in-law do it for me. She told me it would hurt. I wanted it done so I didn’t care if it hurt. Once that was done I didn’t want to stop there. Most of my friends have their nose priced.

Now that I’m turning 34 this weekend I figured now is as good a time as any. I called several places to get prices and called all my friends who have had there’s done to find out where they got there’s and finally settled on having a good friend who does piercing do it for me. She did it for me as an early birthday gift.

I waited two weeks in anticipation for her to do this, (We had confliting schedules) so when the day finally came to have it done I was scared. Some people I talked to about getting it done said it would hurt a lot, while others said it would only bring a tear to my eye.
Now that the time was here she asked me to lie down and she would get everything ready. I lay down and she started to stick the needle into my nose and it hurt like crazy. I told her to stop and take out the needle. She laughed and did. Her sister who could not get hers done told me to man up. I told her too. An hour later I was ready to try again. My daughter-in-law held one had and my husband held the other and it was done. I thought I was going to die when she started to twist the needle but I lived through it and am very happy with having it done.
I’m proof that you’re never too old to feel young!

Second time lucky.. I hope

By Jordyn, from England.

The first time I had my nose done, I did it myself with a sterilised needle and a broken earring. It hurt like hell and I ended up having to take it out because the earring kept falling out and bleeding when I slept. After 9 nose bleeds in one day and severe sleep deprivation I decided enough was enough. I took it out, and suffered 3 more nose bleeds after, then everything was fine apart from a small black mark left inside my skin from the silver earring I used. Long story short- don’t let me pierce your nose.

The second time was yesterday, I went to the local tattoo and piercing shop with three friends and got my nose done again, with a gun this time. It really didn’t hurt, barely a scratch and it was done. The guy who did it was super nice and had it done in seconds. The stud looked so pretty and all my friends complimented how nice it looked. However, the curse of my unruly nose was sure to return. When I got home at about 11 last night I saw there was blood crusted all around the outsie of my stud, I simply cleaned it away with some antiseptic spray and thought nothing of it and went to bed. This morning I awoke at 6:20am to a sharp pain in my nostril. In my groggy state I lifted my head up, causing my nose stud (caught on my pillow I expect) to rip out of my new wound. I sat bolt upright, looking around, unable to see my stud with blood trickling down my face. I shook all of my pillows and eventually found the nose stud. I wiped my bloody nose with dirty fingers and pushed it through, spraying a little antiseptic after. However now it is 7:45 and my stud is still not all the way through the skin on the inside of my nose. I recommend sleeping with a plaster/bandaid over a new nose stud if you are a restless sleeper or have a lot of pillows on your bed. I really hope I can get my stud back through, but after the horror story I just told, I’m not sure if piercing number two was such a good idea…

Painful septum, but worth it!!

By Erika from Molde, Norway.

I got my septum pierced in November. I started thinking about getting it in October, and some of my friends had some piercing and stretched lobes. I googled septum piercings alot, and i became more and more obsessed on getting one.

My friend had pierced her lip before, and I decided to make her do it, because all the piercing studios near me had a 16 year age limit on all piercing. So, that cold day in November we went to her place with all the stuff we needed, included a proper gauged piercing needle.

We got all this at the drug store. She had made the dot on my septum, and i was so nervous i thought i was dying, i was really shaky and afraid, but when she pushed the needle through it felt so good! I had the piercing needle in for a few seconds, and then she inserted a tiny horseshoe ring made of surgical steel.

My friend was very patient and gave me loads of tips how to take care of my new septum. On the bus home, i was so happy that i finally got my septum done! my parents were a little grumpy but they said it was okay! I took about 4 weeks to heal, and i had no infections whatsoever!

Today, i have a normal “bullring” with one ball. My jewelry is 1.6 mm and around 9 mm in diameter. Im waiting to get a 2 mm septum pincher, because i would like to try septum stretching. I have ordered the septum pincher on a website called crazy factory, but i’m not so “good” at shopping piercing stuff at the internet, i just googled it and that site popped up! I recommend getting a septum piercing!!

