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Nose piercing hullabaloo

This nose piercing story has been submitted by Ashleigh in Doncaster, England

Nose Piercing Story


I first decided to get my nose piercing when I was 15.

I was in a shopping centre with my mum and I was buying a new school bag when we noticed the cashier at the desk had a little gem nose stud and it suited her really well. Not long after I had bought the bag my mum turned to me and said “You would suit a nose piercing” and I asked her if I could get it done one day and she said yes ❗

It was my birthday not long before so I had enough money to get it done and my friend Emily had told me of a tattoo studio called Limited Edition where she got her helix pierced. I looked on the website and found were it was – it was quite close and looked really good so I decided to go there. I was so excited I had never got a piercing before! 😀

2 weeks later I was ready and my friend Amber along with my mum came with me to the studio. It was very funny on the way there my mum linked arms with me and Amber and said “Come along pickles!” and we skipped down the road I had never been so embarrassed and amused with my mum before! 😉

We got to the studio very quickly and I was so excited I had butterflies and I was squealing along with Amber. I couldn’t keep still at all, the studio was decorated with signs and pictures and a few Halloween props along with cases of jewellery to buy, I was looking at all the different coloured nose rings I wanted to have one day once it was healed.

When it was my turn to see the woman at the desk she was very nice, she had turquoise dyed hair, a few lip piercings and a big ear plug followed by a few studs higher up, she also had some tattoos on her arms, she was really polite too.

My mum said “Hi, my daughter would like to have her nose pierced” and the woman said “OK, how old is she?” and I said I was 15. She also asked if it was OK with school and if I was willing to look after it and I said “Yes!”

She gave me a form to fill in full of basic questions to circle yes or no such as – are you pregnant or if I had consumed alcohol in the past 24 hours. I circled no for all but one which was if I had ever had any skin conditions like acne, I was prone to a few spots but otherwise fine.

Once I had filled my address and email and number as well as me and my mum signing it we handed it back and another woman who was going to pierce me lead me to a room with a very clean padded white leather bed like when you have a check-up at the doctors. It had just been cleaned, there was also a mirror on the wall.

The woman said “Hi, just sit on there and make yourself comfortable, pick the side you want to have pierced while I get my tools ready” so I sat up straight.

At this point I was so nervous and excited I was going to burst!

I saw the woman clean all the tools very well and took a small pen type thing that was quite sharp for a pen. I showed the side I wanted done – it was my left – and she asked “Would you like it so there is enough room for a nose ring?” and I said “Yes please!”

She got a measuring tool and measured the side of my nose then placed a dot, it was perfect looking in a mirror so I said it was very good there and my mum agreed.

I sat still, had my nose cleaned – “This might feel a bit uncomfortable…” the woman said as she held the side of my nose with some funny looking tongs and she took a clean needle out of a packet and told me to take a deep breath which I did and closed my eyes…

I didn’t feel a pop but it felt like a strong achy feeling in one spot and some pressure, my eyes watered not from pain – it was just tingly and funny and the piercer said it was normal. I opened my eyes to see a needle in my nose sticking into the side and out of the bottom of my nostril as it should be.

She snipped the end off she didn’t need and said “I’ll put in the jewellery when you’re ready” so I waited a few seconds and said “I’m ready!” so she put in a corkscrew stud that was silver as I had asked for and cleaned away the tiny bit of blood.

I looked in the mirror and was so happy it looked good too, so my mum paid and bought me a green titanium nose ring too for £4.00 and I loved it! 🙂

I was given a pack with a sticker saying “I was brave at limited edition” and some sea salt along with a leaflet on how to take care of it, and also some cotton buds to clean it. It would take 6-8 weeks to heal and I have a green nose ring which is my favourite and a silver stud with a flat top which is corkscrew I don’t have any more yet.

I shopped at the studio I had the piercing done for rings and at the market but not much of a collection.

Altogether it hardly hurt I can’t feel it and it was over fairly quick and I am very happy with it, I’ve experienced no symptoms other than redness!

So that’s the story of my nose piercing! 😉

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