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Nose Piercing Aftercare Tips & Tricks

Nose piercing aftercare

Well, you just got your new nose piercing. Congratulations!

However, before you can enjoy your fresh nose piercing, you have to follow some simple nose piercing aftercare tips to avoid anything unpleasant!

Most likely you’ll be given aftercare guidelines at the piercing studio. Nevertheless,  I’ll give you a few universal nose piercing aftercare recommendations. If you are unsure about anything in this article, or if our advice contradicts advice given to you by your piercing professional, you can contact me by leaving a message at the end of the post. I’ll do my best to help.

So, what’s going to happen right after the nose piercing is done? The fresh nose piercing will swell up a little bit. But don’t worry, it’s normal. A piercing is a wound, and wounds take time to heal. The swelling is going to disappear within the next few days, and the pain will subside as well, if there’s any.

There a several types of nose piercing – like nostril piercing, septum piercing, bridge piercing etc. Pain during the piercing and the healing periods will differ. However, the piercing cleaning guidelines are more or less the same.

So the first nose piercing aftercare recommendation – never touch your fresh nose piercing with dirty hands. Use common sense and wash your hands before touching, cleaning or moving your fresh nose ring, stud or barbell.

Secondly – cleaning. This is pretty simple as well. You just have to get a saline solution and clean the nose piercing 2 – 3 times daily. If you can’t get one in a drugstore, you can make the saline solution yourself. Just dilute about 4 teaspoons of non iodized sea salt to 1 gallon of boiled water and the cleansing liquid is ready to use.

For fresh nose piercing cleaning you can use simple cotton buds. Just don’t forget to change them when cleaning the inside and the outside of the piercing to avoid cross-contamination. At the end, when you’ve cleaned the fresh nose piercing, just wipe the excess moisture off using a new dry cotton wool bud and that’s it!

Another nose piercing aftercare tip – when applying make-up, avoid covering your fresh nose piercing with it. This one is obviously more relevant to girls. And if you’ve just got a septum piercing, you can’t really get your make-up inside of the nose! But for other types of nose piercing – nostril piercing and bridge piercing – please keep in mind not to apply make-up to the area.

The last nose piercing aftercare tip – don’t try to insert a new nose ring before the piercing has healed well. The new skin that forms inside the fresh nose piercing is very tender, and you can damage it very easily. So it’s better to wait until the piercing is well healed, it’s not tender to touch and not swollen or  red in color.



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The approximate healing times for the nose piercings are following – nostril piercing 4 – 6 weeks. Septum piercing – 1 – 3 months. And bridge piercing can take up to a year. So as you can see, the easiest to heal is the simple nostril piercing, but the most difficult is the bridge piercing because it’s essentially a surface piercing.

Well, that’s it about nose piercing aftercare – everything is simple and you just have to use common sense. Wash hands before touching the nose ring, clean it a few times a day with saline solution, and keep the nose ring, stud or barbell in until the piercing is well healed.

And, of course, if you notice any discharge from the fresh nose piercing, go back to the piercing studio or visit your doctor. Especially – if the piercing is swollen and it’s oozing yellow or green substances.

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  1. Hi – I got my nose pierced (nostril) 1 week ago and the screw part on the inside keeps twisting down so that it literally hangs at the opening of my nostril – as my 12-yr-old son said – it makes it look like I have a metal booger that needs dealt with. I keep a few q-tips handy and use one several times a day to gently push the screw back up and in. Is there anything else I can do? Can I use wire-cutters and take a cm or so off the end? Can I switch to an L post? The way it is now, it’s really annoying to have to push it back up multiple times a day. Otherwise, it doesn’t hurt at all, no swelling, no discharge. Thanks!

  2. Had a little Halloween party and feeling pretty good well my friend are pierced my nose in the same spot as it was before… and now it’s swollen and hurts… will this eventually subside or should I go have it checked out… just to make sure..

  3. Hi…I just got my nose pierced 10/24/15 and this is day 2 of the piercing and sometimes, not everytime it will bleed some during cleaning…I want to know is this normal for a new piercing and how much longer will it continue to due this cause its kinda freaking me out a little ?

  4. Hi I just recently got my nostril pierced two days ago. Yesterday it felt like it was higher up on the inside, but today it feels slightly lower down. Is this because of the swelling? I certainly don’t want to have someone looking at my nose and seeing something sticking out that should not be. Please advise. Thanks in advance.

  5. I just got my nose piercing and the placement seems weird to me. The surface of my nose ring seems to be tilted towards the north and angled wired instead of flat like the pictures I have seen. Inside my nose the end is horizontal in my nose and curved so that you can’t see the curve piece in the empty nose space but payed on the roof of my nose at the opening of my nose(hope this makes sense). The pierced used a curvy nose ring. I just want to know if this is normal and I’m just paranoid since this is my piercing or unusual.

  6. Hi, I got my piercing today 10/04, and I have work 10/10. I was wondering if I could switch it to a retainer before the 3-4 months?

  7. Hi! I got a regular nose piercing done with a needle. I’ve had my nose piercing for 3-4 weeks now. What should the piercing look like? I have a L shaped stud in and there’s skin growing around and it’s a little red. If I don’t play with it, it sticks and bleeds a little when I move it. Is it normal and if not what should I do?

  8. Hey! I just got my nose pierced today and I’m not sure if I’m just overthinking it or if I’m just plain dumb but I didn’t research into the shop I got my piercing done at. They used a disposable piercing gun thing and gave me some sterile wipes in a packet with some cleaning fluid but I’m still not sure if I should wait till something happenes or to just take it out to heal up, the place was very cheap and in a weird area.

  9. I got my nose pierced about a year ago. But whenever I go to change my jewelry my nose swells up and it becomes painful to try and get any jewelry back in. It’s like as soon as I take the jewelry out of my nose it begins to swell up. Any tips or any one have an answer to my problem ?

  10. Hi! I got a nostril piercing four days ago. I’ve been cleaning it well and have had no problems until tonight. It was bothering me today at work, and I discovered that I had some dried mucous stuck to the inside of the screw. I was able to clean this off at work, but it did irritate the piercing. Tonight while getting ready for bed, the piercing started bleeding almost profusely from the inside. I finally got it to stop after about half an hour or so, using pressure and an ice pack. But during the bleeding issue, the screw turned and the end is sticking out, but I can’t move it because there is also a nice clot inside from when the bleeding stopped. How can I make sure the inside of my piercing is clean without irritating it and making it bleed again? And how long should I wait before trying to turn the screw so it doesn’t show but also doesn’t make me start bleeding again? I’m sorry for such a long post. Thanks!

  11. Hey!
    I got my nose pierced two months ago and everything was fine until now. I changed several jewelries and it was fine. But right now, I am wearing an L-shaped jewelry and if I touch my nostril on the inside to see how the piercing is, I cannot touch the start of it, I can only touch skin there. I can touch the rest of the L-shaped jewelry on the inside of the nostril, but not the start. Could it possibly be an infection? What can I do to fix it?

  12. Hi,
    I got my nose pierced 2 months ago and I have changed the jewellery many times since then.
    Now I have a small nose stud on, and whenever I try to touch it on the inside of my nose, where that angle is, I can only touch my skin. It feels like my skin has covered the start of the angle my jewellery has (only the start because I can touch the rest of jewellery on the inside of my nose) and it stresses me very much because I am afraid that the hole will close.
    I also, want to change the nose stud and put a nose ring on but the nose stud I have is too small, and I am afraid that I will not be able to put a nose ring in that small hole on my nose.
    Please, help me with these two things. My nose piercing stresses me so much and I just need to know if I will have to re-pierce it or something similar.
    Thank you.

  13. Hi, I’ve had my nose pierced for almost 4 months now, I got the dreaded bump, thankfully tea tree oil helped get rid of that! I had put in a bigger stud without knowing it was an 18 gauge, however it was pierced with a 16 gauge, I now can’t get my corkscrew nose ring in size 16, I can fit a bone shape ring in, if I push, it’s now a little swollen and sore obviously, I’ve had the bone in for about 24 hrs and still can’t seem to squeeze my screw ring in.. anything that could help swelling? And what can I clean it with ?

  14. I got my nose pierced about six days ago for the first 2 days I didn’t have sea salt so I just used warm water and Q-tips. I now I’ve been using sea salt and cotton balls but it’s starting to get sore/hurt afterwards. Is there something else I can try, because I’m doing everything as directed on this web site. Please help

  15. Hello there,

    I got my nostril pierced 8 months ago and it healed well enough. But I recently switched to a job that would require me to remove it for up to 12 hours at a time. I practiced removing and replacing it tonight, but in the process caused it to bleed. Will that increase to likelihood of my piercing to shrink or close if I have to take it out in 2 days for about 4 hours?

    Thanks much!

  16. Hi.. I got my nose pierced about a week ago and about a day after I hit my nose really hard and it started bleeding really bad. It turns out it ripped some tissue or something and now it seems like the ring has a lot of dry blood or something on it and I can’t seem to get it clean. Also I start school back in a week or two and I’m sure they will make me take it out during school hours. What do I do?

  17. Hello. I just had my nose (nostril) pierced less than 24 hours ago. I woke up very early this morning to a stream of blood coming from my nose, running to my chin. After I cleaned the blood off my face, there wasn’t much from the piercing, I kept pressure on it from the inside and outside with a tissue. I waited about 10 minutes from the when the bleeding stopped to do a warm saline soak.

    Could I have just hit it in my sleep or is it something more?


  18. Okay so I made the worst de scion of my life. I didn’t know that there’s a huge difference in sizing or nose pericings. I’ve had mine done for 5 almost six months now and down to my last one I decided to look at hot topics selections. The ladies made me confused and I was just like whatever, I bought them and went to put it in my nose and it hurt so bad but I thought it was mostly because at the end there was a thick base like to keep it in. Well. I pushed it all the way despite the pain and then I realized crap. what did I just do.

    I immediately took it back out and out in my old one, and now the hole is indeed stretched and in a lot of pain. What do I need to do? ??

  19. I want to pierce my nose but my parents said no i was wondering what will happen if i keep taking the nose ring in and out will i get a infection?? Is there any good way to hide it during the process ? How noticeable is the swelling ?

  20. Hello!
    I´m freaking out here…
    I got my nose pierced around 3 months almost 4. I had an L shaped stud fitted in and I changed it to a segmented hoop about a month later.
    Long story short, I forgot to twist the hoop around and now the segmented part is stuck in the actual piercing hole. I can´t twist it and it seems the skin grew or healed around the piercing. It´s not infected, it doesn´t bleed, I just can´t twist it around! I´m sure it´s been stuck on the same spot for around two months now… I´m going to my piercer tomorrow but I could tottally benefit from a second opinion since i couldn´t find anything online. I would hate having to take it out and losing the piercing and i´m freaking out over the chance of getting it surgically removed. Please help 🙁

  21. Hi, so i pierced my nostrial two days ago at a tattoo shop and i’ve been cleaning it as directed. Although i do have some swelling in the inside i can’t seem to see or clearly feel the end of the nose stud, could it be that it closed on the inside? It seems to keep pushing up the tiniest bit on occasions as if it was about to fall out. Would i have to go back and re-pierce it?

  22. Okay so I got my nose pierced (regular nostril one) on may 22nd for my birthday. TWO WEEKS later I changed it to a hoop I noticed that a little bump appeared I learned how to treat it and now it’s all most all gone and hardly noticeable but now I’m wondering if I can put my original stud back in or just buy new studs. Also…it’s been about 2 months now having my hoop in. What should I do??

  23. hey, i got my nose pierced last month on 28th june and now its hard from inside , and i cannot wear stud , , what should i do ? except applying sea salt ? 🙁

  24. I noticed you said saline is ok to use? Well I bought some opti free and have been using it. Is that ok? This is my first nose piercing and I got it done two days ago so it’s still pretty tender. I just want to make sure I’m cleaning it right.

  25. i got my nose pierced a couple days ago. The stud i was given keep falling out as it was not given a back to keep it on. is this bad? should i get anothing stud for it? and how long do i have to wait before i can put i hoop in? Thank you!

  26. Hi,
    I got my nose pierced on June 1st by a professional who used a gun. Everything was fine for the first two days or so, and the nose stud remained above skin level (if that makes sense). One night however I may have accidentally hit my nose in my sleep and woke up with shooting pain, and the next morning i noticed that my nose stud looked like it was “pushed into” my nose. My nose was a bit swollen for a week or so but since then the swelling went down. The stud doesn’t look as bad as it did when the area was swollen, but it’s not “above skin level” anymore and it’s sort of indented into my nose. I try pushing it out from inside my nose everyday, but i’m not sure what to do to help the area heal. Should I try taking the stud out completely and switching it? I would go back to the place I got it pierced but it’s far from where i live so i don’t want to make the trip until i absolutely have to.
    Thanks in advance.

    1. I myself went through some deep trouble with my nose piercing I had a huge bump next to mine but now is almost all the way gonewhile looking for help online…I saw this girl and she said if it sells or goes down like how you said, she focused warm water on her face while in the shower don’t touch it just let the water hit it. Then after you pat dry your face with a towel(not so rough cuz u might pull it out) try moving it upwardsand adjusting it then clean the area with saline salution I purchased mine at walgreens. I hope this helps

  27. I go my nose pierced two days ago and last night I noticed my nose screw was almost all of the way in my nose and now I woke up this morning and it was in my nose even deeper and now I have a cotton ball on my nose to make sure it sticks out more to make sure my wound heals around the piercing and not over it what should I do HELP ME PLEASE

  28. I got my nose pierced 4 days ago and I didn’t get a lot of bleeding until yesterday when I woke up in some pain with a lot of blood crusted around the outside and inside of the piercing. I’m just wondering if I should leave the blood clots and simply gently clean or go ahead and totally get rid of them? It gets quite itchy and uncomfortable.

  29. Hi,
    I got my nose pierced today (just a nostril piercing) and they didn’t give me much advice other than to obviously clean it, I then bought some solution from Claire’s for any type of piercing. I’ve used clean cotton buds and cotton disks to clean the outside and tried using the buds to clean the inside but when I look there’s still dried blood in the inside which I can’t get rid of as my nose is still very tender so I can’t get to the blood under the back of the piercing! How can I get rid of the blood? Will it cause infection? Also can I get it wet? Thank you 🙂

    1. noseringsadmin

      Hi Immie,

      You should get yourself Q-tips – it’s easy to reach to the inside of your piercing with them. Just don’t be freaking out about the blood too much – you don’t have to try and remove all of it by all means – you might end up irritating the piercing and doing more damage than good! 😉

      Just soak it with saline for a while and all the stuff should come off quite easily.

      Robert – Hottest Selling Nose Rings!

  30. I just got my nose pierced (a normal nostril piercing) and I was wondering if it’s required to move the nose ring around while you’re cleaning it (with clean hands and a q-tip with the proper solution to clean it with)? I’ve been told you should try to twist the nose ring around so it wouldn’t get essentially ‘stuck ‘ in one place. Is this true or false? Should I just leave the nose ring be and clean it normally without twisting it around?

    1. noseringsadmin

      Hi Alexa,

      The whole “getting stuck” thing is just a myth! There’s no need to twist and move the piercing around – just make sure you soak it from outside and remove any crusties and you’ll be fine!

      Robert – Hottest Selling Nose Rings!

  31. Hi, I got my nostril pierced around four weeks ago and I went swimming on Monday and it came out, so I lost the stud that I got it pierced with. In the mean time I have been using an earring to keep it from healing up but I have now got some studs with are L shapes, it has gone through but not come out on the other side and there is a little bit poking out where I put it through. Whether I try and twist or push it in it isn’t staying or coming out the other side. Any help?

  32. Hi! I got a nostril piercing about 5 weeks ago and have been cleaning it twice daily with Dial soap as per my piercer’s instructions. I was just wondering how long I need to continue to clean my piercing?

    1. noseringsadmin

      Hi Brittany,

      At this stage you may consider stopping using the Dial soap (which is too strong for fresh piercings anyway!) – and just keep saline handy in case there’s “crusties” forming around the piercing. Other than that, 5 weeks should be plenty to get through the initial healing phase.

      Robert – Hottest Selling Nose Rings!

  33. I got my nose pierced 5 days ago and its really sore… Today I say a little bit of white/clear stuff coming out.. I clean 2-5 times a day so I wouldnt see why it would be infected but idk.. Its my first actually body piercings.. Its just a regular nostril piercing… Please help

    1. noseringsadmin

      Hi Ravinn,

      Don’t freak out – white or clear stuff is normal! It’s when it’s yellow or greenish in color that you have to start worrying so just keep up the aftercare routine (5 times a bit too much – 2 will do the trick!) and let your body heal the fresh piercing hole!

      Robert – Hottest Selling Nose Rings!

  34. I got my nose pierced 4 days ago and I know not to twist it or mess with it but today I sneezed and I guess a booger (I have to be blunt) got under the corkscrew and so the ring is sticking out a little bit and I can’t push it back in… Should I just leave it sticking out or what should I do…?

  35. Hello, I’ve had my nose piercing on since April 18th,2015 were now June 11th,2015 and I have this bump around my nose that never goes away it’ll get smaller but then it gets bigger again I just have no idea what it may be and I’ve pierced my nose twice prior to this time I clean it with alcohol almost every night and it just doesn’t go away 🙁 and I haven’t taken the stud out because everytime I do I struggle to put in a new one. Can you please give me some information or help please

    1. Hi! First of you shouldn’t clean your nose piercing with alcohol….you should use a non iodized sea salt mixture, a saline nasal spray or plain antibacterial soap like dial or provon antimicrobial lotion soap….the alcohol destroys the new tissue trying to form in your nose…and what you’re seeing could be a keloid or maybe just a natural bump that some people get after they get a nose ring….hopefully this was helpful

  36. Hello,

    I have had my nose pierced for over 4 years now. Two weeks ago, I injured my piercing when I accidentally tugged my nose hoop. A week went by and the piercing would slightly start to close up when I wasn’t wearing the hoop (never been a problem for me before, as I have gone weeks without wearing jewelry in my nose).

    Days later, I had quite a bit of trouble putting in the hoop and ended up squeezing out white pus and blood. For nearly a week now, I have had a sore piercing with pus (slightly yellow now) and blood every day.

    Tonight I changed the hoop to a stud (nose screw). The hoop was hard to take out because it seemed to be stuck inside my nose (I already soaked and cleaned it at this point). Once I got it out, I continued to bleed and had a LOT of trouble putting in the screw. It felt like I re-pierced my nose when I finally got it in.

    The jewelry is a bit small, so I’m letting an aspirin paste sit on it tonight. I use sea salt soaks and H2Ocean as well.

    Any advice?

    1. noseringsadmin

      Hi Denise,

      You’re been unfortunate enough to injure the healed piercing and considering that most piercings actually never get healed 100% (they keep going through various stages of the healing process), it’s not hard to imagine that all you needed was a relatively small injury to get the piercing hole infected and closing up.

      Now, what I’d say is – whenever there’s an infection (and that’s what you have, by the looks of it), it’s definitely best to keep the piercing in or else the pus will build up inside the piercing hole and will have nowhere to drain!

      I’d advice to see a doctor simply because you may require some antibiotics treatment etc. (cream or tablets) and it’s also probably a good idea not to disturb the piercing too much with both H2Ocean and sea salt soaks. After all – it’s trying to get rid of the infection first!

      Robert – Hottest Selling Nose Rings!

  37. hi. I pierced my nose tonight with a sterile safety pin. it didn’t hurt at all but I’m having problems finding the hole on the inside any tips????

    1. noseringsadmin

      Well Barbra, the safety pin would leave just a TINY hole and you won’t be able to get the piercing through it, that’s the problem!

      I’d definitely suggest visiting a professional piercer to get the job done, it’s quite affordable and you’ll be able to rest assured that you’ll be looked after properly.

      Robert – Hottest Selling Nose Rings!

  38. I’ve had my nose pierced for a year now and I tried to change the piercing from an L-Shaped (18g) ring to a hinged hoop ring 18g I bought from hot topic. The hoop wouldn’t go all the way in and made the piercing swell and bleed. I switched back to my original L-Shaped piercing and it still hurts today. Can you tell me what happened and what I should do? I’m so angry.

    1. noseringsadmin

      Hi Desiree,

      Just because you’ve had the piercing for a year doesn’t necessarily mean it’s very well healed – it takes a lot longer for some people and another factor to consider is that piercings tend to go through various stages of healing all over and over again thus making them prone to injuries.

      What you must have experienced is a trauma by the curved bit of the hoop ring – I guess it isn’t as straight as the original L-shaped ring so it didn’t want to go through and your piercing tunnel got slightly injured in the process.

      If I were you, I’d treat it with saline for a while and when it’s back to normal – get someone else to insert the new hoop because it’s going to be easier for another person to see how exactly the new ring is to be inserted! The best option would be to go to a piercer, and that’s what I warmly suggest you do.


      Robert – Hottest Selling Nose Rings!

  39. Hey there. I’ve had my nose pierced for about a year now. Had a hoop switched to a stud then the hole shrunk I switched back to a hoop and the man out it in backwards just wondering how long I have to wait before I can make it normal? He said to go back in a few days ..

  40. I’ve had my nose pierced for about 4 months and it still hasn’t healed. It looks fine and isn’t sore at all but if I take the stud out and put it back in, it bleeds a bit. I have a nose bone with a ball on the end which is quite difficult to take out so maybe it has something to do with this? X

    1. noseringsadmin

      Hi Cerys,

      Some people’s bodies handle the whole healing thing a bit longer, and it’s perfectly normal for piercings not to be well healed even after a longer period of time.

      Also, it’s worth noticing that the piercing wound healing process isn’t something that takes place once and then it’s over.

