Murphy’s Law & My Nostril

This nose piercing story was sent in by Kailu McQueen from Longmont, Colorado. Thanks!

Nostril Piercing and Murphys Law


I’m a 42 year old wife and mother of 3 young adults. I’ve wanted my nose pierced for quite some time. I finally bit the bullet and went yesterday (5/9/14).

This piercing is my mother’s day gift ❗

Everything was going well, nose being prepped, and decision with a dot for which side. I picked out a cork screw piece of jewelry for my nostril (big mistake).

The procedure began (ouch) and then my piercer proceeded to insert the jewelry. It wasn’t going in well, and the bleeding started… 🙁

My daughter who videotaped it said she couldn’t believe the amount of blood. The piercer was apologizing, but I really was OK (I have a small nose).

She couldn’t get the jewelry to sit flush and every time she tried to push it to make it flush I could feel it hitting my septum!

What to do?

I’m the one that had chosen the corkscrew against her judgment of a regular one, so it wasn’t her fault! 😡

Since it wouldn’t sit flush we decided to change it out. When she proceeded to try and remove the corkscrew (ouch infinity) it hurt like… well never mind, you get the picture 😉

The other piece was inserted easily and my nostril looks great. I’d watched several piercings on YouTube and none of them looked like my experience. She ended up giving me ½ price because she felt so bad.

She said what happened with me was a rare experience ❗

Looking back to yesterday, it was funny. I’m even going to take my daughter to see her when she gets her nostril done. My daughter is going to be editing the video, and then we’ll post it on YouTube as a “what can happen” when you get your nose pierced.


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