Check Out Our Latest Nose Bone Studs!


Check out our latest arrivals at – a range of 316L surgical stainless steel nose bone rings with prong set gems in various colors!

These round prong set cubic zirconia jewels are available in the following colors:

  • Purple
  • Blue
  • Clear
  • Green
  • Black
  • Pink
  • Aqua Blue
  • Red

and any of these nose rings will look simply amazing in your nostril piercing!

Click HERE for 16 gauge nose bone studs

Click HERE for 18 gauge nose rings

Just make sure your nostril piercing is well healed before you insert any of these nose BONES into your piercing.


It’s simple enough – nose bones have a slightly enlarged ending to ensure the jewelry stays in place; however, while inserting the jewelry into your piercing it will STRETCH it. If your piercing is still fresh, any stretching will damage the freshly healing would, so you may opt for nose screws instead!

Happy wearing! 😉

Body Jewelry House Team

Titanium Dark Blue Crystalline Gem Nose Bone

Capture the sun’s rays with my favorite pick for today – Grade 23 titanium dark blue crystalline gem nose bone. Even noticed how a nose bone’s gem picks up millions of light rays and throws them back enchantingly? This solid titanium nose ring is something you will just love to wear with its sparkling crystalline gem. 18 gauge and 6 mm, this nose bone is internally threaded to give you maximum comfort. If looking fabulous is a way of life with you, this dark blue nose bone with its dazzling gemstone is for you!

Nose bones have always looked so sexy and if you already have your nose pierced, you simply must add this to your collection. If you are just thinking of getting a nose piercing, I must tell you that titanium is the best you could choose as a material for your initial piercing. Almost two times lighter than stainless steel, titanium is 100% biocompatible and a non-allergic material especially for those with sensitive skin. This helps you’re piercing heal a lot faster. So order this Grade 23 titanium dark blue crystalline gem nose bone today – your satisfaction is certainly guaranteed!

Clear Bioplast Hyacinth Swarovski Nose Screw Ring

Today, I have something really special for you. This gorgeous and exquisitely designed clear Bioplast Hyacinth Swarovski® nose screw ring is a treat to see and wear. Swarovski is well known for its beautiful crystal range and this one is a genuinely timeless work of art.

This classic press fit gem nose screw ring is made from Bioplast, recognized the world over as 100% bio compatible and flexible. It is the perfect material for your fresh nose piercing because it minimizes the chance of infection and swelling, while helping your piercing heal faster than other materials. Moreover you will have no allergic reactions since there is no nickel content. It is also possible to sterilize Bioplast by autoclave!

With an impressive background like that, there’s no way you can ignore the lovely Clear Bioplast Hyacinth Swarovski® Nose Screw Ring which is both comfortable and colorful. When you wear it, the hyacinth swarovski crystal will sparkle and flash with every movement. Easy to wear, the press fit style nose screw is 18 gauge thickness and 6 mm length. You are definitely going to enjoy wearing this charmingly pretty nose screw ring. Go ahead and order it today! 😉

Surgical Steel Red And Black IRON CROSS Logo Nose Ring

Today, I have a body jewelry item for you that depict bravery – a surgical steel red and black iron cross logo nose ring. Logo jewelry looks very striking when worn in visible piercings like nose piercings. This one is no different – and you can show off your knowledge about World War II by turning your nose ring into a conversation piece.

The Iron Cross was a military decoration awarded for battlefield bravery and outstanding leadership. It is a black four pointed cross with the arms of the cross wider at the ends. Your red and black iron cross logo nose ring, apart from its classic color combination, is an 18 gauge nose ring with the iron cross photo inlay.

The material is 316L surgical grade stainless steel, 100% safe to wear, especially for initial piercings. It is about 6 mm long and easy to wear and take off. So if you must take it off while going to work and put it back on again after you leave your office, you can do it in a jiffy.

Enjoy your nose piercing with this interesting surgical steel red and black iron cross logo nose ring!

Yellow and Red Burning Flames Logo Nose Ring

Let us look at nose rings today. This one caught my eye in particular, it is the surgical steel yellow and red burning flames logo nose ring. I have to admit that it looks pretty outstanding and quite perfect to wear on a sunny day such as this one – or even on a cold winter day… Who knows, the sight of the flames on the nose ring might just make you feel warm! 😉

This 20 gauge surgical steel yellow and red burning flames logo nose ring has a cool photo inlay featuring realistic red burning flames on yellow backdrop. The barbell is 20-gauge one-quarter inch length and made of 316L surgical grade stainless steel.

Nose rings have been in vogue for centuries across different cultures globally. Today it is probably the most common body piercing that can be shown off with different varieties of body piercing jewelry with a huge choice of materials.

Surgical steel is great for an initial piercing as it is safe on sensitive skin. If you are keen on impressing your friends with your nose piercing, get the surgical steel yellow and red burning flames logo nose ring – right now! 😆