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Hi Everyone!

Did you get your nose pierced recently? Or maybe you remember how it all happened a few years ago?

Then why not share it with others Nose Rings Guide visitors? I’d love to feature your story on my blog.

You can write your very own nose piercing story no matter which type of nose piercing you have – nostril piercing, septum piercing, bridge piercing or maybe even something more extraordinary!

Everyone has something interesting about how they decided to get their nose done, how excited they were and so on.

And maybe there’s even something very funny about how you got your nose pierced – so I think it’s definitely worth telling the world about it!

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11 thoughts on “Nose Piercing Stories”

  1. I recently got my nose pierced a week ago, and I’m wearing a stealing silver nose rig at the moment cause they put it in when it was pierced, and I’m hoping to change it to a different nose ring that’s more prettier, except I’m afraid I won’t be able to get it in and than loose my piercing, cause it doesn’t hurt it only slightly hurts if I touch/yank it heaps! What should I do? And does anyone have any stories of them changing a piercing early? And how it worked out for them!? xxx

  2. When I got my nose done I didn’t feel a thing. But on the very first day I got the stud ripped out which hurt a million times worse than actually getting it pierced. Since I had to touch my piercing so much to get a new nose stud in it got infected 🙁 as long as you’re careful I totally recommend getting your nose pierced!

  3. I want to get my nose pierced but i really scared because i am afraid it will hurt! any suggestions? hahah heeelp! i really want to get it done but im scared help mee out.

  4. I had my nose pierced two days ago and it looks like its starting to go through the hole. Is this normal and if not what can i do to stop it?

  5. ive had my piercing for about 5 months and one day a little bump appearred next to it. ive tried everything to get rid of the bump (Its not a keliod) and it only just goes down when i dont clean it or mess with it. itsss soooo confusing. any suggestions?

  6. Hello there my name is Ashlyn.
    And I just pierced my nose last night
    I pierced it with a piercing ear ring.
    I cleaned it first and it hurt some what but not too too bad where i couldn’t handle it, not it is cute and red and sore..and i keep cleaning and it and turning it alot. im cleaning it with peroxide and antibacterial soap and water.

    1. Hi Ashlyn, I hope you’re joking!! Read the Aftercare instructions here for some advice on cleaning the piercing. And do not use peroxide. It will dry out the piercing and can subsequently delay healing and cause infections. And don’t turn your jewelry if it’s not necessary. It will also cause infections.

  7. I keep checking sites to see if I am the only one. My nostril piercing was pretty painless. I have had a few others done. My stud keeps migrating up.If I flare my nostrils I can pop it out. I haven’t seen where anyone has had this issue. I called my piercer the next day and he said it would do that for the first few days. I’m now on day 5. It doesn’t hurt and no yukkies oozing. Its just annoying and all heck.

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