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If you’ve always wanted your nose pierced but couldn’t face the pain, don’t worry. You can now get a really cool fake nose ring without the pain of piercing! They look absolutely authentic!

So How Does The Fake Nose Ring Work?

A tiny dot of powerful glue will fix the pretty colored nose crystal stud in place for a few days. You can choose to wear just about any color you want to match your clothes. You can easily wear a fake nose ring on your nostril by clipping it on. Some people like to wear them on their septum as well! Wear just one, or two to stand out more. Your unique style will be instantly noticed.

Fake nose rings are especially fun at parties, discos and other special occasions. These nose rings can be plain, or embellished with little stars and other designs to look pretty. There is yet another style of fake nose stud – the magnetic type.

You can get these fake nose rings and studs in a variety of colors, stones, designs and safe materials.  So just go ahead and pretend you have your nose pierced and enjoy your fake nose rings! As they are not at all expensive, you can have an assortment that you can match to different outfits and show off. Simply take it off when you don’t want to wear it and store it safely for some other time.

Best of all, you can be sure that even your mom is going to be pleased! 🙂

17 thoughts on “Fake Nose Rings”

  1. For those who sneer at fake piercings, especially facial piercings, there’s a thing in the real world called getting a job. I’m a huge fan of piercings and tattoos, and have wanted my nose pierced for a few years now. But my priority is getting a job. I already have my tongue pierced and ears stretched to 0g holes. Tongue piercings are a little harder to fake, and I got it done before I had any of those pesky things called responsibilities. It’s easy enough to find retainers, and my hair covers my ears, so no worries there.

    However, now, my approach is; well, why shouldn’t I wear a fake nose ring, when I want to? It means I don’t have the hassle of having to hide it for job interviews or work. It’s just more beneficial for me. I can wear a ring when I want to (not working, on holiday, etc.) and not wear one when I don’t want to. so there are benefits. The other added benefit is that it’s cheaper – fake nose rings are around £3 apiece, a piercing would cost me roughly £25. And I just don’t have the pay packet to cover that right now.

    Kudos if you’re in a job that allows you to have as many piercings and tattoos as you want, but some of us aren’t that lucky. And with the economy the way it is, I’d rather be employed than have a piercing.

  2. to be honest piercings dont hurt all that much , im 14 years old and have my lip and eyebro done but my parents wont allow me to get my septum or nose done so fake ones keep me happy
    there is absolutely nothing wrong with wearing fake piercings in the case of you arent allowed to get the piercing done or if you just want to see what it looks like before putting yourself through the pain and healing process to find out that it doesnt look good on you at all
    besides you may not want to have the piercing for years or months or so
    you just might ant the piercing for like a concert or a special event ( get what i mean??)

    anyways fake piercings are a rather good idea

  3. Hey im 13 and i cant get any peircings exept my ears cause of religion.I bought really cool megnetic stud I got snakebites, but my parents noticed so i let them heal atleast i did it with a needle.So nwo this summer im getting my megnetic studs i can use for ym nose and my monroe really good idea for girls so u dont go threw much pain !

  4. I’m 12 and i pierced mine myself. My parents freaked out when the saw…but in the end they let me keep it! It didn’t hurt at all. just a little pinch. And it got infected but it went away in 2 days..anyway I love mine! it was totally worth it.

  5. im 13 nd i want my nose pierced can sum1 plzz help my mom had a nose piercing nd my sisters 2………sum1 pleaseeeee help

  6. 40 yrs old…I have 9 piercings and a tattoo, but I know getn my nose pierced is gonna make my parents real angry and disappointed in me. I know its my body, but I do like to show respect to my elders. Cant see wearin a fake, but have NO PROB with anyone who wants too!

  7. Ummmm 39, at what point do you need anyones permission. I am 38 and I love mine, I have 10 piercings and my husband loves it. last time I checked, I didnt need my parents approval and neither do you. Its time to break out and grow up.

  8. I’m going to be 39 next month and still am debating – my husband is against it, and my parents will flip. Unfortunately some of us can’t just do what we want – we need to consider others. : ( I think I’m going to do it anyway, and they’ll all just have to deal – it’s my nose, right?

  9. I’m getting my real nostril piercing this sometime before or after christmas. I have tried to wear fake nostril hoops, but i could never keep it in long enough to enjoy it or anything. It always got on my nerves. I had snake bites (double lip piercing), but then i took them out for my medical college. I then repierced one side of my lip about a month after they had closed. It hurt so bad, but it didnt take as long for it to heal as when i got my snake bites. Im excited to get my nostril done. I really wanted my septum and/or my tounge pierced but my parents are strictly against those piercings. Im 18, but still live with my parents… it sucks that they wont let me do what i want to do. I think if you can deal with a fake nose ring then you can get a real one. I used to wear fake lip rings before i got mine pierced and they were more anoying and actually kinda hurt sometimes. Its not being a pussy if your parents wont let you. Sometimes its actually better to try a fake one out to see how you look and if you can see yourself walking around with it on. Good luck everyone!!

  10. @cait well i can’t, I want to but i can’t. Mum won’t allow it so it ain’t being “pussy” about it getting a fake one if you’re in my case :> but yes i really want a real freakin’ nose ring

  11. I love this idea. I can’t wear anything metal for more than a few hours without my skin starting to peel off and would never be able to let a piercing heal.

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