      Some piercings go back to the skin formation process during which they become more tender and prone to injury, and it may take a long time before they’re permanently healed.

      And yes, the fact that your nose bone has a slightly thicker end might have something to do with the fact that your piercing is bleeding slightly because it might tear it while your taking it out and putting it back in.

      When a piercing hole is well healed, however, it shouldn’t be an issue, so I’d say – just be patient and give it some time! 😉

      Robert – Hottest Selling Nose Rings!

  41. I got my nose pierced three weeks ago I forgot clean it one day the next day it had some crust around it so I cleaned as I was cleaning my nose ring came out when I put it back in I had a hard time getting it back it hurt and bleed a little I cleaned it again to clean the blood from around the piercing is this normal why was it hard to get my piercing in when it came out when will it be safe to change my nose ring

    1. noseringsadmin

      Hi Telecia,

      The crusties are completely normal – don’t try to remove them forcefully, just soak them with saline, let them become loose and then remove them with a q-tip!

      And it’s normal not to be able to put the ring back in once it’s removed simply because the piercing hole hasn’t been healed and it’s essentially a raw wound.

      You definitely have to wait at least 6 weeks to change the jewelry!

      Robert – Hottest Selling Nose Rings!

  42. i recently got my nostril pierced about a week ago and last night I accidentally ripped it out but i got it back in. it has just became red and isn’t sore and was getting better until today i was cleaning it and trying to remove dead skin and accidentally pulled it out too far but it didn’t come out. it’s still in my nose but it’s just red and still isn’t sore, im just scared it will get infected?

    1. Hi Cielle,

      Don’t worry too much – it’s natural for fresh piercings to develop redness and for as long as it’s not sore and not oozing any yellowish substance – you’re alright!

      Just keep up the saline soaks and don’t try to clean it too thoroughly – just use a cotton bud, soak the “crusties” around the piercing hole if there’s any, let them become loose over a few minutes and then remove them nice and easy with a new bud.

      Robert – Hottest Selling Nose Rings!

  43. I just got my nose ring done at 1 or 2 o’clock shld I clean it now or wait till the next day. Also I only have idioze salt can I use it.

  44. Hey I got my piercing done 8 weeks ago last week I tried to change my piercing from a Labret with a ball to a stud that had to be screwed on from the inside
    it had been difficult and it irritated my piercing which has now got a bump on the inside of my nose where the piercing hole is. I managed to put back the original stud in but whilst cleaning the bump with tree tea oil the ball came off and fell into the sink where I was looking into the mirror. To refrain the piercing from closing up I just out the part of the labret that goes into my nostril on the outside. For a day or two I cleaned the piercing and the bump with tea tree oil and hot water compress. Then I changed to sea salt soak which I can tell is making a difference. I want to be on the safe side so I repurchased my original labret style stud to place into my piercing instead of half of the labret that I currently have in. I just want to know if I should change it before the sea salt soak or after. Thank you

    1. noseringsadmin

      Hi Zainab,

      It doesn’t really matter when you do the sea salt soak – most importantly, you have to make sure the jewelry piece isn’t contaminated so make sure it’s sterile by keeping it in pure alcohol for 5 – 10 minutes and you can also boil it in clean water for a while for added safety.

      Hope it helps!

      Robert – Hottest Selling Nose Rings!

  45. Hi.
    So I got my nose done on Monday, It’s a screw ring I believe so I was wondering that if this jewellery isn’t supposed to move, then why am I having to cover it at night? Because its severely annoying and I’m having trouble getting the plasters to stick and stay on my skin!! Also can I change my piercing in 2 weeks as I’ve previously had my nose done on 2 occasions and both of these times I had no bleeding, redness/soreness or swelling and the wound healed quite quickly – I’m not exaggerating at all!! (After 3 months on both piercings I managed to put the wrong type of jewellery in and both became infected and unsalvageable) And it seems as this wound is the same with the healing pattern and my piercer who is highly qualified with quite a few certificates has said he’s happy to change it in 2 weeks… What’s your opinion?


    1. noseringsadmin

      Hi Molly,

      At the end of the day – it’s your decision and if you’re quite confident the healing process is the very same as before – well, who’s to say you shouldn’t do it?

      Speaking of covering the piercing hole with a plaster – I guess you’ve been told to do it just in case it gets pulled out somehow, but you’re right in saying that nose screws aren’t supposed to come out that easily!


      Robert – Hottest Selling Nose Rings!

  46. Vidya Khallenda

    Wow….very good health tips…..I Peirce my nose jus yesterday all by myself….all I did I put the nose ring in hot boiling water and clean the nose where I am doing it on with cotton balls and rubbing alcohol and then take the ring n bore it ….I did it without any pain but after 20 to 30 minutes into it it start paining a little…..I than take the ring out clean the peircing with warm salt water and add pure petroleum jelly on the ring and insert it into the piercing this will help it to heal up faster without infections…and every morning I spin the ring and add warm oil on it ….that’s my ways of doing it….what do u tink???

  47. It only hurt when I’m cleaning it, it dries up pretty quickly and nothing builds up around the top of the stud it’s literally just the inside?

    1. noseringsadmin

      Hi Jocelyn,

      There are three types of lumps: abscesses, granulomas, or keloids.

      Granulomas, which are harmless over-growths of tissue that bleed easily and may contain yellow or clear fluid, respond positively to tea tree oil or hydrocortisone cream.

      Pustules and abscesses, which resemble pimples and may have pus, are bumps with infections. Pustules can be treated with antibiotic gels and creams. Abscesses, which are hard lump formations under the skin, are serious medical conditions for which you should seek medical attention.

      Keloids and all forms of scar tissue also require medical attention and should not be left untreated.

      All nose bumps can be treated or removed so don’t worry too much but the treatment does vary depending on the type of bump so you’ll want to be sure you’re not ignoring the bump and that you’re treating it properly!

      So basically my advice would be to go seek a professional advice – your doctor most likely will be able to tell you what’s up and decide on the necessary course of action!


      Robert – Hottest Selling Nose Rings!

  48. Hi, I’ve had my nose pierced for nearly 3 months, I clean it regularly like I was told and I don’t play with. But it still hasn’t healed and I got like a little bubble in the inside of my nostril. What should I do?

      1. It only hurt when I’m cleaning it, it dries up pretty quickly and nothing builds up around the top of the stud it’s literally just the inside?

  49. i got my nose pierced then used a safety pin and now i have a dark spot around the pierced area, switched the safety pin for a normal nose stud. the dark circle’s still there. is it permanent?

    1. noseringsadmin

      Hi Maryam,

      I know for a fact that even silver, for example, will discolor your skin and may leave a permanent dark mark around the piercing hole – let alone lower quality metal alloys.

      Discoloration may be permanent and the only option you may have is to wear some piece of nose jewelry in it that will cover up that area.

      I’d suggest you visit a doctor – a dermatologist preferably – to see what their take on it, maybe there’s some medicine you can use to deal with this issue such as anti-scarring ointments etc.


      Robert – Hottest Selling Nose Rings!

  50. Hi there,
    I got my nose pierced a little over three months ago and changed the stud to a hoop about a week ago. There was a little bit of yellow discharge coming from it but there was no pin whatsoever. Today I decided that I no longer wanted the piercing and took it out so it would close up. Since taking it out, i have noticed that I have a hard red lump on the inside of my nostril where my piercing was. I would just like your thoughts on this. Do I need to see a doctor? Thank you very much for your help in advance. 🙂

    1. noseringsadmin

      Hi Emma,

      If the lump doesn’t contain any pus, then it’s most likely a growth comprised of the same cells your body forms while healing the piercing and it can be removed.

      I would definitely suggest you visit a medical professional because only they’ll be able to determine for sure what type of a lump it is – it might be also a pus-filled abscess – and they’ll choose the appropriate treatment depending on findings.


      Robert – Hottest Selling Nose Rings!

  51. I’ve had my nostril pierced about 3 weeks ago. No major problems but today the inside of my nostril is rather sore. Could it be irritated due to the L shape that my piercer bent. Is tea tree oil recommended or what is good to use on the inside

    1. noseringsadmin

      Hi Christy,

      If it’s simply due to the shape of your nose ring, you should probably go for a nose hoop to eliminate the chances of something rubbing against the inside of your nostril.

      You can use emu oil which is considered by many the best aftercare product and will facilitate healing, but if the irritation persists I would try to rule out other factors such as low-quality jewelry with high nickel content etc.


      Robert – Hottest Selling Nose Rings!

  52. I just got my nose pierced Saturday. It’s been good healing, no bad bleeding, just a little redness. Until I woke up and it felt kind of loose. I have no idea if I should move it and which way to move it. The lady that pierced it told me it was a corkscrew stud?

    1. noseringsadmin

      Hi Samantha,

      You can see nose screw rings here: – but the reason why it feels loose could be due to the fact that the swelling has gone down and the screw ring is a bit too big for your piercing or something.

      What you can do is – wait till it heals (around 6 – 8 weeks) and get it changed for a different ring which would be a tighter fit for your nose. You can even get one of those fishtail studs and bring into your piercer – they’re going to shape a unique nose ring to fit your nostril perfectly!


      Robert – Hottest Selling Nose Rings!

  53. Hey,
    I Have gotten my nose pierced 5 days ago. I have got it done with a gun . My nose swelled up and my stud sinks into my piercing hole 🙁 I don’t know what to do! What should I do? I got it done at a shop but not by professionals. I’m thinking I should take it out because it keeps sinking but I don’t know if that’s a bad idea? Please help!

  54. hey. I pierced my nose today using a gun (now I know its bad) and I’ve been having this persistent headache. Is that normal?

    1. noseringsadmin

      Hi Lexi,

      Well, considering that damage in one area of your body may radiate pain to other parts of your body, I’d say it’s not weird, but if the pain persists and gets worse over the course of the next few days, I’d say you should see a doctor!


      Robert – Hottest Selling Nose Rings!

  55. nose pierced with 18 gauge nose screw everything fine. After several months when I am cleared to be able to change, am I limited to 18 gauge or cAn I go smaller, to 20 gauge? I ask because I want a smaller exterior , 1mm instead of the larger crystal I have now. Thank you for your advice

    1. noseringsadmin

      Hi Leslie,

      Yes, you can go smaller but bear in mind if you stick with a 20 gauge stud your piercing hole might shrink and you might not be able to use 18 gauge piercings anymore – but then again, considering 20 gauge is a standard for nose rings anyway, it wouldn’t be such a huge loss after all!


      Robert – Hottest Selling Nose Rings!

  56. Hello! I had my nose pierced a week ago. It was slightly painful to begin with as you might imagine, then two days afterwards I woke up and couldn’t see the stud. I cleaned it up, pushed the stud upward slightly and then noticed a red swollen ring around the stud which hasn’t gone away. Is this normal? I’ve been doing sea salt solution soaks 2-3 times a day since then.


  57. I got my nose pierced with a gun now I know its bad but when I change it can I change it and use a corckscrew or a L shape nose ring

    1. Hi Jasmine,

      Yes, you can either go for a screw ring or an L-shaped one – but most importantly – you have to wait till it’s healed properly! Wait for at least 6 weeks but to stay on the safe side give it 2 full months before inserting a new nose ring. Sometimes the fresh piercing might seem to be fully healed while in reality it’s still healing!


      Robert – Hottest Selling Nose Rings!

  58. mybootsaretight


    I had my piercing done about a month ago. It was done with a needle, has an L stud and I cleaned it with saline solution twice a day for the first two weeks, and only clean it once a day now. Sometimes, I consider my face washing as the cleaning method for the day. I may be one of the rare lucky ones, and it has never experienced any crusties nor bleeding. Pain on a pain scale is a 0 now (It was about a max of 4 at it’s worst ie when it came out on the first week. The initial piercing doesn’t hold a candle to when I tried to put the stud back in in the first week.)

    The stud came out twice (on the dot, every Wednesday in its first and second week. Funny because I got it done on a Wednesday, too). I have been able to put it back on, but the first accident resulted in a little bit of a bleed, that didn’t produce any scabs or crusties still. The second time it came off was almost pain free when I put it back in.

    My question is, since I work in a corporate environment, do you think I am able to manage changing it to a nose screw Bioplast on my own? Would four weeks be enough for it to have healed enough for me to handle it?

    The other issue that I want this changed is because I feel that the nose stud right now is injuring my septum, the area right across where the L ends inside the nose. The piercing entry path seems to be askew, since, one, the diamond on the stud doesn’t stay flat to my nostril, and, two, the L doesn’t stay flush to the inside of my nose. Would a nose screw be less irritating since the end is curved?


    1. Well, 4 weeks might be enough for the nostril piercing to go through the initial stage of healing, so maybe the best course of action for you would be to get a BioFlex nose screw such as this one: – the curved ending might indeed work much better than the L-shaped one and on top of that it’s flexible so it won’t irritate your septum!


      Robert – Hottest Selling Nose Rings!

  59. I got my nose pierced about 3 weeks ago, but last night it happened to fall out & I struggled on getting it back in to the point where I couldn’t do so I left it out for a day & later that night I finally got it in. Will my nose get infected ? Or will it be fine ?

  60. OK so I Got my nose pierced it’s been a while and I decided to change it out but it didnt go all the way through i can feel it inside my nose it needs to go through the last layer does this mean I have to get it repierced?? what happens if I leave it like that??

    1. Hi Gina,

      The thing is – you may be trying to insert a bigger gauge nose jewelry into a piercing hole that’s been pierced to fit smaller jewelry! For example, if your piercing hole is fit or 20 gauge nose ring and you’re trying to insert 18 gauge nose ring, you’ll find it very hard to do.


      Robert – Hottest Selling Nose Rings!

  61. I got my nose pierced about a week ago and it seems to be healing fine. The problem I am having is when I wake up in the morning my nose ring is sunk into my nose you can barely see the head of it. It is a L shaped stud. I so afraid it is going to pull all the way thru!! Any advice??

  62. I’ve had my nose pierced for almost 4 years now and this morning I wake up and the piercing is pussing a little and is red and a little swollen. This hasn’t happened in about a year and a half and it freaks me out. The hole feels tight and I cleansed it with Saline Solution and soaked it in warm water and it feels better, but is still tight and red. Im thinking that it could be the fact that a few days ago for a job interview I took my normal stud out and put the retainer in and it could’ve irritated the hole. I’m unsure . .any thoughts or solutions?


    1. Yes DeAnna – the funny thing about piercings is that the piercing hole constantly goes through certain healing stages – no matter how long ago the piercing was done! – and the skin in the piercing hole is sometimes quite vulnerable to irritation.

      Try emu oil – it’s proven to work exceptionally well for healing piercing holes!


      Robert – Hottest Selling Nose Rings!

  63. Hi I got my nostril nose ring done 2 weeks ago and when I woke up my nose ring was not fully in so when I put it in it would stay in the what should I do

  64. Hey I got my nose pierced almost 6 weeks ago.I have not had any problems so far in terms of healing but yesterday when I was cleaning my piercing,which is a corkscrew 1 by the way, it somehow twisted around on the inside with the tip now leaning against the top of my nostril rather than pointing down to the front of the of my nose.It’s beginning to hurt now,especially when I press my nose from the outside and as much as I have tried turning it I cannot get it out of this position..any advice would be greatly appreciated.thanks,Breege

    1. Hi Breege,

      It looks that you need someone to help you – I would imagine the best course of action would be to go to the piercer who did your nose. They’ll be able to get inside your nostril and turn the nose screw delicately without doing much damage to the healing piercing hole!


      Robert – Hottest Selling Nose Rings!

  65. Hi, I had my septum pierced earlier and I’ve noticed a couple of things, my piercing leans back against my fave (in between my nose and mouth) and doesn’t hang at all if I try to push it forward it just goes back again, why is this? Also my piercing looks quite far forward and high up but I’m sure it went through my sweet spot which my piercier said it would however I can feel the bar pushing at the end of my nose it isn’t visible but I can feel it through the front of my nose? Is there anything to be worried about? Thank you.

  66. Hey, I got my nose pierced about 3 and a half months ago. At first I had a nose piercing that came out very easily, it was a longer rod without a ball on the end. When I changed it, I had one in that was shorter and had a larger ball at the end of it and I noticed it was VERY hard to take out and would bleed when I did. Now, I have a shorter rod with a ball on the end, but the ball isn’t as large as the last one. I was just wondering if the skin on the inside of my nose would grow over the ring because it is so short. You can barely see it on the inside when I tilt my head back. Thank you

  67. Hi I got my nostril pierced two days ago I’m not expecting miracles to happen I know it could take months to heal, I’m the type of person who panics alot! It is painful an slightly swollen which I hear is common. Iv been cleaning it with warm water and salt mixed with cotton balls. But it panics me that it sticks should I be twisting it or will that make it worse? Trying to twist it hurts! But I’m worried if I don’t twist it something else could effect it. HELP 🙂 xx

    1. noseringsadmin

      Hi Sarah,

      There’s no need to panic – you don’t necessarily have to be able to twist it!

      There’s no way the nose ring could “grow into” the piercing, it’s just a myth so allow your body to heal itself and once the swelling goes down, you’ll be able to twist it.


      Robert – Hottest Selling Nose Rings!

  68. I got my nose pierced 2 days ago and it’s crusting over the piercing where it looks like I have a pimple on my nose instead…..HELP!!!

  69. Wow, you’ve sure been busy answering everyone’s questions! Thanks for that! My questions might be kind of silly. I got my nose pierced about 2-3 weeks ago with no pain and no signs of infection (minor cruaties at worst), but have recently begun to be able to feel the piercing inside my nose and it’s become bothersome. I have a nose screw and I think I must have abnormally small or weirdly shaped nostrils, because I’ve noticed the screw has managed to sort of scratch a few areas of the inside of my nose while moving around. I’ve started turning the screw so that the end sticks out of my nostril when I’m at home relaxing, just to give the inside of my nose a break. This may be kind of icky, but I also feel like the shape of the piercing is trapping mucus in my nose, despite my efforts to keep everything clean. I was planning to break the piercing rules and swap out this screw for a flesh colored retainer screw for when I go back to work after break and to leave that one in until my piercing is fully healed and when I can just switch to the retainer for work (probably between a month or two after I put that one in, just to be on the safe side). While I’m waiting for that one to arrive in the mail (im assuming that it will be more flexible and less stabby), does it seem appropriate to swap out my original piercing for an “L” that might be a better fit, despite it being relatively new? I’m having trouble waiting, as there are two little spots in my nose that are beginning to get a little raw from being stabbed. I’d need to do it myself, as I only have the money to purchase a new stud and not enough to pay a piercer to change it out. If so, what materials should I aim for and what should I stay away from? Thanks for your help!

  70. Well I got my nose pierced bon august 9th and i knocked it out in bed and I had a headache when puttting it back in and felt very dizzy and sick an I have done it again and know I can’t put it back in oh and by the way I can put a ring in without feeling sick so can you have help me????

  71. I had my nostril pierced 8 months ago and last week it started swelling and getting sore. What can I use to help the swelling go down. There’s a bump inside my nose around the piercing. You can barely tell its swollen from the outside and I can’t get ahold of the piercer who did me. I haven’t started using any new jewelry either. Any advice?

    1. noseringsadmin

      Hi Madonna,

      What you’ve got there is either a pustule or an abscess, they resemble pimples and may have pus in them. Pustules can be treated with antibiotic gels and creams. Abscesses, which are hard lump formations under the skin, are serious medical conditions for which you should seek medical attention.

      Robert – Hottest Selling Nose Rings!

  72. I got my nose pierced Tuesday and it doesn’t hurt or anything but it won’t stop bleeding and I’m probably overreacting because I know it’s a wound and wounds bleed but I have never had this problem of bleeding on day 3(now even though it started bleeding a lot yesterday). I accidentally bumped it a few times so I figured maybe that was why it started bleeding but every time I clean it it keeps bleeding. Am I overreacting?

  73. Hi Robert,
    I got my nose pierced 2 days ago and whilst the level of pain and everything else regarding it seems to be going well, I’ve noticed that my stud comes loose very regularly, and it tends to be half way out of my nose when I wake up. I was just wondering if this is normal or whether it would be worth doing something about it, as of course it’s such a new piercing.

  74. I got my nose pierced only 5 days ago and it doesn’t hurt at all when I touch it. It hurt for the first 2 or 3 days obviously, but now it’s not tender at all and I can move the stud while cleaning it without feeling anything. It hasn’t swelled up, gotten red, or bled since I got it. Do you think it’s healed? My piercer said to wait a month before changing the jewelry, but if it’s healed I’d want to change it asap.

  75. Hello, i need help.
    So i pierced 2weeks ago using a gun and the pain seemed okey and went away within a week but as the pain went away i took out the stud earing for the small nose rings i sometimes changed it for the loops, it started getting darker around the piercing like it was rotting and so i started using detol to clean it but my skin got very dry and cracked the open skin is very painful and i dont know what to do now i hadnt been cleaning it from the start because i was not told to so i never bothered until i saw it darkining iv taken it out now but i need help cause i love my nose ring..

  76. Chyenne Pritchard

    I got my nose pierced about 8 months ago and it looks healed. I’m in cheerleading so I have to take it out for games competitions and practice. Every time I go to put it back in it hurts and my nose swells just alittle. What is going on?

  77. i just got my nose pierce yesterday and some how the stud is sinking in and the right side of it swollen . what should i do ?

  78. Hello, I got my nostril pierced 2 days ago and Iam sure I may be concerned for nothing but I figured I would just check anyways I was wondering if it’s possible for the nose ring (L shaped one ) to be to tight? I feel like the earing is very tight to my nose from the outside Iam thinking it might just be because it’s still swollen should I be concerned ? Thank you for your time.
    Cheers Grace

  79. I just go my nose pierced two hours ago. It bled so bad. The piercer told my cousin and I to keep it clean with dial soap. But I’m going to stick with your suggestion of saline or warm sea salt water. I’m so thankful for this site right now because she was so uninformative.