Birthday Piercing!

By Mandy, from Pittsburgh.

Hi, I’m Mandy from Pittsburgh! I got my nose pierced for my 17th birthday!!! I wanted a nose piercing so bad so I asked for one for my birthday.

When I asked, my folks were totally cool with it! I was so excited!
Me, my mom, and my brother went to South Side Tattoo. It’s a great tattoo/piercing place! The guy who pierced my nose lived upstairs, and came down special on his day off to do my nose!

My mom signed for me and we went into the room, where everything was all giraffes! That was awesome, because I love giraffes!
They were real clean and professional. He told me to keep it CLEAN with Betadine, and to use it twice a day. He said to be careful to not catch it on anything and rip it out (ouch!). Plus I had to twist it so it wouldn’t stick in my nose.

First, he cleaned my nose, and marked my nose with a little dot where he’d pierce it. He said it’d be over real quick..then I got nervous! But he was soo nice, I calmed down. He used a needle and then pierced it!

Honestly, it didn’ hurt at all, just a small pinch, but it was barely anything. Then he inserted the 20G starter nose screw, and I was done. I LOVED IT! It cost $40 and I got my own bottle of Betadine. My mom and bro loved it too!

Don’t use the straight (bend-to-fit ones) studs, because they tear up the inside of your nose and hurt alot. Nose bones are fine, though. Always get the right gauge & size nose ring for you! The best are the nose screws and nose hoops with the stopper. The captive nose rings w/balls are horrible!

The first time I changed my nose ring was exactly 6 weeks from when I got it pierced. 6 weeks is the minimum time to keep it in before you change it. Just don’t leave it out for long periods of time…ever!

I hope you enjoyed my story xD and that it inspires you to get one, because they’re amazing and will make you even more beautiful! Hopefully you’re more comfortable with the idea of getting it pierced now that you know how it works! GOOD LUCK and happy piercing! 😀

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My glitter glamour nose ring!

By Senne, from Netherlands.

I was familiar with piercings when i hit 16 years of age. My friends all had stretched lobes and various piercings in the ears. My friend went for a tongue piercing and we all made fun of her while it was looking like the mount everest.

Someone else was thinking about also getting one. Her friends were also in for an eye brow piercing and a skin diver. We decided that we could all go together. So this one girl found a shop where we could get it done for 20 euro’s because they were open for 15 years. We decided on a date and took off first eating french fries and then heading for the shop.

So we came in and they were surprised about our number, 5 people. The shop looked pretty good and the piercing room was in a sterile room in the basement. When it was my turn for my nose i went down and talked a bit with the lady about the reasearch i had done. She said that it would 1.2 mm and i was a bit hestitant because i hadn’t found much jewelry for 1.2 mm. But alas body’s must be pierced so she said were do you want it?

So i got the pen and made a dot on my nostril. First she showed me what jewelry would go in my nose it was a ball closure ring of 9 mm diameter. She told me to lie on my back. My big docter martens tore up all the paper that was put on the bench. She told what she was gonna do and i had to close my eyes because she said they would water really much.

She put the needle in and it hurt a bit and my eyes DID water. I accidently opened them and cried all over myself. She had to push a little harder because my nostril was bigger then she thought. It was time for the BCR and that did hurt a bit. But then it was in and she put the ball in with a little bit a hassle. She then cleaned the blood i had spilled maybe about one drop total with a cotton swab and told me i should do the same when it happened.

I was done crying over myself and walked up the stairs to meet the eyes of my friends. Now i really enjoy it! Thinking about a septum though.. Oh the joy of addiction!

Potato piercing!

By Courtney, from Ohio.

In January 2010 i decided i wanted my nose pierced. it would be my first rebellious act as an 18 year old, something my parents would never let me do.

