Nose Rings Guide

Nose Ring Guide

My cute little nose ring!

By Dionna, from Summerville.

Ok so a few years ago I got my belly button pierced. And I really loved it. So like after I got my belly button pierced I really wanted my nosed pierced. So I asked my mom and she said wait till I turn 16. So I waited till then.

When I was 16 and really to get my nose pierced I happened to look at my face. I really, really, really had alot of acne. So I held out for a bit. So I spent 2 months geting my acne to go a way. So before I went to get my nose pierced I had looked up the price and healing time. I also watched a lot of videos of people getting their nose pierced. I asked my best friends Brittnye and Nicole a lot of questions. Like did it hurt and did you bleed a lot, ect. So the day before I got my nose pierced I looked in the mirror and was trying to figure out what side I should get it pierced on.

Now this is what I had a real hard time on. So I used eye liner and placed a little black dot on each side of my nose to see what side looked better.

Most people have their right side done,but when I seen it my left side looked so much better that the right side. So the day of the piercing I went to the same place where I went to get my belly button pierced. As usual the shop was clean from head to toe. The piercing was quick. It did hurt just a bit. But only when the needle went through and when he cleaned it.

When he cleaned my new nose pierceing my nose started to bleed and eye started to cry a lot. I was not crying be cause it hurt. Its just that the smell of the cleaner he was using was just so dam strong. But it’s all healed now and I love my nose and belly button piercing. I think I’m done with piercings.

And I’m about to switch to tattoos.

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  1. You go girl! I dunno if I would ever get my belly button pierced (because I do not have the tummy for it), but I just got my nose pierced and I LOVE it! It’s cute, very feminine and I think it can make you more attractive. I also have tattoos, very tasteful though 🙂

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