  80. Hi,

    I had my nose pierced with a needle almost 4.5 months ago.

    After a bunch of infections because of my inferior quality nose stud, I inserted a gold nose stud, which was going fine, but now I can see my piercing area is redder than usual again (no pus, maybe very slight pain, no swelling). I haven’t been touching it and I just keep the area clean.

    What should I do to avoid infections and ensure speedy healing?

  81. Hi 2 days ago i got my nose pierced with a gun and i just wanted to know how long should it be swollen for and is there anything special i can do to make the swelling go down and any extra care tip that i should know being that it did get pierced with a gun. i doesn’t seem to be infected or anything and i clean it like 3-4 times a day so help plz

  82. I got my septum done 5 days ago and it’s tender and feels fine but from the second the bar was in it feels likes there a tiny tiny spot that really stings when there is pressure on it
    My septum piercing is really crooked one side I really quite close to the cartlidge and always feels like a lot of pressure on that side of my nose.its not throught the cartlidge it only just touches it when I smile or bump it .is this going to be a problem what should I do .i feel like it wouldn’t hurt at all if one side was just down a bit further

    Also they said I would be able to flip my 16 8mm horse shoe back up my nose so you can’t see it but there’s no way it would fit I don’t think any kind would in my nose.can I put a plastic labret in my nose or eyebrown bar so it’s hidden

  83. Hi,

    I got my nose pierced at a very professional place at the beginning of August. I had a lot of problems with the piercing from my managers work and was completely forced to remove my piercing and change the screw stud to a clear, acrylic nose bone stud in the middle of November, which I got done professionally. I had no problems with either stud and cleaned both of them religiously. About 3 weeks ago, I snagged the stud on my blanket in bed; in a panic, I washed my hands (but not the stud) and re-inserted the acrylic stud with little hassle, but there was a lot of blood (when I got my nose pierced originally there was a lot of blood, too). Now, the piercing is sticking out a lot and I have to keep pushing it in because I’m scared it’ll fall out. I read another post on here, and now I’m scared that after re-inserting the stud myself, I haven’t pushed it the whole way through? I’m not in any pain from the stud and there are no bumps around it, just a few crusties now and again which I figure is completely normal.

    What should I do? Should I see a professional piercer again? Have I effectively re-pierced my nose after snagging the stud?

    Thanks so much for your help!

  84. Hi. I had my nose pierced 6 weeks ago and it was all going fine till one morning about 10 days ago I woke up and it was bleeding and sore. I panicked and went to doctor who said it wasnt infected and maybe I knocked it (not sure I did) anyway I used diluted tea tree which took the minor swelling down. However there is still a small ring around the hole which is slightly raised like scar tissue. Is this normal? I have changed stud few times wih no probs and have no discharge, swelling or pain.


  85. I got my nose pierced December 1st . With a piercing gun . Cleaned it like I supposed to but now it seems to be sinking in ???? . I’m very worried what should I do ?

  86. I got my nose pierced 4 days ago and I’m kinda concerned. No sign of infection or bumps but the piercer only gave me a straight stud so its always popping out and I think my nostril is bigger then the stud so it doesn’t fit all the way through unless I push it hard. Plus he told me to put a bandaid over while sleeping and that doesn’t seem right to me. Any advice?

  87. Hi ! i got my nose pierced its been 4 months already and its not healing! i’ve tried everything and its not working! i reaaly don’t know what to do..can i remove it and replace it by a gold one or let it be? cause the one that i have has not been disinfected when pierced!

  88. I got my nose piercing 2 weeks ago with a gun. It was really tight and was not healing right even after saline soaks and cleaning. Today I pulled the stud and cleaned the piercing hole that was filled with blood that was mixed with the wound secretions. The hole was pretty big and I was able to put an L-shaped stud after a few try’s. Is there any recommendations of the after care please.

    1. Hi Dancy,

      A gun?

      Not a good idea – too much tissue damage.

      But hey, what’s done is done, right?

      Speaking of aftercare – now that you have the new stud in, here’s what you do:

      * Sea salt soaks a couple of times a day
      * Don’t rotate it or anything – there’s been enough damage to the piercing hole as it is
      * If there’s crusties forming – just soak the piercing with a cotton bud soaked with sea salt solution gently until they come off but other than that don’t try to maintain your piercing super-clean at the expense of proper healing!


      Robert – Hottest Selling Nose Rings!

  89. I got my nose pierced 9 months ago. Had a bump and got rid of it by leaving a sea salt cap on it and it fell off in 6 days. This was about 2-3 months ago.
    A week ago, I got another bump so I did the same thing. This time, tho, a clear discharge oozed out and it dried so hard on my nostril I could barely remove it.
    I did a saltwater soak twice a day but tho my nostril is less swollen, the place where the bump was (not the hole) still has some if thus dried duscharge on it I can’t seem to remove.
    It made the tissue hard when I dried the discharge with it.
    What should i do!? I have a 20g SS ring

  90. Hi..I got my nostril pierced 2 days ago. It’s a corkscrew. But the inside keeps hanging out of my nostril and driving me nuts. Is this normal? I am not sure which way it’s supposed to be pointing inside. I keep pushing it back up and it keeps falling down. Help! Also, is it normal to experience facial tingling and a headache after piercing? Thank you.

    1. Hi Frankie,

      By the sounds of it, this particular nose screw is too large for you – go back to the piercer and tell him you have this problem so that he can get a smaller piece for you.

      Speaking of heading and tingling – well, it may be unrelated, but then again it never hurts to check with a professional – just in case!


      Robert – Hottest Selling Nose Rings!

  91. Got my Septum pierced oct. 4 and it was totally fine didn’t hurt at all
    well 3 weeks after that a bump started developing but still doesn’t really hurt unless i bump it
    Bit of white liquid is coming out when i clean it with sea salt water from the pharmacy
    well i tried hydrogen peroxide, betadine, pure sea salt water. tea tree oil and now some kind of special german alcohole rub from my grandma
    It always seems to get better and than it gets worse again
    a piece of skin comes of and then theres a red ball and it sometimes bleeds a bit
    i’m thinking about just leaving it for a while and let my body source this out bcs i think its my bodys
    i’m only afraid it will get worse what do you guys think ?

    1. Hi Sabine,

      First of all – sea salt solution and tea tree oil is OK; stay away from peroxide and anything containing alcohol because they’ll only irritate your piercing instead of healing it.

      What you’ve got there is either a pustule or an abscess, they resemble pimples and may have pus in them. Pustules can be treated with antibiotic gels and creams. Abscesses, which are hard lump formations under the skin, are serious medical conditions for which you should seek medical attention.


      Robert – Hottest Selling Nose Rings!

  92. I have pierced my nostril two days ago. I have used my nose ring as L shaped titanium ring. It came out next day itelf. I came to ame hop he did it again. Today evening again it came out. I am doing this firt time. What hould I do ? Please suggest what kind of ring is good for me? I can go back to piercer after 13 hours Is that ok ?

    1. Hi Tamika,

      A very good option is nose screws – – when they’re fitted into the piercing, there’s a very, very little chance they’ll fall out!

      And you should definitely go back to the piercer – he might suggest the screw, or maybe he’ll choose a different piercing (different size maybe) that suits you better.


      Robert – Hottest Selling Nose Rings!

  93. Hi I’ve had my nose piercing for about 8 weeks now and I have already dealt with keloids but they have gone away but I have noticed that my nose looks healed and doesn’t seem to have any problems currently but it still appears red around the piercing. Don’t know if this is normal or maybe theres a problem from inside my nose. Thank you

    1. Hi Enaimi,

      If you had keloids, then I’m not surprised the skin around the piercing is still red – it will take some time for your body to heal the area for good.

      It might actually take a good few months, so be patient!


      Robert – Hottest Selling Nose Rings!

  94. Hello. I got my nostril pierced 24 hours ago. The piercer used a gun and said that i was to go back after 24 to have the stud changed as there is nothing to hold it in place over night. I explained to him that as i live more than an hour away i couldn’t come back in so he gave me a stud and told me to change it myself. Is this normal practice – i tried to change it myself but had to put the original stud back in when the panic that i was doing it wrong set in. Any advice would be appreciated. I have done salt soaks, cleaned with saline and put a plaster over it to try and avoid infection.

    1. Hi Kelly,

      The piercer who told you to change the stud yourself must be the least qualified body piercing professional out there. Well, I don’t even want to use the word “professional” because he clearly doesn’t know what he’s talking about!

      You should NEVER be asked to do something like that!

      The thing is that studs aren’t the best nose jewelry for fresh piercings because there’s indeed nothing to hold it in place. That’s why he should have used a nose screw , for example.

      So my advice is – go to a new studio and ask them to insert nose jewelry that’s not going to fall out – preferably a nose screw or an L-shaped nose ring.


      Robert – Hottest Selling Nose Rings!

  95. I got my nose pierced two weeks ago. I did everything correctly and the swelling went down and the pain. It looked perfect and normal. Then all of a sudden it got snagged and its been bleeding for a couple days . I put peroxide on it BC I wasn’t near my saline. Its swelling on the inside and the inside is the only part I’ve had issues with. Please help. I don’t know what I should do from here.

    1. Hi Brittany,

      Peroxide is definitely something you don’t want to use on your fresh piercing – it’s too strong! Stick with saline solution and use maybe some emu oil because it’s got the best properties to facilitate healing.


      Robert – Hottest Selling Nose Rings!

  96. I’ve had my nose pierced for about 3 months now and I’ve had redish purpleish pimple thing around the piercing. I’ve been cleaning it daily and putting anti bacterial ointment on it, and it still hasn’t gone away. It hurts when I push the piercing out a little so I can clean it.. is it infected? What should I do too make it go away?

  97. Got my nose pierced today (nostril) and it’s stabbing into the middle of my nose so I can’t push it in all the way. Can you get shorter studs? How can I stop it from

  98. So I got my nose pierced about 6 months ago, and it seemed to have healed well. But I went to get my piercing changed a couple days ago, the inside of it closed. I think I made the mistake of trying to shoe the piercing through, and now the inside of my nose is swollen. It doesn’t hurt; it’s not red or anything, and I can still breath through my nose, but I’m not sure if I should see a professional piercer or a doctor. Can you please help?

  99. So I’ve had my nose pierced for about three months out , after the first month I changed my stud to a hoop because the stud just looked too big on my nose. My nose is small so the hoop I bought also fit too big. I ended up but one that was small and fit perfect it’s been two weeks since I had that hoop in but I noticed it started to rust and it started to hurt a little this morning , finally I took it out this morning cleaned it and put in a small stud but it hurt a lot to put in that little stud in. I took it back out and a little bit of pus and blood came out. I washed my whole face and put the stud I got when I had just got it but it’s red and swollen.. What do I do? Is it infected??

    1. Yes, by the looks of it you’ve been using an inferior quality nose jewelry and because of that your nose piercing is infected now.

      I’d recommend you seek professional advice – go to your piercer or a doctor – to see if you need to get some antibacterial ointment or something!


      Robert – Hottest Selling Nose Rings!

  100. Hey, so i got my nose pierced about a week ago, and it’s been doing really well! No lumps, irritation or swelling! The only problem i’ve been having is the jewelry keeps coming out in my sleep, and i keep waking up at 3 am, noticing its not there, and having to search for the stud and force it back through. Luckily its not been too hard to get back in, but im concerned about this happening considering i am supposed to wait quite a while longer before it is supposed to be taken out. It’s an L shaped stud. Do you have any advice on how i can prevent this? The hole looks a bit bigger than the stud so maybe thats why its loose? Im not sure, help!!!

    1. Hi Sian,

      Obviously the piercer didn’t choose the right type of nose jewelry for your fresh piercing – if I were you, I’d get a nose SCREW because it’s guaranteed to stay in and not fall out!

      The 18 gauge screws from the link above should be large enough to be the right size for your nose piercing so you can order a few of them for the same day dispatch.

      You can also check out more nose ring styles here: – we do FREE worldwide shipping for orders of $19.99 and more!



    2. I have an “L” shaped nose ring in my freshly pierced nose and it never falls out. My piercer bent a straight bar into an “L” shape that specially fits my nose. He told me to keep to jewelary from showing through the nostril so I always have to make sure that the jewelary is flipped up my nose. Maybe try using a qtip to push the “L” part of the jewelary up your nose

  101. So I got my nostril pierced about 3 weeks ago. However, the stud kept falling out and after finally loosing it, I went ahead and put in a nose ring. I made sure to clean my hands and the ring itself. Now there is a little pimple looking bump on the inside of my nose, and some crust that forms around the openings. Is that normal? I’m not sure if I should get another stud or if I am cleaning it wrong or what. I’m fairly new to the piercing world!

    1. Hi Erin,

      The so-called “crusties” are normal – it’s a by-product of your body healing the fresh wound so just do your regular saline soaks twice daily and remove the crusties with a cotton bud.

      As for the pimple – there are a few different types of nose piercing bumps and treatment varies based on which type of bump you have. Granulomas, which are harmless over-growths of tissue that bleed easily and may contain yellow or clear fluid, respond positively to tea tree oil or hydrocortisone cream.

      Pustules and abscesses, which resemble pimples and may have pus, are bumps with infections. Pustules can be treated with antibiotic gels and creams. Abscesses, which are hard lump formations under the skin, are serious medical conditions for which you should seek medical attention.

      Keloids and all forms of scar tissue also require medical attention and should not be left untreated.

      All nose bumps can be treated or removed so don’t worry too much but the treatment does vary depending on the type of bump so you’ll want to be sure you’re not ignoring the bump and that you’re treating it properly!

      So basically my advice would be to go seek a professional advice – your doctor most likely will be able to tell you what’s up and decide on the necessary course of action.


      Robert – Hottest Selling Nose Rings!

  102. Hi! So it’s been about 6 weeks since I got my nose pierced and the other day I decided to change my piercing to a hoop which I didn’t know was a bad idea. Anyway after multiple attempts I finally got te hoop in then someone told me it was a bad idea to put it in. I tried taking it out and now it’s stuck but I think it also is infected so I am cleaning it twice a day. Is there anything I should do to make it unstuck? I don’t want to mess with it until it heals more

    1. Hi Molly,

      There’s no reason for you to try and make it unstuck by moving the hoop – just do the saline soaks and wipe any residue off by a cotton bud and when the piercing is well healed, you’ll be able to move the hoop. If you’ve heard about body jewelry getting stuck and “growing in” the piercing – it’s a myth! 😉


      Robert – Hottest Selling Nose Hoops!

  103. Hi, I’ve had my nose pierced for about 2 months and the other day I took out my L stud and decided to put in a hoop. I put the first hoop in, but I didn’t like how it looked so I took it out. I put a different hoop in and the hole on the outside started closing up, so I shoved it through and it started bleeding (which i thought was normal) I realized a few minutes later, I had pierced another hole right under where the actual hole for my piercing was. I took it out and decided to let it close. The next day I went to see my piercer and asked if he could put the back in. So he did. But I forgot to tell him that I pierced another hole right under it and I think he put the hoop in the one I pierced. It has been red and there is a little bit of pain. But there has been no bleeding and there is some crust. Will it get infected? Because I’m worried it will.

    1. Hi Olivia,

      It’s not infected if there’s only slight pain and come crust forming – it’s normal. If it doesn’t get MUCH worse during the next few days – you’re fine!

      My advice – stop worrying and comfort yourself with the thought that once you got the first piercing with no further complications, chances are – it’s going to be the same this time around as well!

      So enjoy your new hoop, relax, and don’t touch it too often. Do a couple of saline soaks a day to help it heal, and don’t rotate the nose hoop – just leave it be.


      Robert – Hottest Selling Nose Rings!

      1. Thank you! I also wash my piercing in the shower with anti bacterial soap and I noticed that the piercing hole stings and burns when I wash it and when the water hit it. I am concerned about that. Is that a bad sign?

        1. Well, you shouldn’t rotate it then – just apply a little bit of soap on the surrounding area and rinse it off. And of course it will sting a bit in the beginning because it’s a fresh wound; having said that you may go for a minder antibacterial soap for sensitive skin to lessen the possible irritation!


 – Hottest Selling Nose Rings!

  104. Hello, this is a wonderful article i remember coming here to read it when i got my septum pierced back in 2011. Here is my delimia, I did a lot of research before i got my septum for some people it took up to a year for thiers to heal, while others healed within months. For this reason i waited til this year to finally change my jewelry. I changed form the horse shoe to a very pretty clicker, anyway i got really sick and had to take my piece out to clean it and to better clean my’s been out for a week. I am feeling better and my nose is not runny like it was so i went to put it back in..and i can’t get it in, i tried to put my initial horse shoe and i cant put that in either. I can feel the holes on both side but for some reason it won’t go through..please tell me there is something i can do besides re-pierce it..i have been so cautious this whole time with my piercing, it’s my favorite one..this has never happened to me before. it is very upsetting. My septum piercing is the one piecing that makes me feel..complete. Im really bummed.

    1. I can totally relate to how you feel!

      The thing is – some piercings will NEVER be 100% healed and will start closing up at the first opportunity. I know it’s been 3 years since you got your septum done, but the thing is – it’s a very deep piercing and now that the piercing’s been out for a week it’s closed pretty tight.

      You may try to insert a very big gauge nose stud into it (20-22) and see if that one goes through. If not, I personally can’t see any other option but to re-pierce it…

      Btw – what gauge septum ring have you got at the moment?


      Robert – Hottest Selling Nose Rings!

      1. i believe it is 14g. later today i am going to see a piecer to see if they can get my jewelry in. i dont have any studs on hand to try your method.

  105. I got my nose pierced about three days ago. It was all good until I was cleaning it today and there was some dry crusty blood next to the jewlrey on the inside, so naturally I pulled it off without any pain. But now my nose ring is a tad bit looser than it was before. I was just wondering if it was just from moving it a little too much while cleaning it or what? Thank you!

    1. Hi Alix,

      You’re nose ring is a bit looser because you got rid of the crusted piece of blood on the inside – simple as that! Unless you’ve some other symptoms such as excessive swelling, pain and bloody or yellow pus oozing out of the piercing, looseness of the nose ring alone isn’t something you should be overly worried about.

      Your piercing is a wound and it tends to close as tight around the piece of body jewelry inserted into it as possible so you’re not going to end up with a lose nose ring in a stretched nose piercing hole.

      Speaking of moving the jewelry – you may want to refrain from doing so completely. Just do the saline soaks and maybe use some emu oil but you don’t have to move the jewelry around. Don’t worry – it won’t get permanently stuck or anything!


      Robert – Hottest Selling Nose Rings!

  106. Hi, I just got my nose pierced about 4weeks ago and it was all fine until 4 days ago whenever a bump appeared next to it. Of course my first thing was to pop it so I did but it made no difference.. I’ve been cleaning it thoroughly with BPA and dunno what to do, is it an infection and will it go away? Thanks, Niamh.

    1. Hi Niamh,

      There are a few different types of nose piercing bumps and treatment varies based on which type of bump you have. Granulomas, which are harmless over-growths of tissue that bleed easily and may contain yellow or clear fluid, respond positively to tea tree oil or hydrocortisone cream.

      Pustules and abscesses, which resemble pimples and may have pus, are bumps with infections. Pustules can be treated with antibiotic gels and creams. Abscesses, which are hard lump formations under the skin, are serious medical conditions for which you should seek medical attention.

      Keloids and all forms of scar tissue also require medical attention and should not be left untreated.

      All nose bumps can be treated or removed so don’t worry too much but the treatment does vary depending on the type of bump so you’ll want to be sure you’re not ignoring the bump and that you’re treating it properly!

      So basically my advice would be to go seek a professional advice – your doctor most likely will be able to tell you what’s up and decide on the necessary course of action.

      Hope it helps,

      Robert – Check out our Latest Range of Nose Rings!

  107. Hey, I’ve had my nose pierced for almost 2 years now and every once in a while it swells and gets sore for a few days then goes away, but I don’t understand why it Still happens. So if you could tell me why this happens and what I could do to prevent it. It would really help Thank you.

    1. Hi Katie,

      Here’s the funny thing – some piercings NEVER heal 100%. They go through stages of maturation and then growing new skins cells again, and it repeats all the time so in case your jewelry is made of inferior material, for example, the piercing gets irritated.

      Also, it can swell up just because the jewelry is in it – it’s a foreign object after all and it impedes your body processes of producing cells to heal and strengthen the wound.

      Hope it helps,


      Robert – the Hottest Selling Body Jewelry Online!

  108. Hello,

    I got my nose pierced about a month ago. I didn’t feel the pain until about 2 days ago, most probably coz it got caught in the towel while taking shower. I have accidentally yanked it a couple of time while taking shower and now it had turned red with some pain. I have been cleaning twice a day with sea salt water and applying tea tree oil. My question – Can tree tea oil cause any harm to the skin or the piercing? Also, it kind of hurts when I push the piercing out just a bit while cleaning. Is this pain normal? I am thinking of changing it to while gold, thus when do you think I should change the jewelry? Thank you so much for your advise!


    1. Hi Meg,

      First of all – I would suggest you switch over the emu oil which is by far superior and will ensure optimal conditions for your piercing healing!

      Speaking of your piercing being reddish and painful – obviously you’ve damaged the newly healed skin layer so for now I’d say you should refrain from moving the piercing completely and also don’t clean it too much. Just a couple of times a day using emu oil with do the job – especially because you’re not required to move the jewelry. Emu oil penetrates the skin and no moving of the nose ring is required!


      Robert – Hottest Selling Body Jewelry Online!

