Clear Bioplast Hyacinth Swarovski Nose Screw Ring

Today, I have something really special for you. This gorgeous and exquisitely designed clear Bioplast Hyacinth Swarovski® nose screw ring is a treat to see and wear. Swarovski is well known for its beautiful crystal range and this one is a genuinely timeless work of art.

This classic press fit gem nose screw ring is made from Bioplast, recognized the world over as 100% bio compatible and flexible. It is the perfect material for your fresh nose piercing because it minimizes the chance of infection and swelling, while helping your piercing heal faster than other materials. Moreover you will have no allergic reactions since there is no nickel content. It is also possible to sterilize Bioplast by autoclave!

With an impressive background like that, there’s no way you can ignore the lovely Clear Bioplast Hyacinth Swarovski® Nose Screw Ring which is both comfortable and colorful. When you wear it, the hyacinth swarovski crystal will sparkle and flash with every movement. Easy to wear, the press fit style nose screw is 18 gauge thickness and 6 mm length. You are definitely going to enjoy wearing this charmingly pretty nose screw ring. Go ahead and order it today! 😉

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