Nose Rings Guide

Nose Ring Guide

Nose peircin

By Kenya from Colorado.

Well what can i say, My name is Kenya Munoz, I am 16 years old,my birthday is July 4,and i have a boyfriend named Gerardo,and we have been dating for three years. January 14,2010was my 3rd year with him.

One day i asked my dad if i could get my nose peirced,and he answered me,that if i ever get anything peirced he would start drinking,and my dad is those strict parents you can ever imagin to have,well one day i got really mad at my dad,becuase i saw him drinking,so on December 20th,2009 i decided to peirce my nose.

I mean i did ask for permission,but he just never answered,so i just decided to peirce my nose since i saw him drinking,so i just grabbed a needle,the ones u stitch clothes and all that stuff with.

It was a miracle that it didn’t hurt,just the next day, my nose felt swollen,and yes i was going to peirce my belly button,but i have weird lookin belly button,so i am going to go do it behind my parents back,i am probably just going to tell my mom what is i am going to do,and i hop i will get my belly button peirced before valentines, I am very excited to get my belly button peirced!

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