      1. Perfect, thank you so much for your response! Just to clarify – so I should completely refrain from using Saline solution or sea salt water to clean the piercing and stick with emu oil ? At any point in the future should I go back to using sea salt water compress and for how long?

        Thanks again!

        1. Hi Meg,

          Personally I don’t see the need to use both although some piercers advice using saline solution in conjunction with emu oil. The way I see it – you can stick with emu oil for the foreseeable future and if it helps, then there’s no need to do saline soaks at all.

          Basically see what your body prefers, and then stick with it!


 – the Hottest Selling Body Jewelry Online!

  109. Hi I got my nose pierced 3 days ago and last night I was cleaning it and I pulled out the Nose Screw ring and then I was having a hard time to put it back on, so I put on a new semi hoop ring that I recently just bought. I have been cleaning it with salt water and I put on some Vaseline as well, but am not quite sure if Vaseline helps or not?

    1. Hi Cindy,

      I would warmly suggest not to take the jewelry out till the piercing hole has been fully healed – at least another 4 to 6 weeks – in order to minimize trauma and allow the piercing to heal.

      Speaking of Vaseline – it’s s definite NO-NO!!! Never use petroleum based products on your fresh piercing, here’s what you can use:

      * Saline solution
      * Emu oil
      * Herbal remedies – lavender, chamomile (either infusion or diluted oils).

      The easiest one is the saline solution which you can pick up at any drug store and emu oil also works exceptionally well for fresh piercings.


      Robert – Hottest Selling Body Jewelry Online!

  110. So I’ve had my nose pierced for a very long time ( Maybe about 3 years now). When cleaning my face the other day my stud fell out (one with a small ball on the end) because it got caught in the towel. My nose was not irritated or anything but when I went home ( I live at college and stupid me didn’t have any spare studs at home) the stud did not want to go in and I had to force it. It didn’t bleed or anything although it was a tad bit sore. Now it is swollen, red, and a bit pussy. I had this happen before, but I wanted to make sure I know the correct way to care for it. The nose stud keeps slipping out too now because my nose has not yet adjusted to a smaller size the allow the ball to keep it in place. Any tips??

    1. Hi Angelica,

      Yes, it’s surprising but even piercings having been done a long time ago can get irritated and infected after mechanical trauma!

      What you should do is get a high-quality nose screw jewelry that won’t keep slipping out, and then use saline soaks to help the piercing to recover.

      Hope it helps, – Hottest Selling Body Jewelry Online!

    1. Yes Kimmy, it is – healing takes months to be complete, so you should arm yourself with patience and take care of your piercing as per the aftercare guidelines in the article above!

      Robert – Hottest Selling Body Jewelry Online!

  111. Hi!
    Got my nose pierced about three/four weeks ago with an L stud. Everything was fine until It came out last night in my sleep. I cleaned it and put it back in — slightly painful but not too bad — now there is a bit of bleeding and a swollen lump around the piercing on the inside of my nostril. Is this because I had to push it back in and it’s just irritated, or do you think I damaged the sight a little? I’m cleaning it and letting it be. Is this the right thing to do?

    1. Hi Gee,

      Yes, let the piercing be for a while but if the lump is still there after, say, 10 days, I guess you’ll have to take some action.

      There are a few different types of nose piercing bumps and treatment varies based on which type of bump you have. Granulomas, which are harmless over-growths of tissue that bleed easily and may contain yellow or clear fluid, respond positively to tea tree oil or hydrocortisone cream.

      Pustules and abscesses, which resemble pimples and may have pus, are bumps with infections. Pustules can be treated with antibiotic gels and creams. Abscesses, which are hard lump formations under the skin, are serious medical conditions for which you should seek medical attention.

      Keloids and all forms of scar tissue also require medical attention and should not be left untreated.

      All nose bumps can be treated or removed so don’t worry too much but the treatment does vary depending on the type of bump so you’ll want to be sure you’re not ignoring the bump and that you’re treating it properly!


      Robert – Hottest Selling Body Jewelry Online!

  112. Hello, I got my nose pierced almost a month ago and two days ago the ring was pulled out by a tissue while wiping some makeup out of my eyes. I immediately put it back in and there was some slight swelling for a day (which thankfully has subsided) and now there is red and a bit of a bump forming, Do you have any suggestions of what I should do to avoid a huge bump?

    1. Hi Samantha,

      Quite obviously you should avoid similar incidents where the piercing gets traumatized by accidentally removed jewelry – every time it happens, there’s a slight chance of complications such as the bump you’re experiencing now.

      Please refer to my response to the question above where I’m talking about the different kind of bumps and how to deal with them!


      Robert – Hottest Selling Body Jewelry Online!

  113. Hey I just got a new nose stud like 2 days ago and I’m really worried because in the shower I like wiped my nose really hard and it sorta tugged on the stud (its still in my nose it just sorta moved it a lil) and its bleeding a bit now and I’m just worried that its going to heal wrong like at the wrong angle or something.

    1. Hi Sarah,

      It can’t really heal at a wrong angle unless the piercing hole is severely damaged which doesn’t seem to be the case. Maybe the stud is slightly out of the original position because there’s swelling in the piercing hole due to the trauma and bleeding, so I’d say just leave it be, treat it with sea salt a couple of times a day and you’ll be fine!


      Robert – Hottest Selling Body Jewelry Online!

  114. Hiiiiii, I got my nosed pierced a week ago and have since had a couple of nose bleeds, could this be because of the piercing or is it irrelevant to it? Thanks

    1. It might have been bleeding from the piercing wound inside the nose; other than that I can’t really see how a proper nose bleed could be caused by nose piercing!

  115. Hello,

    I got my nose piercing back in June or July. I bought a new stud for it and it’s a lot smaller than the original one they put in. Every time I try and put the new one in, the hole starts bleeding…is that normal? It doesn’t really hurt but I’m still not able to get the new one in. Any advice?

    1. Hi Lindsay,

      Apparently the piercing hole hasn’t formed a new layer of skin yet and by trying to insert the new stud you’re getting it damaged every time you do it… So I’d say it’s best you wait for another couple of months at least and then try it!

  116. I plan on piercing my septum myself, how would you recommend that I clean the inside of my nose? Also would I keep the ring in my nose while cleaning it during the healing process? I have already pierced my lip myself, I cleaned it with a rubbing alcohol and water mix, could I do that with my septum?

  117. I just got my nostril pierced a couple days ago and is swollen a bit. For the most part, is healing awesome. However, is swelling to the point I cannot see the top of the the jewelry and I’m scared it will fall out. Is that a potential risk, and if so, what can I do to avoid it from falling out?

  118. Hi

    I got my nose pierced about 4 weeks ago now and I’m not sure if its healing properly.

    It’s not sore to touch a little tender sometimes if I try to move it and it’s crusted over. If I have soaked it though it does move around fairly freely.
    The thing that’s worrying me is that it is still red on the outside of the nostril and it feels slightly swollen still inside. I think it may have got infected at some point and I saw a pharmacist who gave me an antibacterial spray, is this a good thing to use?
    I have also read in your other comments about face wash as my piercer didn’t tell me this and I have been using mine as normal.

    How long should my nose be red for and should I keep moving the jewellery as I keep hearing different things?

    1. Hi Emma,

      Don’t use anything that will irritate the piercing – such as moving the jewelry the whole time or the face wash. You may want to ensure the best healing conditions, so use EMU oil which is brilliant:

      * It will lubricate the skin
      * It will ease the irritation
      * It will facilitate healing

      And don’t move or rotate the nose stud – leave it be!

      Speaking of the anti-bacterial spray – it doesn’t have any real benefits as it won’t accelerate the healing. You would have to use it in case of an infection but judging by the fact your piercing isn’t oozing any substances it’s not the case here so saline soaks and emu oil alone should do the trick!


      Robert – Hottest Selling Body Jewelry Online!

  119. I got my nose pierced about 4 weeks ago and up until about 3 days ago it was healing fine without a hitch. It is just a nostril piercing with a corkscrew stud. I’ll admit that after the first week I did start to forget to clean it twice a day, most days only cleaning it once, but because it appeared to be healing fine I wasn’t too concerned. A few days ago though it started to get clear yellowish “crusties” again. I didn’t think much of it, just put a little more effort into remembering to clean it. But last night I accidentally scratched my nose without thinking and somehow managed to take the piercing right out. I washed my hands and cleaned the stud and piercing right away before replacing the stud as gently as I could. Earlier that evening though I noticed that I had some blood around my stud, which was unusual, and tried to clean it, but the it wasn’t just blood, it was almost like a tissue that was still attached, it appeared to be from inside the piercing or something. It’s gotten worse today and bled a little, enough that people have noticed. It was also stinging mildly earlier. It’s like a build up of some type of bloody tissue. It’s visible all around my stud now. Wondering what you think it is or what you think I should do about it!

    1. Hi Haley,

      You should definitely go and see a professional – by the sounds of it it might be some build-up of congealed blood or something, it’s hard to say!


  120. I got my nose pierced 2 weeks ago and ive been cleaning it three times a day with a sea salt and water solution. I saw really quickly that the piercing (which is a tiny screw stud) keeps sinking into my nose. When i went back to my piercer they said it was normal and to keep pushing it up. Now, two weeks later its still sinking into my nose and the skin around the piercing is darker and sightly raised. Also the piercing sometimes crusts over. Do i need to get a different nose ring or is this normal?

  121. I got my nose pierced about 2 weeks ago and the piercer put in a hoop with a captive bead. I know I’m not supposed to be touching the ring but will me pushing the bead in my nose with a q-tip likely cause any damage or scar tissue” I tend to gently move the beaded side into my nose because I don’t like the way it looks and would have preferred a plain hoop. Is that movement enough to cause trauma to the piercing?

    1. Hi Andrea,

      Soak the piercing hole properly before moving it and then do it – if you just do it this once, it shouldn’t present big issues. There’s always a chance of tiny trauma to occur every time you move it, however, so you have to make sure it’s soaked well enough so that you can move the hoop freely.


      Robert – the Hottest Selling Body Jewelry Online!

  122. Hi.
    It’s been more than 8 months since I got my nose pierced and it was going great until few weeks ago. I had this flu and aftet that my piercing got sore and red. After a week it got better but now again it’s same. It is really eed and sore and it hurts too. Please help me

    1. You should go see a professional – in case it’s infected you’ll need antibiotic. If it’s simply irritated, you may just use some emu oil a couple of times a day, but it’s hard to determine whether it’s just irritated or inflamed without seeing it!


      Robert – the Hottest Selling Body Jewelry Online!

  123. Chance sizemore

    I just got my nose pierced last Thursday. And I was wondering if it was normal for it to burn whenever I rotate it? I’ve been cleaning it 2 times a day or more.

    1. Hi Chance,

      Don’t rotate it! You don’t necessarily have to do it – every time you do so, you irritate the fresh would and prevent it from healing. Sea salt soaks will do just fine to get rid of the “crusties” and you can maybe rotate it every few days or so but definitely not every day.


      Robert – the Hottest Selling Body Jewelry Online!

  124. Hello
    You know how people can take their earrings out for months at a time and not worry about it closing? Will my nose piercing eventually do the same? Like will it eventually be a permanant hole? Also my L shape nose piercing fell out after a day while i was asleep, can i change it because I need something that will stay put thanks!!!

    1. Well Jennifer, it’s definitely not good to keep taking it out and putting it back it – especially if it’s not healed yet!

      By doing so, you’ll only irritate the piercing wound and prevent it from healing fast which may result in an infection.

  125. I got my nose pierced with a stud on Sept. 30. I have been cleaning it twice a day with salt and water solution. I know I have to wait at least a month to change the stud, but how can you tell when your piercing is completely healed and okay? Another concerned I have is that I havent used my face wash because I know we arent supposed to alcohol near the area, but when will it be okay to begin using face wash again?

    1. Hi Adriana,

      Any piercing goes through several stages of healing and while it may seem healed very well to you, in fact the new skin formed inside the piercing channel is still tender and prone to damage.

      Nostril piercings can take 3 – 4 months to heal completely, but once you stop having “crusties” around the piercing edges – that’s when the second healing stage is over end the piercing wound has formed a brand new layer of new skin cells.

      That’s when you can start using your face wash again – in the beginning though you may want to cover the piercing with a tiny piece of a plaster or something to prevent it from getting dried out by the alcohol content in the face wash. If it happens though, you can use emu oil to moisturize the piercing and prevent the skin from getting too dry!

      Hope it helps,


  126. Hi! I just got my nose pierced last night. My piercer said to was it with antibacterial soap and rince with warm salt water. The only problem is, he never told me what size I have. What is the normal size for a new corkscrew stud?

    1. Hi Lauressa,

      Typical corkscrew nose rings are 20 gauge, sometimes 18.

      I wouldn’t personally advise on anti bacterial soap – salt water soaks will do just fine!

  127. I got my nostril pierced about a month ago. It was healing fine for the first couple of weeks and then a few days ago it got kind of irritated and swelled up. That’s gone down and I’ve been cleaning twice a day with saline solution and tea tree oil. However I’m still worried since the piercing almost seems loose in the hole. The ring I have is a nose screw. I should also mention that my job doesn’t approve of visible piercings so I’ve been covering the piercing with a piece of band aid about 4-5 days a week for 5-7 hours a day at most. I don’t really have much choice since I refuse to take it out just because my boss doesn’t like it. Anyway, does anyone have advice for me, or can at least tell me if piercing should shrink up a little bit since I’m afraid the piercing is sinking/the hole is stretching? Thanks.

    1. Hi Catherine,

      It would be very unusual for the piercing to stretch – normally it’s the other way around – piercings quite naturally tend to close up and they form as tight piercing tunnel as possible so the only thing I can think of is the following.

      Maybe the piercer used a slightly bigger gauge needle when performing the procedure in which case the screw is probably one gauge too small to fill the piercing tunnel.

      Go to another piercing parlor to get second opinion and if I’m right – get a new piece that’s the right fit for your piercing!

      Hope this helps!

  128. Hi ! I have a problem with my ring nose, it has been four months since my nose was pierced and two since I put a ring. It’s a segment ring and the segment is in the hole and I can’t move it, it’s totally blocked. So I can’t even remove it, it’s stuck in my nose ! How can I do to turn it ? Is it possible that the hole closed a little ? Or maybe my skin is stuck on the ring ?
    Thank you very much for your answer !

    1. Well, there’s a possibility that when the segment part was placed in the piercing, the new skin hadn’t developed fully yet, so by now it’s kind of grown around the edges of the segment thus preventing the entire nose ring from being turned.

      You should definitely visit the piercing shop where you got it done – or some other studio – and get professional help!

  129. Hi after I pierced my nose I used neosparin ointment is it OK?? And then is a little swelling as well!!! This is my 5th day of piercing!!!!

    1. Neosporin isn’t the right thing to treat your fresh piercing with – seal salt soaks is the way forward.

      Little swelling is fine, by now it should have actually gone down because it’s been almost a month since you got pierced.

  130. I just got my nose pierced and the lady forgot to ask if I was enemic. needless to say I apparently when she pierced at the first time the blood pushed the needle out and it took another two tries before she got it in so obviously my nose is really sore. I had blood dripping down my face and she kept using the same needle with out serializing and I had to remind her to clean it before re-piercing. She told me to use bactine, but I’ve heard saline was better. Is this true? Now my piercing is sore and dry and feels stuck when I try to move it. Is this normal?
    I really want a new stud that stands out. Maybe blue. So I hope you pick this story and help me with my delima.
    Thanks in advance

    1. Yes, sounds like your piercer wasn’t the most professional around, unfortunately not all people working in the industry are up to standards!

      Now, definitely don’t use Bactine – its manufacturer has actually stated it’s not to be used on piercings! Sea salt soaks is the way to go, and keep doing it twice daily and don’t try to move the piercing yet because the wound has to start healing and you may want to avoid any additional trauma on top of what it had to go through while getting pierced!

      Wait a week or so before trying to move it a little – and give it a long soak before attempting to do so. If it doesn’t work, there’s a chance the piercer inserted a stud that’s too large for your piercing (in other words, the wrong size needle was used while performing the piercing) and then you definitely should consider visiting a more professional piercer to get it changed for the right size jewelry.

      Hope this helps!

  131. Hi!
    I just got my nose pierced on Friday evening (it’s now Monday night) but on Saturday my stud started sinking into my nose and I had to keep pushing it back out until I could clean it (I was at a concert and couldn’t clean it right away) and it then it stayed above the surface. It looks 10x better now but it still feels a little swollen and I’m afraid that the ring is pushing into my nose on the inside (it’s the screw kind). Is this normal? Is my healing time being affected from where it sunk? I’m so paranoid that it’s going to be infected or something! lol. I’m cleaning it 3 times a day with sea salt mixture and it’s not red or irritated unless I bump it or something. It’s kind of itchy which means healing I suppose? Idk.

    Also, are you supposed to twist the jewelry to keep it from sticking? I’ve heard so many different answers on this question..
    Thank you in advance for help! 🙂

    1. Congrats on the new piercing!

      As for the jewelry sinking in, I’m happy to hear that the problem has stopped. If you do notice it sinking in again, however, I strongly suggest that you pay another visit to your piercer to have the jewelry changed to one with a slightly larger stud/ball on the outside.

      It’s generally not wise to switch jewelry while the piercing is still healing but it’s better to have it changed out by a professional once than to lose the jewelry in the piercing hole and have the piercing heal over the top, leaving the jewelry stuck inside.

      The healing process will be slightly delayed by any trauma the piercing site experiences including having to push the jewelry back out again, accidentally bumping the piercing, etc. so you want to avoid such situations as much as possible, though a bump here and there shouldn’t cause significant damage to the piercing or prevent your body from healing as long as you’re caring for the piercing properly. Swelling is still normal and nothing to worry about unless it doesn’t go away after several days without trauma (ie: if you bump it, it may swell up again) or unless accompanied by any signs of infection such as excessive redness in the area, sharp pains especially when touching the piercing, or green or yellow discharge.

      Since you don’t seem to have any of those symptoms, your piercing sounds fine for the time being! The itching is normal and is simply a sign of healing.

      As for how far into the nostril the jewelry should rest, it should not be poking into the nostril wall opposite the piercing hole. If it is, your jewelry may be sunken in further than in should be or, possibly, the bar of the jewelry is too long for your anatomy. You’ll probably switch your jewelry to a piece with a shorter bar after healing anyway but if the piece you have in now is causing you discomfort or stabbing you you should discuss this with your piercer so that he/she can get your jewelry switched to a more comfortable piece.

      Regarding whether you should twist your jewelry during healing, there’s a reason behind the confusion: most piercing types don’t benefit from having the jewelry twisted in the socket during healing. In fact, this just increases the risk of tearing newly healed skin. Nose piercings are slightly different, however, particularly depending on the type of jewelry being used in the piercing. While you still run the risk of tearing newly healed skin, without turning the jewelry you risk a sort of groove forming where the jewelry rests inside the nostril, making it hard to turn or remove the jewelry in the future.

      The best solution is to turn the jewelry back and forth slowly and gently while in the shower or during cleaning. Be sure not to overdo it or remove the jewelry though.

      Just a couple of small back and forth turns every now and then should be plenty!

  132. I got my nose pierced professionally with a 16 gage needle 2 weeks ago. It has been doing pretty good but the last couple days I noticed a little crust when cleaning it. And after I cleaned it tonight I noticed it was oozing a little blood. Is it infected? It itches a lot maybe I’m allergic to the metal? What should I do? Please help

    1. Hi Nicole,

      While there is a possibility that your piercer may have used a type of jewelry that you might be allergic to, it’s extremely uncommon for a professional piercer to use jewelry types that are not hypoallergenic (extremely unlikely to cause an allergic reaction), particularly in new piercings. Generally, a professional piercer will use stainless steel as it will not deteriorate in your piercing socket or cause an allergic reaction. Itching in and around a new piercing site is not highly uncommon unless it come in combination with a rash, in which case I recommend immediately consulting your piercer about having the jewelry switched as the one used on you is likely nickel-containing and is causing you an allergic reaction. If there is NO rash present, your issue is probably quite simple but can be caused by a few different things:

      In general, itching is usually sign of healing. Often, it doesn’t start until a few days after your body suffers the trauma of the new wound (in this case a piercing) but as your body attempts to heal itself it can cause the sensation of itchiness that can sometimes be difficult to resist scratching. There are ways to lessen the discomfort though.

      First of all, avoid over-cleaning it as this can cause the site to dry out, causing the skin to crack and sometimes itch or bleed. Don’t use harsh cleaning solutions, especially ones with alcohol. If using a sea salt solution for cleaning, consider using slightly less sea salt in the solution. Don’t clean more than twice or so per day unless you absolutely have to (ie: if your day consists of spending time in a dirty environment that can’t be avoided). As long as the site is staying clean and healthy, there’s no need to excessively mess with or clean it.

      Crusties are also common during healing as your body excretes fluid in order to help it heal. As long as the fluid is primarily clear in color with no heavy bleeding or greenish or yellowish pus, don’t worry! Just try not to pick the crusties off as this can cause bleeding, scarring, delayed healing, and potentially lead to infection as well. If you must remove the crusties, make sure you do it when the area is moist, the crusties are soft, and your hands are clean. You don’t want to tear your new skin! In the shower, when the crusties are softened from the moisture, is the best time to gently wipe them away if you must remove them. Be sure not to touch the piercing site with dirty hands and don’t move the piercing excessively when it’s healing, especially when it’s dry.

      As for the blood, as long as it stays to a minimum and you’re not noticing signs of infection such as fever, extreme pain, excessive redness or swelling that doesn’t go down, or green or yellow pus, just keep treating the piercing normally, cleaning a couple of times per day as instructed, avoiding excessive contact with the piercing, and keeping an eye on it. As the piercing heals, the itching, crusties, and bleeding should all decrease and eventually go away completely!

