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which side of my nose should i pierce. Woman with multiple nose piercings

Which Side of My Nose Should I Pierce? Top Tips & Advice

So you’ve decided to get your nostril pierced.  Nose piercing is one of the popular types of piercing these days and a little nose ring can look very attractive! But you’re probably wondering, “which side of my nose should I pierce?”

Which Side of My Nose Should I Pierce?

Right side or left side? Can’t decide? OK, I’ll give you some nose piercing information about what the pierced nostrils meant historically to help you decide on which side of my nose should I pierce.

Although you can find many girls and guys these days having both their nostrils pierced and even having multiple piercings in one nostril, it hasn’t been always so. Hindu girls, for example, would wear the nose rings in one nostril only – the left.

Indian women often pierced their left nostrilย the night before their wedding and inserted a nose stud in the piercing. Indian women would wear also nose rings and sometimes would attach them to the earring using a nice, decorative chain.

which side to get nose piercing

But Why the Left Nostril?

Well, the reason can be found in the Ayurvedic medicine.

It is said that the left nostril of a woman corresponds to the reproductive organs and having it pierced can be actually helpful. It allegedly may reduce the pain during childbirth and also have a positive effect on some medical conditions, for example, endometriosis.

So Which Side Should You Go For?

I’d recommend the left nostril. But, of course, you may pierce the right one as well.

Whatever you decide, please visit a piercing professional to get your nose pierced and follow my aftercare tips. Home piercing is more difficult than it seems. I’ve known people who have had bad infections and nerve damage (causing an eyelid twitch!) when they pierced at home.

You should certainly go to a piercing professional to avoid such situations!

I hope this has been helpful in deciding “which side of my nose should I pierce?”

46 thoughts on “Which Side of My Nose Should I Pierce? Top Tips & Advice”

  1. so im aussie and i see lots with rights side but then lots on left im thinking left cause when i take selfies i always lean to left but then im right handed and it could be easyer to remove?? help

  2. I am about to have my husband pierce my nose. Literally in a few minutes. Its funny the comments I’m reading about “I don’t understand why you would let a man decide” I’m on the opposite side of that. I don’t understand for the life of me how your husbands opinion doesn’t trump all else. I would never alter my body in anyway that he didn’t like. His is the only opinion of my body that matters. To say I would never let a man tell me….etc. well, I don’t “let” a man tell me anything. I listen to my husband because he takes care of me and loves me endlessly. If he says something turns him on why would I not want to be that fantasy for him. Equally of he says he doesn’t like something, why would I intentionally want to be a turn off to my husband. By the way kudos to you ladies who feel the same way I do. Marriage is sacred and should be protected and nurtured. My husband is piercing me because I trust him more than any person in the world. And I can’t wait to get it done. Left side for me.

    1. noseringsadmin

      Hi Shannon,

      Thanks for the comment, and please keep us updated on how the piercing went!

      Is it done yet, and what was the experience like?

      And what kind of a nose ring did you use?

      Speaking of your husbands opinion – personally I’m all for equality and I totally agree with you on the points you made! Why do something that pisses off your partner and why not do something that makes them happy?

      Chat soon,


  3. I am 37 years old and I pierced my nose @ age 15. I love my nose ring. I have worn it everyday since the day I got it. I never bothered to ask my husband how he feels about it b/c it doesnt matter. I feel naked without it and I will wear it til the day I die. Its a part of me! And its on the right side by the way.

  4. I’m 62 years old and want to get my nose pierced on the left side to wear a small diamond in it. My husband said it’s fine and changed his mind, but he knows I’m a great wife and small things like a nose piercing won’t really matter to him, even if he, kinda objects. Most likely, it’ll grow on him. I live in ATL and there are many women from India with nose piercings. My degree is Ethnic-cultural Relations and I love cultural diversity and its expressions, i.e. dances, traditions, etc. So, my desire to wear a nose ring is to identify with people from India, which has a large population. I’m retired and will never look for another job in my life. I may go into business for myself, someday, but my clients will, more than likely, be like me – very liberal and well-traveled. That a good thing!