I called up my friend chelsea. she has done numerous piercings, though not professional, and had no complaints. i left school and went to her house. being a needle aphobe i was completely terrified. the first thing she said when i walked in the door was “i have to find a potato” chelsea, a potato? really? what for? “to put up your nose silly.” chelsea are you nuts? needless to say she was not kidding. she cut a little square out of the potato and shoved it up my nose. never in my life had my nose produced so much snot. it was disgusting. but we got a good laugh about it. she opened up a new needle and was like alright im gonna shove this through your nose. awe come on chelsea did you have to show me that stupid needle? she called me a big baby and we laughed some more. the piercing went pretty well and it was over in a second. i looked in the mrror and admired my new adornment, then i looked around the room and looked at chelsea. i was like chelsea is it hot in here? she looked at me and said ?”are you kidding? its all over and youre gonna get hot and pass out now??” she got me a bottle of water and sat me on the floor. within a few minutes i was fine. its now june ive had no problems with my piercing and i absolutely love it. for work though i have to wear a clear ring. no problem.. i buy all of my nose rings at hot topic. i prefer the l shaped bottom ones. that way i am sure they stay in.

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This won’t hurt I promise..

By Samantha from GA.

These are the not so comforting words when me and my friend decided to pierce my nose! I was 15 and my mom told me that I had to wait til I was 15 to get my nose pierced me being so IMPATIENT I decided what the heck I might as welll do it myself.

It wasn’t traditional because the “studio” was my best friends bed room. I put ice on my nose for 30 mins and we sterilyed the needle her sister came in to “help”. “Ok samantha breathe in and out……this won’t hurt I promise” She started to drive the needle into my numb nose and I thought yayyy! Im soo close. Then before i know it her sister was there trying to help push it through when she got a phone call! She answers and says:”HOLD ON IM PUSHING A NEEDLE THROUGH SAMS NOSE!” and then with a sudden silence in the room it was done I took some antiseptic and put the nose ring in

I was sooo happy the only bad thing was my mom didnt know this just happened. I made my way home walked in the door draging my firend for moral support and walk into the paror just staring at my mom we exchanged a hello and i told her everything(almost everything) about my weekend. As I turn my head she has this look and she said:”sam u have glitter on ur nose” laughing to myself I say oh ya but she isn’t as blind as I thought and quickly realized what I had done.

The whole next couple of days was a little painful it took a couple of months for it to with with the help of sea salt spray from InkSomnia a tattoo parlor by my house. I was happy and relived that I could keep it and she even took me to buy some nose rings:)) I was happy becuase it really didn’t hurt but then again I iced my nose before hand proper cleaning was really my best friend. I went to walmart and the tattoo parlor for my nose rings even the icing the prices are usually around 10-20 it just matters how many and the type. Walmart is where I usually go $5 for 3 nose rings with the little ball at the end! I will never regret what I did yes a little stupid or immature but proper care and a understanding mom is all I really needed, its been 3 years since I got my nose pierced and I’ve never been happier!

The best look ever!

By Jeannie, from the Bronx.

Hi! My name is Jeannie yea like genie in the bottle he he he my mother got the name from the show back in the days….I got my nose pierced on the right side exactly 2 weeks ago… I wanted my nose pierced for about five years.

I had my navel pierced when i was turning 16 I am now 26 and it loked awesome but i have 2 kids doesn’t look as great n e more. So i kept doing research on it cause i was a little afraid of the healing process and how painful it would be. My husband is not into tattoos or piercings so i had to keep telling him over over over that i really wanted this piercing so finally he gave in.

I went to a tattoo shop near my way because thats where every 1 around my way gets their tattoo and piercings done they are hygienic and professional and that was very important in my decision. So i begged my sister-in-law t get it done with me so she could go first and i can see it personally ha ha ha ha slick of me i know…Everyone kept telling me if u do it u gnna really look like ahindu cause i already look indian.