      1. So I have now had my piercing for a month the good news is the bleeding has stopped but I have a small bump under my piercing. I’m worried it won’t go away I’m not sure what to do. Please help

        1. There are a few different types of nose piercing bumps and treatment varies based on which type of bump you have. Granulomas, which are harmless over-growths of tissue that bleed easily and may contain yellow or clear fluid, respond positively to tea tree oil or hydrocortisone cream.

          Pustules and abscesses, which resemble pimples and may have pus, are bumps with infections. Pustules can be treated with antibiotic gels and creams. Abscesses, which are hard lump formations under the skin, are serious medical conditions for which you should seek medical attention.

          Keloids and all forms of scar tissue also require medical attention and should not be left untreated.

          All nose bumps can be treated or removed so don’t worry too much but the treatment does vary depending on the type of bump so you’ll want to be sure you’re not ignoring the bump and that you’re treating it properly!

  133. Hello. I just got my nostril pierced today. It was a difficult piercing. The guy who did it explained that the stud would only go about 3/4 through. The only way to leave with a piercing would be to put a ring in it. He told me to let it heal before I try to change to a stud, which is what is allowed at work. I work tomorrow night and need to change from the ring to stud before work. Do you have any suggestions on how I should do this? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    1. Hi Shanna,

      Was the person who pierced you a professional piercer? Unless he was out of jewelry that would fit a new nose piercing at the time, there’s no reason why a stud would only go 3/4 of the way into your piercing or that you should have to leave with a ring. Once you’ve been pierced, however, it is NOT advisable to change your jewelry before your piercing has healed completely.

      If you must change it though, you should definitely have it done by a professional piercer and, in your case, perhaps a different piercer who will have suitable nose jewelry for you that you can wear to work and that will be safe to keep in during the healing process.

      I don’t, by any means, recommend attempting to change the jewelry yourself but if you do so anyway please be sure to do so with clean hands and clean, sterile jewelry, only change the jewelry once until it’s fully healed, and be sure that the jewelry you use is both safe for your new piercing (ie: made from stainless steel, the correct gauge, etc.) and that the post of the jewelry is long enough to accommodate for any swelling that may occur during healing.

  134. Hello I had my nostril pierced yesterday with a gun but she didn’t. Put the back on. I’ve been given. A solution to clean it with and was told it would take 2-4 weeks to heal. The stud is very big, I work in a law firm and have read that others have changed there piercings before they healed. Can I put a smaller stud in? What are the risks? Thanks Leah

    1. Hi Leah,

      It is NOT advisable to get your nose or other body parts pierced with a gun for numerous reasons starting with, but not limited to, the fact that there is an increased risk of blood contamination when being pierced by a gun due to many factors such as the fact that the guns are typically made with plastic which cannot be sterilized in an autoclave.

      Since you’ve already been pierced this way, however, all you can do now is care for your new piercing to the best of your ability and do what you can to keep it healthy. As far as your piercing jewelry having no back, most types of nose jewelry don’t. Pieces such as nose bones/studs, l-shaped nose pins, and hoops, for example, do not require backs to stay in.

      Depending on what type of jewelry you have in, you may very well not need a back for it. You should assure that you do have the correct type of nose jewelry in, particularly for the healing process, and that the bar of the jewelry is long enough to accommodate for any potential swelling. If you’re not sure, you should consult a professional piercer or do a quick Google search for nose ring types to see which type you have in and how it should be fitting. (Of course, if you have any trouble finding the info you’re looking for, you can always come back and ask here as well!)

      As for changing your jewelry this early on, I STRONGLY advise against it. The risks include such things as getting bacteria inside the new piercing, irritating the piercing site so that it takes longer to heal or scars, tearing the skin and having the piercing site not heal properly, and even infection which can cause you to lose the piercing altogether.

      If you must change the jewelry, please have it done properly and with the right jewelry by a professional piercer and only have it changed once until you’re fully healed.

  135. Hello–I got my nose pierced with a gun exactly a month ago. My nose didn’t seem to be reacting well to the steel stud, so I decided to change it to a gold screw just today on the advice of my doctor (I heard it was ok to change after a month). So I washed my hands, sterilized the new screw, and did a salt water soak to clean my nose before changing. However there was some bleeding and pain as I struggled to wriggle the screw in. I did a saline soak right after, too. It’s sore, a bit swollen, and bleeding a little, which makes sense but I’m worried. Did I tear my piercing? Is my piercing doomed? Is it sure to get infected? What would you advise?? Sorry for being hysterical, and thanks so much for your time!

    1. Update: its the next day and its less swollen/red. Still, I have the same questions. Also, the screw seems to be sitting crooked— the stone doesn’t face up but is sort of turned downwards. Is this an additional problem? Thanks again

      1. Hi Kyary,

        The start of your issues likely stemmed from the fact that you were pierced with a gun.

        Not only is there a higher risk than with a piercing needle of the gun being unsterile but the way a piercing gun works – shoving a blunt object through your skin – causes much more trauma to your body than a piercing needle does.

        This does not, however, mean that your piercing is doomed. If you were pierced with a surgical stainless steel stud, any reaction you’ve had was likely to the trauma of the new piercing itself and not the piercing jewelry. If the jewelry was not surgical stainless steel, it’s possible that your reaction was to a nickel content within the metal of the jewelry.

        The same issue could be affecting you with your new gold jewelry piece if the gold is not 18 or 24 karat as anything less can potentially contain significant amounts of nickel which can lead to an allergic reaction if you do, indeed, have a nickel allergy.

        As for when to change your jewelry, that can have some effect as well. Different people heal at different speeds but it’s common for nose piercings to require a few months to heal and the jewelry shouldn’t be switched out before the piercing has fully healed. At this point, since you have switched your jewelry, I would normally say to just continue caring for it and keep an eye on it as it heals, watching for signs of infection and assuring that the complications are getting better instead of worse. That would be, of course, assuming that the gold you have in right now is 18 or 24 karat or that you’re certain you do not have a nickel allergy.

        If the gold piece is less that 18 karats and you’re not certain about a potential nickel allergy, I’d recommend seeing your doctor in order to get a patch test, which can determine whether a nickel allergy is the issue. If it’s not the issue and the jewelry fits the piercing properly, I’d say, again, to just continue with your regular aftercare routine. Since you said the jewelry isn’t sitting properly now though, I think it’s very important that you see your piercer and have it looked at.

        This issue can be due to a number of things such as the jewelry not being pushed all the way through, swelling, or an issue with the jewelry. You do not want to risk losing your piercing or, more importantly, your health so get it checked out. Then, once the jewelry is in place again and you’re free from allergy concerns, it should be much smoother sailing for you and your piercing.

        Good luck to you on getting it all sorted out and I hope this long reply helps!

  136. Hi, I pierced m nose 4 days ago using a piercing gun (pistol) and a stud that’s ideally meant for ears! First of all I didnt know it’s not good to use a gun. I was feeling quite alright on day one but as the days progressed, I kinda started feeling more pain. I have been cleaning the piercing twice a day with warm water & salt…started using antiseptic liquid which I leave on the piercing after the salty cleanse. So right now, the pain is bearable but my nose is swollen….not visibly but then I can tell it’s swollen because my pin seems to be sinking into the flesh. I have tried removing the stopper (back of the earring) but I have not been successful because it’s painful and since the pin has sunk into my flesh, I can barely hold onto it enough so that I can pull it apart from it’s stopper. What do I do…mostly to bring down the swelling so that the pin can get back to the surface? I NEED URGENT HELP

    1. Wow, sounds like a rough time. I’m so sorry to hear about your troubles! First off, I HIGHLY recommend that you seek professional, medical help, especially if you’ve noticed any signs of infection, as your health and safety always come first. You may loose the piercing, depending on the condition and severity of your piercing issue, though there’s a good chance you’ll need to have it redone properly and by a professional piercer after it heals anyway.

      In the meantime or if you absolutely can’t get medical help or at least visit a local piercer for a look and professional opinion regarding your piercing, use some ice to bring down the swelling. You can also take anti-inflammatory pain killers to both ease the pain and decrease the swelling.

      As for your aftercare routine, be sure that you’re using SEA salt, not table salt, solutions and that you’re only cleaning the site a couple of times per day as you don’t want it to become too dry. I would discontinue use of the antiseptic liquid altogether and definitely don’t leave it on the piercing. After using your sea salt solution to clean the piercing, you should rinse the piercing thoroughly with clean water and pat dry with a paper towel/CLEAN towel (as old towels can harbor bacteria).

      I would really have the jewelry removed by a professional, let the piercing site heal, and start over but if you choose to keep it you’ll at least need to switch the jewelry out to something more suited for the healing process of a new nose piercing. In order to do this, you’re going to have to get brave when you get the swelling down and grab both ends – the stud and the stopper – WITH CLEAN HANDS to undo and remove the piercing. Be sure you have your new jewelry piece ready when you do this and put it in RIGHT AWAY. It should be the same gauge as you pierced your nose with originally and should have a long stem and a large enough stud (unless you use a ring) so that it does not become stuck or sink in during healing and so that there’s room to accommodate for swelling without causing you pain.

      PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE use caution and your best judgement in this situation. A nose piercing is awesome to have but you want it to look and feel right and, most importantly, you don’t want to risk your well-being over it. Best of luck to you with resolving your situation and I hope all this was helpful!

      1. Thank you so so much. I finally removed the original stud with the help of a friend (she held onto the stud firmly while I held onto the stopper and we both pulled). The pain was bearable because the swelling was starting to come down and the piercing was starting to heal. I now put a small nose pin which is not giving me any worries so far. The depression which had been created by the stud has also disappeared. I look mostly ok just that the area sorrounding the piercing is still a little bit darker than the rest of my nose. But I am sure it will even out. The healing is progressing well and on a scale of 100%, I feel just 4% pain!

        Thank you for this forum

        1. I’m so glad to hear about your successes with your piercing and so happy to be able to help!! Best of luck with your future piercing endeavors and always feel free to leave a comment if you need piercing assistance in the future!

  137. Hey,
    I got my septum done yesterday and it’s swollen (of course, this is expected to happen)
    but it seems to be pushing the horseshoe up. The piercer advised me to keep pushing it down and it’ll eventually stay down but when I push it down it seems to irritate the piercing more causing it to bleed.
    I was wondering if there was anything I could do?

    1. Hi, personally I’d move the jewelry around as little as possible during healing.

      The reason I say this is because as the tissue in the area tries to repair and heal itself it can be very delicate and easily torn. This will cause you more pain and can lead to infection, especially due to the prolonged healing time (more opportunities for bacteria to get in). If the jewelry is coming up too much, I’d try pushing it down when area is more moist and any crusty buildup has been washed away so that ripping and tearing of the tissue is less likely to occur. During a shower or when cleaning the piercing is the best time for this.

      Also, your hands and the piercing site should be cleanest during these times meaning there is less chance of introducing bacteria into the area and getting an infection.

      Either way, once the piercing has fully healed and the skin is no longer trying to tighten and form back into place, it will be much easier to maneuver the jewelry into place so that it rests where you want it (outside your nose or even tucked inside when it suits you). The fluids your body excretes during healing will no longer be drying onto the jewelry and causing it to sit higher than normal.

      At that point, it should be significantly easier to position the jewelry as you’d like. 🙂

      1. Hi just got my nose piercings today . I fell asleep and when I woke up it was stuck to my blanket I took it off slowly but it came out a little bit I pushed it in but it won’t go all the way in what do I do

        1. If the jewelry is not going all the way back in, there’s a good chance the back of the piercing has already started to heal back up without the jewelry in it. Don’t try to force it back in! I’d advise taking a trip to see your piercer again and explaining the situation. He or she should be able to help you to either get the piece back in or possibly select a piece more likely to stay in place during healing so this issue does not repeat itself in the future. Thanks for your inquiry and good luck with your piercing!

  138. Hello! I got my nose pierced two days ago, and I was told to use Bactine and cotton swabs to clean the piercing. After reading this, it makes me a little nervous because you said to use salt water or saline and other websites have said to NOT use the Bactine. What do I do?

    1. Hi Miranda,

      Hi! I do recommend sea salt solutions or saline but bactine isn’t a complete no-no. It can be a bit harsh on and dry out healing piercings, which is why some piercers/people are so strongly against it, but there are many stories of people using it on their new piercings and never having any issues.

      If you’re already using bactine and not having any issues, you may choose to keep using it in conjunction with or instead of sea salt or saline but keep an eye on it and listen to your body. If it starts feeling dry or irritated, I advise that you discontinue use and choose [at least] one of the other alternatives instead.

  139. Alright my friend pierced my nose, and the nose stud we got didn’t have anything to hold it in place so I bought another nose ring with a ball because the jewelery store suggested that so it wouldnt fall out. Then that caused my nose to swell, so I went to a legitamite piercer at a tattoo parlour and he sold me a long corkscrew nose ring. Well this will be the 2nd week with my nose ring, and it’s not swollen but the stud itself keeps poking/sticking out of my nostril and I have to keep poking it back in. I do clean it with sea salt soaks periodically through the day. And it keeps getting crusty stuff around the stud. is that normal?

    1. I got my nostril pierced about three months ago .
      Mine did that too and don’t worry about it going to get infected if you change it . Mine kept coming out so i got new ones and keep changing stud after stud , after stud. Finally, my friend recommended I bought a stud thing with a curly part at the end. It hurt really bad to put it in so she got a tool that like bent metal and bent it a tiny bit and after that i had NO problems what so ever . Now I put a lip ring in my nose . Go figure. .

    2. Hi, Anna!

      Well, the crusties are normal during healing. Try not to pull them off if they’re a bit stuck. You can remove them in the shower by running the piercing under clean, gentle water until they soften, wiping them away, and patting the piercing site dry with a paper towel/clean towel.

      As for the sea salt soaks, be sure not to use them more than a couple of times per day as you don’t want the site to dry out. It’s not uncommon for your jewelry to poke out a bit during healing, especially if the nose ring has a long stud. Just be sure that it’s not coming so far out that the back of the screw is no longer through the hole.

      If that happens, the back of the piercing won’t have anything to keep it open and may close up. You’ll need yet another, different jewelry piece if this is your issue. If not though, don’t worry about the jewelry poking out a bit. It’s better to have jewelry that’s a bit too long than jewelry that’s too short, especially during healing.

      Once the piercing is healed, you can switch the jewelry out for a shorter piece that will stay in place better.

      Hope this helps!

  140. Hi! I got my nose pierced a couple days ago with a stainless steel nose screw stud. So far it doesn’t hurt and it isn’t swollen and it looks fine on the outside (α little bit of discharge but it’s clear). I’ve been cleaning with mild antibacterial soap, as well as salt water soaks (both using a cotton ball as a compress and submerging my nose and blowing bubbles). I’m having trouble with the inside though. First of all, I’m finding it really hard to get to the piercing site with a q tip because a) I can’t see up there and b) the jewelry is in the way. If I hit the jewelry, it makes it pop out of the hole a little on the outside, and I was told I shouldn’t be moving it, but it seems impossible to clean the inside of the piercing without knocking the jewelry and making it move a bit. Like I said, it’s hard to see up there but from what I can see, there is some buildup and gunk. Not sure how to deal with it. Thank you!

    1. Oh also, since I posted this, I think the space around my piercing on the outside is bruising and is a bit sore. Is this normal?

      1. Hi Ilana,

        It is very important to clean the inside of your new piercing so that it heals properly and doesn’t get infected.

        It’s common for people with nose piercings to have difficulties with cleaning the inside but what I recommend is removing a bit of the cotton from the end of a q-tip so that it’s less bulky and fits up your nostril more easily. Submerge the now-smaller q-tip end in your sea salt soak and use a finger to hold your piercing jewelry in place from the outside so that it doesn’t push out too far as you’re cleaning the inside.

        In front of a mirror (or mirrors, if you have more than one available and can angle them to better see inside your nostril), use the q-tip to carefully clean around the inner piercing area. Be careful not to poke up into your nose too high.

        You should be able to feel where the q-tip is using the walls of your nostril, the jewelry, and (it sounds gross but it’s true!) your nose hairs if you can’t see into your nostril with the mirror(s) and maybe some good lighting. Do this a couple of times per day for the best results. As for the soreness and discoloration on the outside of the piercing, this is pretty normal and doesn’t always happen right away.

        It’s extremely common for a piercing not to show much of any sign of trauma the first couple of days and flare up later. As long as you’re caring for the piercing properly though and not noticing any extreme pain or signs of infection, you’re doing good and should be healed before you know it!

  141. For anyone that wants to get it done but is nervous don’t be. I got my nostril done yesterday and it barely hurt at all and doesn’t even hurt after (this May vary for different ppl) The day before I kept pinching my nose to see how it would feel and the pinching was a 7/10 painful and the piercing was a 2 or 3

    1. There you go! The actual pain of getting pierced isn’t anywhere near as big as the pain we imagine, and congratulations with the new piercing!

  142. Hi,
    I just got my nose pierced about a week ago. It’s been giving me nothing but hell. I was told to use sea salt & dilute it in water, it’s been drying my nose out. Also, I was told to use contact solution, and that isn’t helping either. Does anyone have any other ideas on what to clean it out with? It’s getting crusty and dried out.
    Thank you.

    1. Hi, Cass!

      First off, though sea salt solutions are great for keeping a new piercing clean, any type of salt tends to dry the skin out.

      I’m not saying not to use it but just assure that you’re only cleaning with it as much as necessary/not more than a couple times daily so that you don’t add to the dryness issue you’re experiencing.

      Also, try not to get shampoo or harsh soaps on the piercing site as they can increase dryness as well. If the piercing site gets too dry, you may experience discomfort, redness, and cracking. Cracking can leave you with an open wound which will increase your risk of infection.

      Cutting down on the frequency of cleaning, keeping the site away from foreign contaminants so you don’t have to clean it excessively, and keeping it away from harsh soaps or chemicals should keep the site from drying out any further and once the piercing has healed you can start using vitamin E to moisturize.

      Hope this helps and good luck with your new piercing!

  143. Hi! Just got my piercing today and I’m just wondering if the band-aid brand “hurt-free solution” is okay to use to clean my piercing? It takes the throbbing away from the piercing, but I’m not sure if it’s good to use to clean. I’ve only used it once and I wanna make sure it’s safe before I continue using it for the duration of the healing process..also! My nose gets REALLY oily so what can I use to take the oil away around my piercing? Thanks for answering!

    1. Hi Sharon,

      As long as you aren’t over-cleaning or washing the piercing site excessively, hurt-free solution and other antiseptic washes can be used to keep your piercing clean and healthy.

      The anesthetic contained in hurt-free is what helps to take the pain and throbbing associated with a new piercing away. Just be sure not to overdo it when cleaning with it as you don’t want your piercing to dry out.

      As for a solution to the natural oil that accumulates around your piercing, touching the piercing as little as possible will help as touching it can cause oils from your fingers to transfer to your nose as well as stimulate the glands on your nose which will make it more oily.

      Avoid applying makeup or moisturizers to the area and be sure that your hands are clean and dry whenever you do have to touch the piercing.

      Cleaning the piercing site with a sea salt solution or your hurt-free solution a couple of times per day, especially when you notice that it is particularly oily, should then be enough to keep oil from accumulating.

      You can use a clean, dry tissue to wipe the oil away as well. Once the piercing site is healed, you can also begin using regular facial cleansers that are generally too harsh for a new piercing.

      Hope it helps!

  144. Hi I got my nose pierced 3 days ago and I already changed my jewelry. All went well, no swelling. Then this morning my L stud was halfway in my nose, bleeding, I panicked, without washed hands and tried to put it back in. After a couple trues with no success I ran downstairs and put the nose stud in some hydrogen peroxide and put it in my nose with out washed hands. My nose is swollen from me messing with it and the bar if the stud is not long enough and wearing it is a little bit uncomfortable. What do I do??

    1. Hi Sofia,

      I highly recommend having the jewelry switched to a piece with a longer bar to accommodate for swelling.

      It is NOT a good idea to switch the jewelry on a fresh piercing but if your bar isn’t long enough you risk damaging the tissue in the piercing site and having it become infected or not heal properly

      Even after the swelling does go down, it can still become irritated and swollen again and it’s important that the jewelry piece you have in can accommodate for that. I strongly advise that you visit your piercer to have him/her switch the jewelry for you.

      As for getting the swelling to go down, keeping it clean with a saline solution, not handling it excessively, and using clean hands whenever you must handle it will help. You can also apply ice for a more immediate solution or take no more than the recommended dosage of an anti-inflammatory pain killer such as ibuprofen or acetaminophen.

      Also, avoid getting hydrogen peroxide on the site of your new piercing as it can damage the healing cells and dry out the area.

  145. my i have both sides of my nose pierced in my right side have pushed in my left side pushing in a little to what should i do?

  146. Hi, I got my nose pierced 3 days ago. Tonight I was placing a bandaid on it before bed. Well I placed it wrong. So I went to fix it and my nose ring came out, with the bandaid. So I automatically put it back in. It went in fine but it kinda hurt after. Now it feels okay. I cleaned it instantly. I’m just worried know is it gonna be okay?

    1. You did well to clean the site right away. As long as you’re following proper aftercare procedures, your piercing should be fine.

      I would avoid using band-aids or anything else that might stick to or pull on the piercing. Also, be sure not to clean too frequently, as you don’t want the piercing to dry out, and be sure to use clean hands whenever you do have to touch your piercing. Best of luck to you!

  147. I got my nose pierced 3 weeks ago and I haven’t been cleaning it properly and now I have like this little bump by the ring on the inside of my nose did it come because of how I clean the nose ring?.