    1. Winnie Harrimgton

      My husband of 22 years says he doesn’t like tattoos or piercings on women because he says it makes them look “trashy” and “loose”…. he also knows that I’ve wanted my nose pierced for many years. (I’m 45) Soo..on the spur of the moment while passing a tattoo/piercing parlor, I got my nose pierced! He didn’t say a whole lot and its over-looked now like its always been there! Its tiny, pink and cute!! I’m not loose or trashy and I think now he kinda likes it!! It IS MY body and if I want a piercing or tattoo, I’ll get them!
      (I was told to pick the side of your nose that you always turn towards a camera! Mine was the right side!)

  5. hi im a guy and i wondring bout getting my nose peirced on bot sides i havent got any other peircings so these two will be my first so just want to no if it is right for a guy to get both sides of his nose pierced?

    1. Dude my brother has that and it looks so good! it doesn’t matter if you’re a guy or a girl, do whatever you would like to do personally.

  6. i have had mine pierced on both sides at different times and i like the left better its all in what you like!! Be free!

  7. i do understand the Muslim way, but i have multiple piercings and I only do it cuz I like it, not for a husband!!!

  8. I am not married but been with a guy for 3 years and we have a child togather. I have many piercings. Ever time I want a new one o ask him about if if he minds it or not. He says ” its your body do What you want, you vist is not What i fall in Love with.” And i tell as well a guy and not tell me want to do with my body. Even when I am married my husband will not ” own” me and that how I feel when I have to ask a guy about doing something to my body, you don’t Ask a guy if you color you hair and lose weight. Piercings are the same to me.

  9. I think it’s great that those woman who don’t have nose piercings because of their husbands are respecting their husbands wishes. A marriage is a union, and nowadays rarely do people treat it that way anymore….especially in the U.S. If I were married, I’d expect the same respect from my husband in terms of my objections. And if we talked about it & he still didn’t want it, then I wouldn’t do it either. It’s about doing what’s best for your relationship, not just for you. So power to you wives & mothers who respect the opinions of your husbands for the sake of family<3

  10. I am 12 years old and I have my nose pierced on the right ( and also my bangs) just so its easier for me to clean and stuff. (I am right handed) I dont see any problem with it. I do go to a cathlic school, they never say anything and also some of the younger teachers have their nose pierced. It also depends if you play sports and before you get anything piereced ask your coach or whatever if you have to take it out to participate. But all the sports I have recently played I didnt have to take it out. I do recomend getting it on the side you write with because its easier to clean and change.

    Hope this helped… I was sorta just spilliing words out (( so im sorry if you cannot understand)) LOL ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. I’m planning to have my nose pierced (on the left side) to commemorate my 5th anniversary of when I quit smoking – My husband of 18 yrs is not a fan of piercings and tattoos ( I have 2 tattoos and 3 piercings in each earlobe ) but its not his body – Its mine – and he knows he can love me for who I am on the inside or leave me for what I put on the outside – like I said – we’ve been married 18 yrs ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. Hi,
    Many women have their nose pierced
    I would love to get mine but my husband doesn’t want me to get it
    (My navel was pierced but he made me remove it)
    I have a fake nose ring been wearing it every day, he says it looks beautiful on me and really likes it
    But hates the real thing
    I probably would have got it done but I met my husband when I was 17 (im 21 now)
    Maybe if I keep wearing the fake on he will one day say yes
    Oh and I always wear it on the right

    1. Girl, if he made you take out a piercing that you paid for, he just needs to stop. It’s your body, and you should decide what goes on it. he should love you no matter what.

  13. I’m a Muslim too, and last time I checked, there was nothing wrong with getting your nose pierced. I got mine last year when I was 14 and it looks great on me. But, I accidenlty told them to do it on the right side! OOPS. But it still looks nice.

