My Dog Tried to Eat My Nose Ring!

This nose piercing story was sent in by Mariah Carroll from Wheelers Hill, Australia!

Dog tried to eat my nose ring


So I got my nose piercing on the 4th April this year and everything was going good and I was cleaning it 3 times a day like I was told to.

So anyway I was at a friends’ house and their daughter head butted me in the nose the day after I had it done so it was sore so I went home and cleaned it and it was OK but sore… 🙁

So the next day my dog was playing with me and her tooth got caught on my nose stud and ripped it half out so it was half in my nose and the top stuck on her tooth! 😯

I was crying and my dog was still trying to play and my mum ran in and had to take the top of the stud out of my dog’s mouth and push it back in to my nose and now it is really, really sore

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