    1. Hi Daja,

      Bumps associated with nose piercings are fairly common. Though the cause of such bumps varies, there’s a good chance yours is related to improper aftercare procedures.

      Bumps can occur when bacteria gets into the fresh piercing as well as when the jewelry piece used is too tight/small, when the jewelry is changed or removed during healing, etc. The treatment for a nose bump depends on what type of bump yours is. For some types, such as keloids, it’s recommended that you seek medical attention.

      Others can be handled just by keeping the piercing site clean and following proper aftercare guidelines. It’s important that you determine what type of bump yours is and care for it appropriately while keeping your piercing clean and healthy.

      Otherwise, you risk losing the piercing altogether and may even suffer more detrimental circumstances, both to your appearance and to your health, such as scarring or serious infection.

      Hope this helps!

  148. I got my septum pierced about 5 days ago and so far everything seems fine. The only thing I’m worried about is it seems like my nose gets dry and the skin around the piercing sticks to the piercing. I can easily wet a qtip and moisten the area and it’ll start moving fine but it still worries me . Is this normal?

    1. noseringsadmin

      Hi Quan,

      Don’t worry, it’s perfectly normal for your piercing to get stuck in place during healing. This happens because your body sends fluids to the piercing site to assist in healing. When the fluids surface, they dry in place and often attach themselves to the jewelry.

      As the piercing heals, however, less fluid will be excreted and the dried fluid or “crusties” will wash away, fall off, etc. As long as you keep up your aftercare regime and care for your piercing properly, the jewelry will sit more loosely and move more freely once fully healed.

      In the meantime, you don’t need to move or twist the jewelry to free it. Just keep it clean and healthy!

  149. Hi!! I had my nose pierced a while ago, and it’s been very problematic, the stud has come out a few times, and now I have a red raised lump that came up like a pimple, but is now just a raised lump. I spoke to my piercer and she told me it could be a keloid.. My question is ; will it ever go down??! I’ve heard horror stories about keloids, apparently they have to be surgically removed.. Help!!!

    1. noseringsadmin

      Hi Natt,

      Yes, it does sound like a keloid (basically just a fancy type of scar so don’t worry!) to me.

      In order to get it to go down, you’ll want to treat it. You can try crushing up asprin and mixing it with a small amount of water to create a paste. Put the paste on the keloid in order to dry it out. You can also use sea salt for this. Just be sure to catch it early on.

      If you leave it too long and it becomes too large, that’s when you may need to visit a doctor to have it surgically removed, which sometimes leads to additional scarring or even development of yet another keloid. I hope this helps and best of luck to you with it! 🙂

  150. My piercing is almost a month old. I didn’t know it was a problem that there is a small bubble outside the piercing…I thought it was just part of it still healing. I’ve been cleaning it with salt water 2x a day since day 1. Over the weekend, I was swimming and when I got out it was really swollen. Since then it went down to what it was and I have added a drop of neem oil after salt soaks. How long will it take for this “bubble” to go away? I’m tired of it not looking right. 🙁

      1. it isn’t bloody red but it is red….when I stand back away from the mirror, you can’t really see it but up close it is noticeable.

        1. noseringsadmin

          Sounds like it might be a granuloma which is a growth comprised of the same cells as the actual piercing itself – in this case you may consider the piece of jewelry changed for something more body-friendly and bio-compatible that would facilitate the healing process (such as Bioplast nose ring, for example:

          Speaking of swimming – you should really avoid exposure to any sources of liquid other than clean water and saline solution because of the increased risk of infection/irritation so it looks to me that the bump got bigger and inflamed do to that exposure.

          Visit your piercer for a second opinion though!

          1. my piercer is in another state as me unfortunately…today there is a bit of white to part of the bump…I too was wondering about the metal. Thanks.

        2. noseringsadmin

          Hi Anna,

          If your bump has a white tip, it’s possible that it’s simply a pimple. Pimples occur when excess oil gets trapped in the pores so, depending on what the piercing site is exposed to (ie: what you’re treating it with, the type and quality of water you’re swimming in, anything else it comes in contact with), it could just be a bad pimple.

          Try treating it with non-alcoholic acne treatment and be sure to be rigorous with your aftercare routine. That’s your best bet for getting rid of the bump as quickly and painlessly as possible without surgery. If the bump persists, of course, you will need to see a professional to have it looked at and determine whether or not it will require surgery.

  151. Hi! I got my nose pierced two weeks ago. Everything was going fine until it got snagged and came out. I went back the place I had it done but the msn week pieced

    1. Sorry I submitted too soon.I went back to where I got it done but the man who pierced me had quit. The new girl was able to help me get the new piercing in, but we were struggling with the curved bar so she put a straight bar in. I’m nervous because I can’t see the piercing from inside my nose. She said it was the swelling causing this but my gut is telling me it may not have gone all the way through (though the ball was put on). Is it normal to not be able to see the piercing?

      1. noseringsadmin

        Hi Megan,

        If it’s a straight nose jewelry – the so-called nose bone, then it wouldn’t even have a ball on the other end – it’s just got a thicker end which prevents it from sliding out.

        So is it a nose bone that she inserted into you nose piercing now??? In which case it’s quite unprofessional because you don’t really use them in fresh piercings for the simple reason that they’re swollen, and the nose bone mightn’t go all the way through thus allowing your piercing to close from the inside!

  152. Hi, I got my nose pierced 2 wks ago , and everyth ing was fine, but when I w as cleaning my piercing, it some how came out. It was a 16 gauge nose screw, I couldnt get in so I went and bought a new one. Where I went they didnt have 16,18, or 20 gauge, so I had to buy a 22 gauge. Will it shrink up or stay that big?

    1. noseringsadmin

      Hi Kim,

      If you keep wearing 22 gauge for a good while now, the piercing will most definitely shrink because your body tries quite hard to heal the freshly formed wound and it’s only in the early healing stages since it’s been only 2 weeks since you got it done!

      Also, there’s quite a difference between 16 and 22 gauge – 1.2 mm and 0.64 mm so that’s only half the width so you’re better off getting some new nose jewelry: – 18 gauge is pretty much the standard!

  153. I got my nose pierced earlier last week on the 22nd and everything was fine untill one night i woke up to use the bathroom….i check my nose and the back piece is gone….and now whenever i yawn or flare up my nose it slides out….and i have to check inside my nose to make sure its still in the skin….what can i do since my back piece is gone?

    1. noseringsadmin

      The best thing you can do is get a new piece inserted (obviously the best course of action is to go back to your piercer) to give you piece of mind and also allow the new piercing to heal properly.

  154. Hi!, I just got my nose pierced today, and everything seems fine, there’s no swelling and it’s not very painful, but I’m on holidays and can’t seem to find saline solution or sea salt anywhere! I’m here for two more days is there any other cleaning method I can try until I get home?

    1. noseringsadmin

      Hi Sasha,

      If it’s only for a couple of days, nothing bad is going to happen if you don’t use any saline – just while showering you can dab a tiny bit of mild soap onto the outside of the nostril and then rinse it off to get rid of the crusty matter!

  155. I got my nose pierced a few days ago and the first day it was fine but the second the stud kept coming out a little bit. It is not very bad but every time I push it back in the hole, it just comes out again. I don’t want to irritate it by pushing it in so much. Is there a fix or will it always stick out of the hole a little bit?

  156. Got my nose pierced 2 days ago and the stud seems to be growing into the nose. how do i prevent this from happening?

  157. Ok i got my nose done about 4 weeks ago and i have cleaned it everydaya few times a day. But here in about the past week when i take it out to clean it i do see a lil puss if i push from the inside out. Now i have this lil clear meat coming out the top. It looks likes i never even got it done. So when i try to push the ring bk thru it hurts but it does go in wit a lil push. I just want to know if i have messed up my hole and is there anything i can do to make it go away. Thank u so much

    1. noseringsadmin

      Now, you shouldn’t be taking the nose ring/stud out while the piercing is healing! The most you can do is twist it around every so slightly while soaking with sea-salt solution to wash away any crust/deposits, but the piercing shouldn’t be taken out!

      What’s happened now is most likely it’s a granuloma formed in your piercing due to the constant friction while taking the piecing out/putting it back in. Granuloma is made up from cells that form within the piercing but in this case it’s overgrown (hence the little meaty growth coming out on top) and it also oozes clear or yellow discharge – just like you’ve noticed.

      You should definitely go back to the piercing professional/doctor to get a second opinion!

  158. Hello, I have a question. I got my nose ring about about a month ago but I’ve been touching it a lot and I already changed it 3 times, last week I noticed there was a bump inside of my nose covering the nose piercing so I put a hoop so it can go through that bump but its been two weeks now and it hasn’t gone away I don’t know what to put it in so it can heal , please help.

  159. Thanks for the information! I got my nostril pierced about 4 months ago and have been having a lot of trouble with it. Even though my piercer told me that it mat heal anywhere from 3-6 months, I’m worried that it will take much longer than six months. It alternates from being a little bloody and red to healing within a week and then getting inflamed again. I’ve done sea salt soaks, tried tea tree oil, and other things. I’m wondering if I’m allergic to the surgical steel and I just bought an 18k gold nose hoop. I know everyone says not to switch the stud until it’s healed, but if I’m allergic to the original stud will it ever really heal or should I just switch it to the gold hoop and hope it heals? Thanks!

  160. I got my nose pierced 3 weeks ago and since then I’ve been using the saline solution given to me by my piercer. However, the saline solution makes my nose peel and gives my nose an ashy kind of look. Given that, how long are you supposed to use the saline solution for? Are there any other alternatives? Thanks!

    1. Hi! My piercer actually told me that it’s best if you don’t use the saline solution because of that, and anti bacterial soap is the best, such as Dial Gold. You should keep up the daily cleansing for the four to six weeks it takes to heal.

  161. I got my nose pierced today and I not coed when I got it down the stud stuck out a little but the piercer said I had small nose and the bar was a little long. Now it’s sticking out more, and it’s pointed upwards. Will this get better and not stick out as much as it heals?

    1. noseringsadmin

      It’s pointing upwards because of the position of the piercing hole – the piercer must have inserted the needle at an angle.

      To solve the problem with the nose stud sticking out – buy one of those nose screws that sit more tightly in the nose because of their shape and then you’re guaranteed the piercing won’t be sticking out as much.

      Just wait for a few more weeks till it’s healed before changing it for the screw!

  162. Hi, I got my nose pierced 3 weeks and 2 days ago. One of my teachers asks me to cover it up or take it out. I have him only once a day. Except for Fridays where I have him twice. So 4 hours a week and 2 lessons of pe. Will I be okay to take my nose stud out for this amount of time in a week. One lesson of maths and pe are consecutive to eachother so it would be just less than two hours. Is it going to close over if I leave it out for this time? Thank you 🙂

    1. noseringsadmin

      Hi Jasmine,

      Unfortunately, taking the jewelry out of your new piercing, even for a few hours each week, is extremely risky and not at all advisable. (Coming from someone who had the exact same issue and learned the hard way!)

      Though everyone’s body heals itself at a slightly different rate, your body will start trying to heal the hole closed from the moment the jewelry is removed and each time you put the jewelry back in you risk tearing any new tissue that may have formed while it was out. The piercing site will already be suffering trauma from the new hole so to take the jewelry out repeatedly will only make it more difficult for your body to properly heal and will increase the risk of scarring (due to torn and pulled tissue) and infection (due to increased chance of foreign debris and bacteria getting inside the open wound).

      New piercings can be a challenge to keep healthy and healing properly, even with the most rigorous aftercare regime. You don’t want to add any complications that will make it harder for your piercing to heal and increase your chance of losing the piercing altogether.

      Instead, what I DO recommend is that you either cover your piercing with a waterproof bandage during those periods or have your piercing jewelry switched to a clear, hypoallergenic piece that is appropriate for use during healing and can be left in until the piercing is fully healed.

      Waterproof bandages should work better than regular bandages for your P.E. class because you won’t sweat them off or lose them if you participate in water sports. As far as the clear jewelry, if your school will allow it as an alternative to regular piercing jewelry, you can consult your piercer to find something appropriate and have the piece switched out.

      I hope that one of these options will work for you and your new piercing. Good luck!

  163. I got my nose pierced about a month ago and the out side looks good, no redness or pain and the inside is also like this except for the fact that the inside of my nose seems to have grown over the back…I know it is common to have skin grow over nose piercings but I have searched online for a case like mine and can’t find it. I’m just very confused because if my skin has grown over it wouldn’t there be an infection or pain? It literally seems fine in every way except that I can’t see where there is a back inside my nose, there is just skin. I noticed this about 5 days after I first got it pierced and was freaked out for about an hour and told my self that I would watch it to see what happens, thinking if that something was wrong an infection would occur. I also couldn’t remember what it is supposed to look like so I thought maybe this is what it’s supposed to be like. But now I’m on the verge of a panic attack because I don’t think it’s normal…i have tried pushing down on the actual stud with a clean qui tip to see what happens inside and i can see the indent of the piercing inside but it wont break through the skin.I’m not going to be back to the place where I got it done for another week cause I’m out of town and I can’t put to rest the thought that my nose piercing might be stuck in my nose forever or that I will have to cut it out. Please help I really enjoy my nose piercing and do not wish to take it out and I can’t tell if I’m being paranoid or if something is really wrong.

    1. noseringsadmin

      I have some good news for you!

      What you’re going through is much more common that you’d think. Although you definitely want to address the issue as quickly as possible, in most cases it can be solved without too much pain or trouble!

      The first thing you can try, while looking into a mirror to see the skin overgrowth inside your nostril, is using sterile needle to poke through the overgrown skin and push it away from the jewelry. If this doesn’t work, hurts too much, or you’re not comfortable trying it yourself, you can visit your piercer when you get home from your trip or see another piercer if you choose not to wait that long.

      Though you don’t want to wait longer than you must to get this resolved, you should be alright to wait until you get home without any added risks to your health since you’re not having any other complications with the piercing.

      Once you DO get the issue resolved, however, you may want to discuss a change of jewelry with your piercer or at least try rotating the jewelry occasionally as an added part of your aftercare practice. Most new piercing jewelry doesn’t require rotating but nose piercings with certain types of jewelry can be some of the few exceptions.

      Though the skin cannot adhere to the jewelry, as any standard piercing jewelry is made of nonporous material that skin cannot grow into, the skin in and around the nostril area does have a tendency to grow over or around the jewelry, sometimes even blocking it from being removed easily.

      Occasional, careful rotation of the jewelry (with clean hands) during the healing process can prevent this as can the use of certain types of nose jewelry (ie: nose hoops) which the skin is unable to grow over. Best of luck to you in getting this resolved and enjoy the rest of your trip!

  164. Hey, i just got my nose pierced 3 days ago ( i got a hoop) , i dont really like the hoop ring anymore because it makes my nose feel a bit uncomfortable. Can i go back to where i got it pierced & change it froop a hoop ring to a regular stud evn thoe i just got it pierced a couple days back ?

    1. noseringsadmin

      Hi, Erika! It’s not highly recommended to change your jewelry during your piercing’s healing process, especially this soon after getting pierced, but if your piercing site is not giving you issues (not highly swollen, infected, etc.) your piercer should be able to help you switch your jewelry to a piece more suited to your needs/taste.

      Just be sure that the switch is done with clean hands or gloves and clean jewelry and that you don’t continue to switch or remove the jewelry during healing!

  165. Hi I got my nostril pierced about 5 days ago and when I woke up the stud was gone. So as quick as possible I got one of my back up studs and it easily went in. I then cleaned it with saline solution. Will my nose be okay? Will it take longer to heal?

    1. noseringsadmin

      Hi Yoselin,

      Your nose piercing should be fine and shouldn’t take noticeably longer to heal as long as you continue to follow proper aftercare procedures and your jewelry does not continue to come out during the healing process.

      Depending on which direction it came out – whether the back of the jewelry pulled out through the top or the external portion (head) sunk in through the hole – you’ll probably want to consider having your jewelry switched to either one with a larger head (the decorative end of the piercing) or one that holds more securely on the inside portion (perhaps a nose screw if you’re currently using a nose bone).

      I’d recommend consulting your piercer to decide on the most appropriate jewelry for your situation and for help with switching the jewelry.

      If you choose to do it yourself, however, be sure that the jewelry you get is the same gauge you were pierced with, the jewelry is made of piercing-safe material (ie: stainless steel), and that both the jewelry and your hands are clean when you perform the switch.

      Hope it helps!

  166. hey!
    i got my nose periced yesterday in a tattoo parlour, i was very happy with everything including cleaniness etc but this morning i woke up and my nose and face and pillow was covered in blood i got up and cleaned it all up and went back to bed! note this was 5am ! when i woke up later i noticed my stud had like sunk into the hole, i pushed it back out but it keeps sinking! i had a cartliridge pericing before and it also sunk and embedded and i ended up taking it out all togethed so im paranoid about the same thing happening! i currently have cotton up my nose holding the stud out but obvs this isnt practical? what should i do? is this normal?

    1. noseringsadmin

      Hi Rachel,

      Very sorry to hear about your recent piercing troubles! Here’s what I recommend: have your jewelry switched to a piece with a longer post and/or a larger head (or even a nose hoop, if you prefer).

      Your issue is fairly common but should definitely be addressed as soon as possible so that your piercing doesn’t get infected or close up and is able to begin healing. If you continuously have to adjust your jewelry, the piercing site is much more likely to become irritated and the risk of getting bacteria or debris in it greatly increases.

      If the jewelry sinks and is not immediately pushed back through the top of the hole, you risk having the hole close over it in which case you’d either have to push the jewelry back through the healed-over skin or remove the jewelry by pulling it all the way through the inside of your nostril, both of which can be very painful, are somewhat dangerous, and are far from desirable.

      Fortunately, longer-posted, larger-headed nose jewelry is a quick and easy remedy for this! Hope this helps and best of luck to you!

  167. Hi. I had my nose pierced about two weeks ago.
    I was wearing a corkscrew nosering but it somehow pulled out and now I cannot get it back in. I’m not sure if I’m doing something wrong? Please help

    1. noseringsadmin

      Hello Abigail,

      If you can’t get in to see your piercer to have him/her assist you with reinserting your jewelry, the first thing you’ll want to do is check that the piercing site isn’t excessively swollen.

      If it is, hold some ice against it to decrease the swelling. Once swelling has decreased, with clean hands, use a clean earring, another piece of body jewelry (same or smaller gauge than your nose screw), or a sterilized needle and carefully try to insert it through the cavity of your piercing to assure the hole is still open.

      If the jewelry or needle won’t push through or hurts too much to insert, you’ll have to have your nose re-pierced. If it DOES push through, your only concern is getting the nose screw back in. Stand in front of a mirror, use one hand to place the tip of the nose screw into the piercing cavity, and use the other hand to hold the end of your nostril and gently pull outward. This will help to open the piercing hole as much as possible, making it easier to get the jewelry through.

      Begin twisting the nose screw into the hole, making sure you’re twisting the correct direction. If it takes more than a few tries to get the jewelry in and the area becomes swollen again, take a break, use ice to get the swelling down again, and then repeat until you get the jewelry in. If this still does not work for you, either consult your piercer or you can opt to use a different type of nose jewelry that is easier to insert until your piercing has fully healed.

  168. Chrissetta main

    Hello I recently got my nose pierced back in February I hand an L shaped stud in my nose. Two days ago I bought some good nose hoops in 22gauge even though I have an 18 gauge piercing. I put the hoop in thinking it would close up around the hoop but I think I irritated it by changing it. The area around my nose hoop was this red looking color I don’t know if that was the piercing trying to close around it or what but I hit my nose ring while I was sleeping and I was giving me problems so I switched back to my 18 gauge stud thinking maybe it wasn’t done healing. Did I make the right decision or would I be able to ever put the hoop back in?

    1. noseringsadmin

      Hi Chrissetta,

      Don’t worry!

      Your piercing may have become irritated when switching the jewelry or when you bumped it but as long as you’re not allergic to the new jewelry and you keep the piercing site clean and healthy (returning to your piercing aftercare regime as for a new piercing), you should be able to switch to your hoop again once the piercing has healed once again.

      Keep in mind that even when a piercing appears to be fully healed it can still become irritated if it experiences trauma, even if just from a mild bump or having the jewelry switched. Keep an eye on your piercing, use your best judgement, and listen to what your body is telling you.

      Furthermore, keep in mind that when switching to a smaller jewelry gauge the jewelry won’t fit as snugly and the hole may never close tightly around it so you may always have a looser fit with the piece than with the gauge you were initially pierced with. There is nothing wrong with this, of course. It’s just a matter of personal preference depending on the fit you prefer. 🙂

  169. Just got my nostril pierced with standard corkscrew starter. Swelling went down a little but I noticed the nose ring appears to be sinking further down into my nose. has me feeling like it might slip all the way through. Not sure what to do, should I try to pull the nose ring out just a little so that the nose ring is sitting flush against the skin and not sunken into it?

    1. noseringsadmin

      Hi Lee,

      You definitely don’t want your jewelry sinking into your nose but simply pulling or pushing it out may not be enough and may cause the piercing site unnecessary irritation.

      I highly recommend that you have your jewelry switched to a piece with a longer post and/or a larger head. This will prevent the piercing site from “swallowing” the jewelry and will accommodate for any swelling that the area may experience, also potentially adding to a more comfortable fit.

  170. I just got my nose piercing on the 15th of this month I clean
    It as told, I got it pierced with a needle and I have a corkscrew I guess “nose screw”
    The piercer I had had it was for saftey and it moves around freely usually when I gently clean inside of my nose is that a bad thing I’m really afraid it’ll fall out. I just recently went into a pool is the chlorine, but I just had cleaned it right after I got home.