But i wanted it n e ways. So my sister-in-law was brave cause she had done it before but when it was my turn i was a bit nervous i started joking around with me to ease me down he was very down to earth loved that he made me feel relaxed so he explained every step before doing it which made me feel very safe and confident about doing it. So POW! He cleaned my nose with alcohol to disinfect then put the clamp to hold the nose before anything i told him where i wanted it then it was done with a needle was put through and my tears came down not because it hurt but because is the nerves of the nose and eyes connect.

It was the most prettiest piercing i have gotten yet. And yes everyone thinks i am hindu which i dont mind 🙂

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Just my nose!

By Jessi, from Switzerland.

Well me being someone who loves pain i cried like a baby even befor i got my nose ring…..

I was called a baby for over a week but after words everything was fine so i decided to get my belly done and that day must have been the best i was so happy but as soon as the woman was finished i passed out but it was a good thing because i met my dream guy.

He was like my prince hehe how silly but it was the best^^

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my nose

By Kayla, from Florida.

MinimumI’ve been wanting to get my eyebrow pierced since last summer, but about a month ago, I was thinking about getting my nose pierced. I talked to my mom about it, and at first, the answer was no, and there was no discussion. But I talked to her more, convincing her that it wasn’t that bad, and that I could take it out if anything goes wrong. A couple more days, and the deal is made. If I pass 8th grade without having to go to summer school, then I could get a piercing.

I was blown away. I looked into piercings and stuff and ditched the nose piercing. I was thinking about getting a labret instead. I still wanted my eyebrow piercing, but I didn’t think my mom would go for it, so I didn’t wanna ask and push my luck.

After going to a flea market and getting my nose pierced with a gun (thats a different story), it fell off when I was sleeping. So my mom then took me to a tattoo shop to get it re-done. I was again blown away. Yeah, I chickened out at the flea market and ended up getting thenose piercing. Don’t get anything pierced at an evil place like this kids!…Muahahaha

I was happy that my mom was taking me. I was actually gonna have it done at a real place. We drove to All Star Tattoos, and I was getting scared to go inside. But I did, and when I went inside, there was a girl who was about to get her belly button pierced. I guess that kindof made me feel better, that I wasn’t the only moron with my mom in the tattoo shop.

After sitting in the waiting area for about half an hour more or less, after looking at pictures and photos, after having the guy asking me if I decided yet every 5 minutes, after starting to think twice, I finally decided to get my nose pierced. I was considering getting my eyebrow pierced also, but I decided to wait a little while more for that.

I was finally ready to pay and everything, and I went up to the desk and payed $25. Then the piercer told me to go to that little room where he was sitting and he closed the curtain. I sat in this little leather bl!
ack chai
r and my heart started pounding, but I was excited.

First, he washed his hands, put on gloves, and got all the tools ready. Then he got some kind of cleaner and a q-tip and started spreading it over the area he marked of the spot to be pierced. I don’t exactly remember if he put something else on. =O

He then got a thin medal clamp and held it on the pen marked spot. He said to get ready, and I had my eyes closed as he put the needle through the hole in the clamp. I was holding my mom’s hand the whole time. My left eye was watering alot so the piercer gave me a tissue. It hurt alot yeah, I won’t lie and say it was all peachy, but at the same time, it’s pretty fun.

It was finally over. He sprayed it with some other cleaner and I went back to the front of the desk. He spoke about what I needed to get to clean the piercing, and I asked if H2Ocean I bought at the flea market was cool. He said yeah and told me to clean it every day and let it soak, and that in a few weeks I can change the jewelry to whatever Iwant.

The stud that was put in is a little diamond with a curve inside to prevent it from falling out. Evry day I’ve been cleaning it and eveything, and it looks perfect. I’m anxious to change the stud to maybe a ball enclosure loop, and for it to be healed already. It hurts like hell when I accidently pull the stud out, not sompletely out, but I tug on it and it’s sticking out sideways. Yeah.

Just go for your nose piercing if you really want it. I think I’d feel bare without it if I had to take it out now. It’s all great, you know. People think it’s bad and nasty and stuff, but if you wanna do it to your body, and if it will make you happy, then do it for yourself. YaYa.