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Niki’s Nose Nonsense

This nose piercing story was sent in by Niki Larimore from West Plains, Missouri,

Nikis Nose Nonsense Piercing Story


I had been thinking for several years about getting a nose piercing. A few things that held me back were being a mom of 3 girls and wanting to be a positive role model for them. Also working in the makeup industry where I am very involved in the lives of women of every age.

It wasn’t until this year, the year I am to turn 30 that I decided to do something for myself. 🙂 One day my good friend Maria said on Facebook, “I’m thinking of getting my nose pierced. What do you think?” I commented that I have been wanting to get it done and suggested we go together. I called the shop here in my town on Saturday and made my appointment for the following Tuesday.

On Monday Maria decided she was not going to get it done because she can’t have it at work and didn’t want to wear a band aid. Ugh, sooo I went on anyway, she did come to my appointment to watch!

The shop is owned by a husband and wife both whom pierce and tattoo. The man comes out and calls me in, he’s a short plump man, filled with tattoos and no teeth. Eek I was nervous! Maria assured me she had gotten tattoos by this feller and that it would be OK. So I nervously went back with him.

Josh was his name, he noticed my nervousness immediately and questioned it. He then swabbed my nose with a numbing and bacterial agent; which was a really weird experience. Then he said to move forward to the edge of the chair and he handed me a bunch of paper towels folded up.

I said “what’s this for?” He gestured for me to hold it under my nose and said “for all the blood” with a big grin. I was so scared, but there was hardly any blood at all. His short, fat fingers felt like they were turning my nose totally inside out and my eyes instantly teared up as he pierced my nose.

Prior to this I’ve only ever had my ears pierced and I imagined that a piercing gun would be used as it had been with my ears, but I was wrong. The pain was worse than my ears but manageable. I am going on my 3rd day of a fresh piercing with no problems.

He told me to clean it with antibacterial soap 2-3 times a day, and that’s what I have done. I absolutely love my new piercing and now Maria really wants one too. She is currently re-evaluating her decision and looking into getting it done while on vacation and using a spacer.

On another note; you never realize how much you move your nose, until you get it pierced 🙂

* * *

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