    1. noseringsadmin

      Hi Ashley,

      Typically, as your piercing heals the swelling will go down and become looser. Since it’s been several days now since you got your piercing, there’s a good chance that any initial swelling has decreased significantly, causing the jewelry to sit more loosely in the socket. It shouldn’t be so loose that it falls out or pulls out easily, however.

      If it is, you run the risk of losing the jewelry and the piercing closing up or even getting debris in the socket where a gap is left between the flesh and the jewelry more easily. In this case, I’d definitely suggest returning to your piercer to discuss the situation and quite possibly having him/her switch the jewelry out for a larger gauge.

      As far as the pool and swimming with your piercing, you did the right thing by cleaning the piercing immediately after. You want to avoid pools, lakes, hot tubs, and other bodies of water during your piercing’s healing process or at least try to keep the piercing out of the water when you go. Keeping excess moisture from your piercing is essential to the healing process.

      Additionally, chlorinated water has a tendency to dry your skin out and may overly dry your piercing as well and non-chlorinated water is more likely to carry harmful bacteria which can also lead to infection. If you must swim, clean well and thoroughly afterward, keep the piercing out of the water and dry as much of the time as possible, and try emu oil if the piercing ends up getting too dry from the chlorine and you’re unable to stay away from the pools.

  171. hey, i got my nose pierced about 3 years ago and its been completely fine. last month though i changed the nose stud to a silver l-shaped stud we purchased from abroad and for the past week ive noticed i cant move the nose ring at all. its stuck from the inside and i think skin’s grown over it and hurts a bunch if i try moving it around on the inside. i went to the piercer and he said the angle of the nose l-shape seems to be stuck and skins grown over. i went to the doctor and she said its probably just an infection and prescribed me antibiotics. i’m just wondering if this has happened to anyone and if the antibiotics helped at all or if a surgery will be required? i dont want it to get any worse =/

    1. noseringsadmin

      Hi Zoe,

      It’s hard to say for certain what the reason behind your recent nose piercing issue is without knowing what type of jewelry you had in it prior to the switch and how you’ve cared for your piercing but it’s possible that your reaction to the new jewelry piece is either due to allergy or your skin tearing when you switched the jewelry and then healing over the new piece.

      If you’re not certain whether or not you have a metal allergy, your doctor or dermatologist can give you what’s called a patch test to find out. You’ll want to find out as soon as possible because if you ARE allergic to the piece of jewelry in your body you’ll want to get it out right away and surgery may be the preferred way to go. If you are NOT allergic to the jewelry, antibiotics should definitely help fight infection and make the piercing more manageable so that you can eventually, with clean hands, handle it and try to wriggle it free or use a sterile needle to push the skin overgrowth away without excessive discomfort. (Consider having your piercer try to remove it for you, particularly if you’re not comfortable or confident doing it yourself.

      You don’t want to rip the skin and risk unnecessary scarring.) Everyone’s body is a bit different, however, so there’s still a small possibility that yours may have healed over the jewelry too much and you may need surgery.

      Try the methods mentioned above and if all else fails you can ask your piercer or doctor to refer you to a specialist/surgeon who will then be able to remove your jewelry. Good luck and hope it turns out for the best!

  172. Hi,

    I had my nose pierced two days ago and had a ring put in. I have been trying not to touch it too much and have been cleaning with saline/backing as the piercer suggested. However, on his instruction sheet, it says to turn the jewelry 6-8 times after washing the piercing, 2 times a day. I have been trying to move my piercing, but it won’t budge! Last night it began to bleed when I tried to move it, so I stopped. Is there something wrong? Or is the piercing just swollen?


    1. noseringsadmin

      Hi Beth,

      It’s not uncommon for a new piercing to be “stuck” in place while healing. This is usually caused by the fluids your body excretes and/or the swelling of the area due to the trauma of the new piercing. As long as you’re cleaning the piercing correctly a couple of times per day, don’t worry if it doesn’t move much at first. It will become easier to move as it heals.

      Also, though I usually recommend taking the advice of your piercer, rotating your jewelry to prevent your skin from growing into the jewelry is an old practice which science has proven outdated and incorrect.

      With standard jewelry types used for a new piercing, there’s no reason to rotate the jewelry because the jewelry being used is made of nonporous metal, meaning there are no holes in the metal for your skin to grow into. In fact, rotating the jewelry is likely to further irritate the piercing site and prolong healing.

      Hope this helps!

  173. Hi I got my nose pierced about 3 1/2 months ago. A couple times the original ring puked out and I was able to put it back in ok no problem. Just a few weeks ago I changed the ring ftom the L shape to a stud, now I’m trying to switch studs because the stone fell out and note all of a sudden when I’m trying to take it out it’s hurting and the stud won’t pull thru and I’m afraid to put more force in trying to pull it out. This is confusing to me because the stud turns fine, I don’t have any bumps around either openings. Can you help ad to why this may be happening and what can I try to do to help get it out?

    1. noseringsadmin

      Hi Christa,

      Unfortunately, nose studs are known for this sort of thing, particularly with somewhat newer piercings.

      Because switching the jewelry piece requires “popping” it in and out of the piercing hole, the delicate skin in and around a newer piercing has a tendency to become irritated or even damaged in the process.

      The area is also more likely to be tender in the first several months (or longer, depending on your body and how you care for the piercing), making it painful to switch the jewelry. I’d recommend taking a warm shower, soaking the piercing site in the water, and trying to pull the stud free then.

      You may wish to plug the drain to assure you don’t lose the jewelry down it and have your new piece clean and ready to put in as soon as you get your current stud out. It will hurt a bit and may make your eyes water but you should be able to get it out. Be sure to clean the entire piercing site after the switch as well. If the jewelry still will NOT come out, you’ll want to visit your piercer to have him/her remove it for you.

      One last option is that you can have the jewelry professionally cut from your nose using metal cutters. I do NOT recommend trying this yourself as you don’t want to risk cutting or damaging your nose but use it as a last resort if you find a piercer or professional who can help you with it and nothing else will work.

      Additionally, I’d try a different type of nose jewelry in the meantime. After your current stud is out, your piercing may need more time to fully heal and you want to avoid ending up in this situation again.

  174. Hi, I just got my nose piercing and it fell out the same day I got it, nothing was torn so I cleaned the site an the jewelry with saline solution and inserted the jewelry back in. Are there any extra steps I should take to prevent infection and such.

    1. noseringsadmin

      Hi Brittany,

      As for keeping the piercing site clean and healthy, you did exactly right! The only concerning part of your inquiry is why the jewelry fell out to begin with. You want to avoid having the jewelry in and out of the piercing while healing because the more the site is tampered with the harder it will be for it to heal and the higher the chance of infection.

      Also, new piercings tend to close quickly (although older ones sometimes do as well, particularly depending on location) so if the jewelry comes out you run the risk of losing the piercing altogether. If it seems like this may be more than a one time occurrence, I’d highly recommend speaking with your piercer about a potential change in jewelry.

      You want to make sure you have a piece that will sit securely (not too tight – just secure, so that it doesn’t fall out), especially while healing.

  175. Hi! I got my nose pierced around 2 months ago and I’ve changed my piercing a few times. I got a nose ring the other day that was way to thick for me and I could barely touch it without it hurting too much. The main reason I got my nostril pierced was because I wanted a thin hoop or ring. Now I’m thinking of ordering a 22 gauge nose hoop in sterling silver. Would that be too thin and make it hard to put in thicker piercings later? And also is silver a good material too use? Is there a bigger risk for infection if I use a nose hoop? Thank you 🙂

    1. Hi Freja, whatever you do, do NOT use silver in a new-ish piercing! It can leave a black mark called an argyria, which is pretty nasty 🙁

    2. noseringsadmin

      Hi Freja,

      Normally, I’d say that irritation from switching a nose piercing after 2 months could be due to the fact that the piercing is still somewhat new and hasn’t fully finished healing. (These piercings can sometimes take a bit longer than expected to completely heal.)

      In your case, however, it sounds like you’ve been switching your jewelry for awhile now and have been fine but that your discomfort is being caused by using a ring of a larger gauge. Since you’re looking to use smaller gauge pieces in your piercing, I’d get the large one you currently have out right away as it will stretch the hole if your body has a chance to heal that way and can cause smaller jewelry to fit too loosely for you in the future.

      Whether or not a 22 gauge is too small for you depends on both personal preference and what you were pierced with. Though smaller gauges will fit inside your piercing, they also have a tendency to hang more loosely/appear “limp” and leave a gap between the jewelry and the edge of the piercing hole, which you may or may not like the look or feel of.

      Also, there’s a good chance that your body will continue to heal and close up around the hole without a larger gauge jewelry piece to keep it open. Once this happens, larger gauged jewelry will no longer fit your piercing as is. A hoop should not increase your chances of infection, however. If anything, it should be easier to clean as you can rotate it to clean all parts of the jewelry even without removing it.

      As far as the use of silver, I wouldn’t recommend it, particularly in a newer piercing because silver can tarnish which can not only cause the jewelry no to look less presentable and require more maintenance but when it does tarnish the metal can leave a black stain on the skin around the piercing site which may never go away!

      Additionally, silver jewelry can contain nickel, which is a common allergen so if you’re allergic to nickel or unsure that’s one more reason not to choose silver jewelry. Stainless steel, solid 14-carat or higher nickle-free gold, solid nickle-free platinum alloy, and titanium are all safe metals used in body jewelry, however, and there are also safe choices for non-metal jewelry if you’re interested in going that route.

      Whatever you choose, best of luck to you with the piercing and finding your perfect look!

  176. Hi, I’ve been searching endlessly for info about L-shaped nose rings, but there’s seems to be so little. My new piercing (exactly 1 week ago) was done with an L shaped stud. No matter how often I gently push it back in during cleaning times it’s always sticking out. So I figured this is probably due to swelling and it’ll settle in nicely once the swelling subsides.

    Problem is that it hurts just at the part where the stud forms the 90° angle of the L shape because it’s sitting half-way inside the nostril (it’s neither fully in nor out) and it’s just there where it’s red on the outside. Is this normal because it’s an L-shaped stud, or should I be seeing the 90° turn of the stud on the inside of my nose? This is worrying me because it’s only red on that part, the other side is not red at all.
    Any info would be greatly appreciated!

    1. noseringsadmin

      Hi Marissa,

      I’m not certain if I’m understanding correctly but it sounds like you’re saying that the elbow of the l-shaped nose ring is sitting inside the cavity of the piercing hole itself rather than pushed through further to the inside of the nostril where it’d be visible from the inside.

      If that’s the case then no, that isn’t “normal”/how the jewelry should be sitting. You shouldn’t worry too much, however! This issue can generally be solved with another visit to your piercer and probably a change of jewelry. Until you can get in to see your piercer, with clean hands, check from time to time that you can feel the l-shaped jewelry piece you have in now on the inside of your nostril.

      You want to make sure it stays all the way through the cavity of the piercing hole at all times. Otherwise, you run the risk of having the piercing – at least the back portion of it – closing up.

      When you CAN get in to see your piercer, explain the situation. He or she can then help you pick out a jewelry piece that will stay in better (possibly a simple hoop or something with a longer stem, at least while the piercing heals) and get the jewelry switched.

      Hope it helps!

  177. Hi! I got my nose pierced 2 days ago and I am being a bit paranoid.. I had a rough experience that was very painful (it was done professionally)but I don’t think it is infected. I have been cleaning with Bactine (an infection protectant) and so far I think that is alright. I still have pretty bad pain and it is very tender but the weirdest thing happened to me tonight.. My piercing was so stiff and I really didn’t see it coming out but now it feels very loose. I have a corkscrew piercing but when I push up on it (with clean hands) if feels as if it could easily come out. Is this normal? I have had very small amounts of discharge, and it’s an off-white color, which I figured is just a side effect of a needle being put through my nose, but can you confirm that? Thanks!

    1. noseringsadmin

      Hi Lanie,

      The piercing site was swollen right after the piercing was performed and that’s why the nose screw was being held in the piercing so tightly. Now that the swelling is gone down, it’s loosened up a bit but I don’t think there’s any reason for you to be worried over the piercing coming out unless it actually does get pushed out all by itself (which doesn’t seem to be the case, right?).

      Speaking of the off-white discharge – it’s not unusual to have it but if it’s changing to yellow or green pus then you should go back to your piercer or visit your doctor for a second opinion and possible start a course of antibiotics in case there’s an infection.

    2. Hi Lanie,
      First of all you need to stop using bactine on it. Things like that dry out you piercing. Start using either saline solution or mix sea salt and water or what I do is just put some sea salt on a Q tip and rub it around the piercing while if it’s not uncomfortable move it up and down or spin it t get some of the sea salt in the piercing. You could also use unscented antibacterial soap, but I reccomend some kind of sea salt mix.

  178. Kayla Jacksom

    I just got my septum pierced today. My piercer told me not to use saline at all, instead she told me to use Dial Antibacterial soap. Everywhere I go online suggests that I use a saline solution. What should I do? And what exactly is the proper way to clean it with soap?

    1. noseringsadmin

      Hi Kayla,

      It’s a bit strange that you were told not to use saline soaks at all! It’s hands down the best means of facilitating the healing process, and while you can definitely use the Dial soap a couple of times a day there’s no reason why saline soaks would be ruled out.

      Unless, of course, you have some allergic reaction to it but then again – did your piercer tell you that?

      Speaking of cleaning it with soap – just apply a tiny bit of soap with a swap whilst taking a shower (don’t try to do a thorough job, just apply it on both sides of the piercing and that’s all) and then rinse it out by directing the water flow into your nostrils for a few seconds. When you’re done showering, pat the piercing dry with the end of a rolled-up paper tower.

      Hope it helps!

  179. Hi- I have a L stud on the side of my fairly new nose piercing. The L keeps spinning downward and pokes out of my nose and/or rubs the inside of my nose in the wrong spot. I have turned it up inside of the septum and even used a Q tip to push it back straight up but it keeps turning. Thank for your help! 🙂

    1. Update… The shop where I had the nose pierced said for me to come in for a adjustment and that it will stop turning and rubbing the wrong way.

      1. noseringsadmin

        Obviously the piece was too long and therefore too loose inside the nostril? I’m glad you got it sorted!

        1. Hey!-
          I got my nostril pierced about 5 months ago (January 9th) and its STILL hurting if i touch it and oozing this gross white-ish stuff. I cleaned it once or twice in the first week or so I had it, but sticking your nose in a shot glass full of warm salt water is very challenging for me. after that didnt work, i tried q-tips and cotton balls, but they just left wads of cotton stuck of the part the goes through my nose and make it hurt more. theres no bump or flakiness or anything, just oozing and pain. I know thag cleaning it will probably fix this, but how can I do that? this is the one situation I’ve been in where google can’t help me. thank you for your helps!

  180. Hiya!
    I got my nose pierced 2 days ago with a surgical steel stud. After I got my piercing the guy said the one he’d used turned out to be a little short, so he gave me a longer one and told me to switch them out after a few days. I can see that the post doesn’t go all the way through the skin, so when I clean it I gently push it in a bit just to make sure it doesn’t heal over before I have a chance to change them. My question is when I should make the switch. All the info I’ve come across says not to change jewelry until anywhere between 3 weeks and 2 months after the piercing so I don’t want to do it too soon, but I’m concerned that the opening might close before then. Any advice?

    1. noseringsadmin

      Hi Fionna,

      I’ve got to tell you right from the start that this particular piercer you went to doesn’t sound like a professional at all!

      I mean – how could he possibly tell a person to change to a longer piercing in a couple of days and leave the wrong piece in the piercing?

      You shouldn’t attempt to change the nose stud yourself; please find a different saloon and get a professional to do it for you. And you’re totally right in pointing out you can’t wait too long because if it’s not going all the way through, there’s a chance the piercing hole would close over the stud.

      Hope it all goes well for you!

  181. Hello! I’ve had my piercing since January and I got it changed to a hoop ring. A bump has grown on the inside of my piercing around the little ball which is stopping me from moving it around … or taking it out. It’s basically stuck! What should I do?

    1. noseringsadmin

      HI Jessica,

      I understand there’s some crust formed on the actual piercing itself and it’s not a growth on the inside of the nostril, am I right in saying that?

      If so, then you should do the following procedure – prepare a saline solution in a cup (dilute about 4 teaspoons of non iodized sea salt to 1 gallon of boiled water and the cleansing liquid is ready to use) and submerge your nostril into the saline solution for a good few minutes so that the crust softens and you can slowly peel it off with a swab.

  182. After what had been a very difficult nose piercing experience, I went back to the ship requested they put a corkscrew piece in my nose (the piercing site was trying to close shut over the jewelry on the inside of my nose), my nose is almost healed and I’m very happy with my nostril piercing!

    1. noseringsadmin

      Sorry to hear about the complications you had with your initial piercing but I’m very glad to hear that you were able to solve the issue and are enjoying your new piercing!

      Nostril piercings can sometimes be a little tricky due to one side of the piercing being somewhat inaccessible as well as due to the fact that the piercing is on the face (an area you always want looking its best) and directly involved with your sinus passages.

      Once healed, however, the piercing can be quite rewarding and is a great way to accentuate your natural beauty and personality, as I’m sure you’re quickly noticing!

  183. Hi,

    I got my nose pierced a month with a stud (they used a needle) and it healed really nicely, and I had no problems with it. Then I got in an accident and I broke my nose, two black eyes, lots of blood…..since I’ve started to heal the swelling in my nose has gone down, but my nose ring will not sit flat on my nose anymore. I don’t know if it was bent with the impact, but I don’t seem to have the end in the inside of my nose anymore, it seems to be in a lump on the inside of my nose but I can feel the stud if I move it around? I’ve tried moving it around to see if I can get it to go threw, but nothing is working…any suggestions? Should I try and force it?

    1. noseringsadmin

      That’s terrible about the accident. Very glad to hear that you’re alright and healing though! As far as the piercing, I don’t recommend forcing the jewelry through the hole as you don’t want to risk potentially damaging the tissue around the piercing site any further.

      I strongly suggest a visit to your piercer so that he/she can have a look at it, check to see if the jewelry is bent or damaged, and remove and/or replace it if necessary. It’s not common but in extreme circumstances such situations may even require surgery to remove the jewelry safely.

      A visit to your piercer first to see if your particular piece can be removed or adjusted without surgery may save unnecessary doctor bills as well as your piercing. Hope this helps and best of luck to you with this!

  184. I just got my piercing yesterday it feels like it’s dry. I was told not to use neosporin. I clean it with tea tree oil diluted with water I dip qtips in it and clean that way. Google said if it drys out put a lil lavender oil on it,.. Is this process OK?

    1. noseringsadmin

      Hi Shakura, and congratulations on your new piercing!

      As far as the lavender oil, like the tea tree oil, it can be a bit too strong to use on a piercing without diluting so if you do choose to use it when caring for your new piercing be sure to use the right strength.

      For lavender oil, you’ll want to use “BP” or “medicinal strength”. If the one you have is too concentrated, you can dilute it by adding 15mls of grape seed or sweet almond oil to every 10 drops of lavender oil.

      You can generally find these oils at your local health food store, pharmacy, or supermarket. After cleaning the piercing, you can apply the lavender oil/mixture properly by using a q-tip. Try to get the lavender oil/mixture into the piercing hole by moving the jewelry back and forth through the piercing and wipe any excess away with a clean tissue or disposable paper product.

      This will lubricate the piercing and promote healing. As for cleaning the piercing, a saline nasal spray will work fine but if you don’t have any handy a sea salt soak will work just as well and can be used in place of the nasal spray or tea tree oil. Probably cheaper too!

      In order to create a sea salt soak, just mix 1/4 teaspoon of sea salt (NOT table salt) with every 8 ounces of water and apply with a cotton ball, swab, or q-tip. If dryness persists, reducing the amount of sea salt in the mixture to 1/8 teaspoon per 8 ounces of water may help. Also, be sure not to over-clean the piercing site.

      You shouldn’t need to clean it more than a couple of times per day but can rinse the piercing area with water and dry with a disposable paper product between cleanings if necessary or desired.

      Hope it helps!

  185. Hi!!
    I got my nose pierced a month ago, and at 2 weeks I changed the screw to a 14kt gold one because the other one was too big. Now, since i’ve had the gold one, my nose has a few good days were it doesn’t hurt or ooze, and a lot of days were it kinda hurts and oozes white stuff. Is it the gold? Should I change it again to a stainless steel one? P.S. I always clean it 2 times a day with antibacterial soap.. Any opinions??
    Thanks 🙂

    1. noseringsadmin

      Hi Kathy,

      Most likely, the issue isn’t related to the gold itself though it could be related to the particular jewelry piece. Do you know whether you have a nickel allergy? One possibility is that you have an allergy not to the gold but to traces of nickel inside the gold. Nickel allergies are extremely common, especially in women.

      Even in expensive gold jewelry, nickel can be present in small quantities. Another possibility is that your piercing became irritated when the jewelry was switched. Since it’s still so new and probably hadn’t finished healing when the jewelry was switched, it would have been easy for the piercing site – being an open wound – to become agitated when tampered with or get bacteria inside of it during the process.

      If you have or can get a hold of any nickel jewelry (quite common in cheaper metal jewelry and easy to find in teen fashion stores such as at the mall), you can test whether you have an allergy to it by wearing it for a day or so. If you start to itch and/or get tiny blisters on the skin where the jewelry is, you have a nickel allergy and your most likely cause of your new piercing issues, unfortunately, is your new nose jewelry

      If you don’t have a reaction, the issue is probably just the recent jewelry change. Fortunately, white discharge and some pain is quite common for a new piercing. Just keep an eye on the piercing while continuing your aftercare process. If the area becomes too dry, consider using a sea salt soak instead of the soap.

      If you develop a fever or burning sensation around the piercing site, notice an increase in pain or swelling, or notice unusual discharge (a bit of oozing or bleeding is normal but pus, especially when combined with other infection symptoms, can be a red flag), however, it’s highly recommended that you see a physician ASAP as you may likely have an infection.

      Thanks for commenting!

  186. Hi,

    I got my nose pierced a little more than a month ago. Everything was smooth and after 10 days (on my piercer’s advice) I came back and had her change the stud to a ring. She always told me to just clean with water, nothing else. Then I made the mistake of accidentally putting some makeup on/around the piercing, as well as touching/turning the nose ring with perhaps not properly clean hands. I didn’t think so much about it at the time since it looked fine. However a couple of days ago I noticed a reddish bump right next to the piercing – which I tried to pop (obviously a bad idea) and the day after that – today – went to my piercer where she ‘burned’ it away using some tool I don’t know the name of and ‘a healing stone’, black – which she told me would look like a pimple. It indeed did – and now some hours later it kind of looks like a black paste over the infected area. Is this something to worry about or should I just not touch it for a week like she recommended and then go back to her? It doesn’t hurt at all but it just looks very stupid and I’d like some more info on this procedure but googling is not helping.

    Thanks in advance

    1. noseringsadmin

      Very interesting inquiry! While there is no proven evidence that I know of to show that the use of healing stones in relation to piercings is an effective method, let alone a commonly accepted one, I also haven’t found proof that it won’t help.

      That said, you’ll want to determine the type of bump you’re dealing with and treat it accordingly to preserve both your piercing and your health. The appearance of a small bump growing around your nose piercing isn’t uncommon but it is something that needs to be cared for.

      Determine whether the bump is solid or not and whether it’s pus or fluid filled, a keloid, or a granuloma. A keloid is a type of scar that forms at the site of a healed injury and is composed of collagen. A granuloma is an inflammation made up of a collection of immune cells known as macrophages and caused by the immune system’s attempt to wall off substances that it perceives as foreign but is unable to eliminate.

      Whichever type of bump you have, you should NOT attempt to pop or pierce it. You can use a hot compress to get rid of the bump. If it is a keloid, vitamin E and lavender may also help. If the bump persists and causes your pain or gets bigger, you should visit a dermatologist right away.

      Hope it helps!

    2. Thanks. It seems its some sort of a styptic pencil, burning away the bump. I went back to her and she said it looked good, took the black stuff off and burned some more and the bump has almost gone. But I’m still left with the black burning remains where it was, which she says should go away in a couple of days, fall off by themselves like wounds do. Here’s to hoping!

  187. My daughter got her nostril pierced Friday afternoon, and her stud seems to be “sinking” into her skin, when she woke this morning there was a bit of skin growth over the stud. Is there something wrong? Is it a bad piercing? Or is this a normal reaction?

      1. Thanks for the article link! She has had her piercing for 8 days now and is doing great., it was her sweet 16 birthday surprise gift! It appears that she had the inside hook part twisted in an upward manner which was pulling the stud inward, along with some swelling. She is having some blood when she blows her nose and disrupts the scabing process on the inside, but all is good, it is healing with no signs of infection. It was just a mother’s job to worry.

  188. Hello!
    I got my nostril pierced 3 weeks ago with a 20g surgical steel l-shaped stud. Healing has been going great– the piercing moves well without any pain and I have no bumps or redness. Unfortunately, this week I came down with a nasty cold and the l-shaped stud seems to really accumulate drainage from my sinuses to the point where it’s almost impossible to clean effectively. Naturally I’m worried that this will lead to infection. I was wondering if it would be possible to switch to a ring that would be easier to clean. All I have, though, is a 24g seamless hoop that I bought from the piercer to change to after 4-6 weeks.

    Thank you!

    1. noseringsadmin

      Thanks for the inquiry, Mary!

      First of all, congratulations on your new piercing! Since you’ve had it in a few weeks now, you should be able to change the jewelry without complications as long as the affected area has not yet become too irritated or infected.

      Of course, be certain to use clean hands if changing the jewelry yourself as to avoid introducing foreign bacteria or debris to the piercing site. If you’re not confident about changing the jewelry yourself, you can visit your piercer to have it done.

      Normally in this situation, I’d recommend that you switch to a hinged hoop nose ring to minimize the chance of mucus hardening on the piece of jewelry and maximize your ability to clean the jewelry effectively (since you can rotate the ring in order to clean it). If you are unable to get a hold of a hinged hoop, you may wish to consider switching to your 24g seamless hoop a little early.

      Though I’d recommend getting a second opinion from your piercer, in your particular situation switching to an easier to clean piece may be more likely to save your piercing than waiting the extra 1-3 weeks before making the switch.

      Best of luck!

  189. Hi,
    So I got my nostril pierced 5 months ago by a professional. It was done with a needle and stud. Everything has been great I’ve changed the piercing a couple times with other studs and it seems to be healed. The only problem is that I would like to wear a hoop but whenever I put one in it sticks out. I would like it to lay flat against my nose and not stick out so much. I’ve tried multiple sizes, styles, and gauges but they all seem to look really big and gap. Any suggestions for getting the hoop to lay flatter against my nostril?

    1. noseringsadmin

      Hi Katie,

      Unfortunately, the look and fit of a piece of jewelry often varies a great deal from person to person as well as between precise location of the piercing on the body. The issue you’re having with wearing a hoop may be caused by the location of the piercing on your nose or even simply the shape of the nose.

      Hoops in piercings that are located further forward on the nose, closer to the bridge, and pierced above the nostril curve won’t typically lay as flat as ones located closer to the rest of the face and a little lower. The reason for this is because ones that are closer to the rest of your face and pierced through the nostril curve will rest over the curvier, more rounded part of your nostril therefore fitting the curve of a hoop more snugly.

      Hoops will also fit more snugly on a nose with more rounded nostrils. This doesn’t mean there is no hope, however! Of the more conventional solutions, a small hoop is the easiest way to get a close fit. As you said this didn’t fully work for you though, I’d recommend searching for an oval shaped hoop, rather than a round one, or even having one custom made. This will cause the sides of the jewelry to lay more flat against the nose since the jewelry won’t be quite as rounded as a normal hoop.

      Hope this helps!

  190. Hi, so I got my nose pierced a few weeks ago and it doesn’t hurt or anything but in the inside, there’s a thick black crusty around the ring, not attached to my skin and I’ve tried soaking it so it’ll soften but nothing is working. any advice on what else I can use?

    1. noseringsadmin

      Try submerging your nose into a cup of saline solution and keep it there for a good while and see if that does the trick!

  191. Hi hey OK so my nostril is in pain BC I re pierced my nose to a larger ring. Its been two days and my hoop ring doesn’t move at all. I thought about adding a&d but its not a tattoo so I didn’t want to mess around with that. Every time I try to move it, its stuck. What should I do. Helpp please. How long will I be able to move my hoop ring?

    1. noseringsadmin

      Looks to me that the piercer didn’t know what he/she was doing – the initial piercing should move around freely and only when it’s fully healed it’s advisable to stretch it and use larger gauge jewelry! So it’s say – go to a different piercer to get a second opinion and a smaller gauge jewelry.

  192. Hi… so i got my septum done through the cartilage like 3 days ago and i have a retainer (thing that flips in your nose so noone sees) and i was told by the piercer i didnt have to do anything to clean it so i havent been and its starting to crust already which i heard was normal. I was wondering if i flip it up for the whole 3 months if it would get stuck like that. Its kind of stupid to ask but my mother had pegs in her foot and they ended up getting stuck in there because the doctor never removed them sooner. So could i get some feed back? Please and thanks you

    1. noseringsadmin

      Hi Krystal,

      It’s definitely advisable that you perform saline soaks on your septum because it’s not good to keep the crust building up!

      So basically place your nose in a cup of saline solution and let it stay there so that the crust softens – just don’t use your fingernails! Use cotton swabs to clean it all off, and also you should twist the retainer down and then back up so that it doesn’t get too stuck in the piercing.

      Hope it helps!

  193. I had my nosed pierced for about 8 months now. I use salt water off and on or tea tree oil. Today i attempted to change my L shape nose ring to a stud. When i put on the stud it didn’t go all the way through my nose. I would estimate that i needed a centimeter or two so the nose stud could come fully through my nose. I am wondering if something is wrong because the inside of my nose is swollen hence why the stud wont go all the way through. I ended up washing my L shaped nose ring and putting it back in. Is this swelling inside normal? Can it go away if so how?

    1. noseringsadmin

      Hi Lizzy,

      The L shaped nose ring goes through the nostril, right? Maybe the stud is slightly bigger gauge and that’s why it won’t go all the way through?

      1. Yes the L shaped nose ring does go through my nostril. The L shaped nose ring was actually the one i got my nose pierced with so it is surgical steel. The L shaped nose ring is also a bigger gauge than the stud so the stud should fit nicely. The stud does not give any trouble going in my nose but it is to short because my nose is swollen. The best way to describe the swelling inside my nose is a bump in the pierced inside middle of my nostril. If the swelling/bump was not there then the stud would be long enough. My concern is , Is it normal to have that bump inside your nose?

        1. noseringsadmin

          The tiny growth inside your nose may be scar tissue – the so called keloid – in which case there’s not much you can do about it. If it’s not sore, doesn’t ooze anything, then the likelihood is that it’s a keloid – so you may want to get looked at by a professional and see if it’s a keloid or something that can be removed.

  194. Hi.,

    Got my nose pierced around 5 weeks ago and everything has been fine, no pain etc. However recently it looked as though a part of skin beside the stud was kind of growing over it if that makes sense? Only partially, and when I woke up the other day it was slightly crusty with a little blood residue and it’s been a little gooey (gross word I know but best I can describe it, not puss really) . Anyway is this an infection? Really hope not, was looking forward to putting in a hoop!


    1. noseringsadmin

      Maybe you should consider getting a bit longer stud because this one seems to be tiny bit too short because it’s sinking in. Alternatively, you may actually get a high-quality hoop and ask your piercer to insert it into the piercing – but make sure to get a second opinion on whether it might be slightly infected.

  195. I just want to make sure I’m doing this right.

    I got my nose pierced Saturday 5/3/14 and I cleaned it that night with Dial antibacterial soap but it had a fragrance to it so I switch to doing a non iodine sea salt clean and soak, every morning I get up boil water and use 4 teaspoons of sea salt and I let that come to a boil then I let it cool before I dip q-tips and cotton balls in to get ready to clean. I have a few crusties but its usually under my piercing on the outside when I push it up to clean and no crusties on the inside of the nose. I refrigerate the mixture and boil it and clean/soak before I go to bed.

    I’m doing the cleaning process correctly?

    1. noseringsadmin

      I’d say don’t mix that much salt – as a general rule use 1/4 teaspoon to 250ml (8oz) hot water.

      First boil it, then dissolve salt in it.

      Speaking of refrigerating it and then boiling it again – I don’t think you need to boil it again, just warm it up to your body temperature.

      Other than that, you’re doing it all perfectly!

  196. Hi!!
    I had my nose pierced about a week ago. It hasn’t pained me at all and I think it’s healing fine… Other than I have a darker ring around my piecing site. I know my hoop is stainless steel. I just wanted to see if that was a part of the healing process. I wondered was it darker and not red or anything do to me being African American. Thanks! I look forward to hearing back from you.

  197. Hii, I got my nose pierced like 18 days ago. I got it pierced with a needle and thread. Is that okayy? I mean now there is a puss on the inside and it hurts too. And there is a white liquid coming out from the outer side but not continuously. At first i did start cleaning it with a saline solution. But now i don’t and i put coconut oil. So, How many days should it take to get better? And when will i be able to put a gold nose stud? I’m scared that it’s ruined. And what am i doing wrong that there is a puss? :'(

    1. noseringsadmin

      Hi Mishal,

      You should head to a doctor’s immediately to get some antibiotic because it looks like an infection! And definitely don’t use coconut oil – ONLY saline!

  198. I got my nostril piercing done on the 19th which was about 3 days ago and it seems as if my piercing is sinking in . I have the nose screw I believe , what should I do about it ?

      1. noseringsadmin

        You should consider getting a longer piece maybe – it depends on how bad it is. Is there a crust on the other end of the piercing or a small accumulation of pus inside the nostril maybe that prevents the piercing coming all the way out?

  199. Hi, so I’ve recently gotten my septum pierced (three days ago) and I’ve had it flipped up while around my parents because they absolutely HATE piercings or any sort of body modifications. I’m 18 and I got it done by a professional (whom I’ve gone to before for other piercings). He pierced it sort of low in my opinion but looking at other pictures on Google I think it’s fine (maybe it’s just my nostrils or something). Anyways, my mom saw the piercing while it was flipped up. My original thought was “wtf, how can you see it?” I lied and said it was fuzz or something. I don’t want to risk her seeing it again but I am totally unwilling to take it out. I was wondering if there was a way I could get a black retainer for it (because the one I have is a silver horseshoe) and change the piercing myself. My piercer won’t be in until Wednesday so it’s either take it out and re-pierce later or change it myself. Would it be okay to change it or wait to re-pierce( :c )?

  200. Hi, I got my nostril done about 3 weeks ago & just this morning I saw a tiny bump above my hoop. It wasn’t red, or hard or anything but there was a little white liquid coming out while I was cleaning it. May it have a minor infection?

    1. noseringsadmin

      If it’s white it’s a manor infection just like you said it. Considering it’s not painful or swollen it doesn’t sound like it’s seriously infected, but if it keeps oozing the white stuff from now on you should probably consider getting checked out by your piercer in case you need some treatment!

  201. Hi, I got my nose pierced yesterday, and the guy used a gun to put a nose bone (but it’s more like a pointy arrow than a ball on the end) through my nose. It didn’t bleed, it didn’t hurt because I asked him to numb it. It’s not really as sore as last night, but when I move it slightly to the right to clean it, it feels like a tiny stabbing sensation. Is this normal? There is also a slight bit of black/maybe brown crust around the piercing inside my nostril, but it won’t budge! Should I worry about this or will it drop out on its own? I clean it with salt water on an ear bud twice a day… (Never had a piercing before!!)

    1. Hi Katie – using a gun isn’t really a professional job in my opinion because there’s an increased chance of a tissue damage. Needle will do a much better job but one you’ve already done it don’t freak out too much about the crust inside the nostril. I must be some blood crusted around the piercing hole so I’d say leave it for a couple of days and it has to fall off by itself.

  202. Hello 🙂 So i had my nose piercing for 5 weeks now. I had no problems with it other then the expected. Well i had changed my nose stud today to a bigger stud & i used sea salt & bacterial soap through the processe but it is still pink/ kinda sore…no signs of puss or crust. I was wondering if this is normal after changing the original jewelry it has been pierced with?

    1. Just leave it be – obviously you irritated the piercing a tiny bit while changing the jewelry and it seems pretty normal to me! 😉

  203. I got my nose pierced 3 days ago & now I have cold like symptoms:(Runny/stuffy nose, sneezing, sore throat) is this caused from the piercing? The piercer told Me my sinuses would drain; could this be what’s happening? & how do I keep it from getting infected from the runny nose? Thanks in advance.

    1. It’s not likely that your piercing would become infected from the runny nose – just make sure you don’t irritate the piercing by wiping your nose etc!

    1. You’re welcome to choose from our product range above – they’re great aftercare products and will do a really good job!

  204. I’m on the go a lot so what brand of saline solution can I buy for my nose piercing? One that is not too strong…

    1. You can choose one of the aftercare products we offer – just check the products just below the article above!

  205. Hey I just got my nose pierced a few hours ago. So when I washed my face before bed the nose stud rotated a bit and there was some blood. I cleaned it with saline solution after and twisted it so the screw on the inside wouldn’t stick out of my nose, is that too much movement for it so early? I’m kind of freaked that it moved around only a few hours after being pierced that it will mess up healing or am I just being paranoid? Is it okay to rotate and adjust it so early after being pierced or if the metal inside sticks out should I just leave it? Thanks!

    1. Hi Rawan,

      You’re freaking out a bit and it’s understandable, but if you move it around occasionally it’s really no big deal!

  206. Hi! I got a nostril piercing 4 days ago, the pain from the piercing itself went away the second day I had it. No crusting, blood, redness, or anything. Now all of a sudden, when I woke up yesterday I noticed it was very sore anytime I touch anywhere around it, flare my nostrils, or even move my face in an odd way. There’s what looks like a lot of swelling or a large bump inside of the nostril and what looks like white discharge clumped on the inside of the stud. And when I touch the outside of my nose right next to the piercing, it is very hard feeling. But still no redness, blood, outside swelling, or heat. Is this a sign of infection or part of the normal healing process??

    1. noseringsadmin

      It’s hard to say for definite if you’ve got an infection going on there – but to stay on the safe side I’d just go back to the piercer and ask them if they think it’s OK – especially considering you mentioned white discharge.

  207. I got my nose pierce 2 days ago and it was fine the first day but tgen the next day it started sinking into my nose and I kept pushing it up but it keeps going down all the time. I dont know what to do!Will it go back to the way it was? Shall I keep pushing it up?

    1. noseringsadmin

      Hi Abby,

      I think your nose is a bit swollen which is totally natural after the piercing procedure, so the piercing is kind of sinking into the nose but it should fix itself after a few days!

  208. Hi. I got my nostrol pierced a month ago and I ad been cleaning it regularly with peroxide and dpong what the lady told me to. But recently I noticed that there is a bump around it and its been bleeding a little. I have a couple dogs and they sometimes bite my nose where my piercing is and when I cleaned it the other day I saw some pus looking stuff come out. Is that normal? Should I be concerned?

    1. noseringsadmin

      Hi Lilly, it looks like an infection – pus is almost a definite sign of it, so you’d better get checked out by a doctor and of course don’t let your dogs near your piercing!

  209. Hi, I got my nose pierced a week ago, I’ve been cleaning it twice a day with warm sea salt water, but recently I’ve been getting a lot of white ooze right after I clean my ring. The swelling is starting to go away and I always get redness after I clean my ring. Any thing I should be worried about?

    1. noseringsadmin

      Hi Rebecca,

      If the ooze is transparent you shouldn’t worry too much but if it’s indeed white or with a yellow hue, you should get it checked if it’s still there – it might be an infection.

  210. I recently got my nose pierced. Ive woken up the last couple mornings with it bleeding. Is this normal.and also is it ok to clean the piercing with anti bacterial soap.

    1. noseringsadmin

      You must have been touching the piercing while asleep – that’s why it bleeds, I guess. Are you putting a small bandage over it when going to bed? If not – you may want to do it for the next 10 days or so!

      Speaking of antibacterial soap – yes, you can apply a bit when showering but mostly you should do sea-salt soaks.

  211. Hi,
    I am 5 weeks into a nortil pierce healing. I have contemplated changing the stud (pierced with a bone due to thin and dainty nose). My healing has been flawless. Never a crusty, never a seeping, never seen any bumps and never any additional inflammation outside of the first twenty four hours. Used saline solution and salt/water paste for the first two weeks (x3 a day) and now doing it less frequently like twice a day, although I don’t feel it’s necessary. However, night before last I woke up and I thought I had a crusty scab material on the nose (while mid sleep) and as it turned out I actually pulled my stud bone completely out. Good thing was there was no pain at all and my hole was nice and clean. I used antiseptic towelette and wiped the nose and I used alcohol on a new stud (and then used an antiseptic towelette) and I put in the new stud (same size gauge and length as the original stud is still missing). So I went back to doing the salt mixture and saline again for reassurance. The reason I am contacting you today is that I noticed when I put tea tree oil on a q-tip to put on the hole and stud this morning, I noticed a stabbing pain when the stud was pushed upward. That was not there before today. I was pretty much able to move the nose around and the stud comfortably. I do know that was my first “change” and I don’t think I got the angle right on the first attempt…..but I was able to get it on the second attempt quite easily. Perhaps I am sensitive because maybe I jabbed the inside in a wrong direction? Or is this just “normal” of the first piercing change and I am being paranoid? I have been watching since the change yesterday morning and there was no sight of blood or any seeping. My only symptom was the stabbing feeling I felt while doing the tea tree oil (preventative for infection) and the q-tip pushed the stud upwards. Should I go back to my intervals of cotton ball soaks and worry less or is there something to be concerned about. This piercing has been so easy…I would hate to have something go wrong when it is so close to being healed. Thanks in advance for your advice.

    1. Hi Tracie, by the sounds of it you indeed might have slightly damaged the newly healed skin on the inside of the piercing so it might explain why you experienced a sudden jolt of pain.

      Having said this, it’s also a bit weird that there was no pain while you were inserting the new stud, so in my opinion it’s just a coincidence – while the stud was pushed upwards, it must have hit some nerve in the piercing wound or something.

      Provided there’s no swelling, no discharge, no blood – basically it’s not infected – I can’t see any reason why you should be overly worried about this… So maybe there’s no need to go back to regular cotton ball soaks because it’s been 5 weeks and by all accounts your nose piercing should be quite well healed.

      So I’d say – just leave it to heal naturally and try to touch the nose stud as rarely as possible to give it a good chance to heal very well. There’s this approach in body piercing healing by the way called LITHA – read more about it here:

      By the way – you can get a free body jewelry for sending in your nose piercing experience, are you interested? All you have to do is write a story – judging by your comment writing shouldn’t be an issue here! – take a pic of your nose piercing and submit it here:

      As soon as I publish it on the site here, I’ll send a free piercing of your choice to you! 😉

      1. LOL! I am a talker. I will most definitely follow the links, review and upload. What a wonderful offer. That is very kind and big thank you for the advice, too. I feel better having received it.