  14. I Am Thinking Of Getting My Nose Pierced. Im English And Have No Religion So As Far As I Know There Is No Reason Why I Should Have It On What Side. I Was Going To Get It On The Left Because I Have My Lip Pierced On The Top Right Lip… I Want My Face To Look Equal… Will The Left Look Okay And Not Have Any Meaning

  15. hey sandy thts nt necessary for a girl 2 w8 til marriage to get piercingns….. m 21 nd unmarried muslim frm Pakistan nd got my ear lobes pierced @11 nd gonna get my nose pierced within few days inshAllah… nd thrz a vry high %age ov girlz n our country who do so on THEIR OWN CHOICE…. bt sumtimez it trnz out tht girl is indifferent abt it nd hubby turns out 2 b a Huge fan thts it….. ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. I’m surprised that so many women are doing this based on the desires and demands of husbands. It’s wonderful pleasing your partner (which certainly works both ways. The effect of improving intimacy may last for a short time due to the adreneline and adventure of peircing however, you may end up like a sieve if you depend on piercing to keep that part of your relationship healthy. If people want to pierce because that makes THEM feel good, feeling good about yourself will lead to greatest intimacy.

  17. Well hello everyone I have a simple question are you women not allowed to have your nose pierced until you get married?? If that’s the case I believe it is unfair a women shouldn’t have to wait for her husband to tell her when to get her nose done.. I live in America and our ways are different but I think if a girl or women wants to get any part of her body pierced it shouldn’t be out of orders from her husband but because she really wants it and it’s going to please her and not satisfy him..can u
    explain to me how it works for you I want to understand it..?!

  18. hi shilpa i got all 3 piercing from my husband he is great fan of nose piercing so he insists me to wear nose studs both sides, to encourage his desire i said idont wont get it done with unknown person, one sunday he bought 4 needles , two studs and two rings i liked studs very much on seeing model i asked him to pierce imediately he pierced my nose gently after 10 minutes he pierced otherside after finishing i got countless kiss from him he admires my face nonstoplingly after 30 minutes he requested he want to pierce my septum i suggested we both can have septum piercing imediately he shaked his head ok ,i pierced his septum by clossing his eyes with a cloth then he pierced mine in same way for that whole day we forgot to eat food we enjoyed a lot .It happens 1 year before now our septum holes are still with a retainer we change ainto ring in night.

  19. hi sunandhini u got a great fan noone your husband only u should satisfy your husbands wish and feelings so that u both can have a good entertainment because u deserve it by accepting his wish ,dont think he is forcing or compelling he will spend more time with u after piercing your nose and septum ,since u r becoming a 100% dream girl to him dont miss this chance u can get any thing from him even u can order him .since i got all 3 piercing through my husbands since then iam enjoying a new life without limit goahead soon.

  20. my name is shilpa shukla. I am 26 years old married girl. My nose is not pierced,so my MIL daily give me pressure for nose piercing. But i don’t want because my last experience was very bad. That was pierced during my marriage. Piercing was done in my village with a very thick gold ring which is called NATHIA. PLC HELP ME, THAT HOW I CONVINCE MY MIL? You can mail on my husband’s email id

  21. hi sunandani i pierced my left nose before my marriage. my husband pierced my right nostril and septum using thick silver wire and formed a ring . within a month it healed. now i am enjoying good sex. go for it.

  22. I want my nose done but I have a middle helix piercing on my left ear
    and a top helix piercing on my right ear. If I get my left nostril pierced my piercings will look too aligned and kinda stupid. Should I do my right?

  23. hi all, I am in search of informations regarding nostril and septum piercing, because most probably within a month or two my nose will be pierced in both sides and in septum too just for the satisfaction of my husband. I have been forced by him for this since our marriage. so please share me whatever u people have informations regarding this.


    Sunandhini Raghunath

  24. I read this questioning…why my step-daughter pierced her nose (right nostril)& I saw another girl with the same piercing on the opposite side of her nose, & wondered if there was a difference on which side of the nose you pierce?

  25. Something I wish I had thought about in advance but luckily I made the right..meaning, in my case, “the left” decision!

    Unless you have a religious or traditional side to get it pierced on (I did not) think about “what handed” you are. I am right handed and therefore it’s easier for me to have a left nostril piercing mainly for putting in the jewelry and taking out. This way your hand is at a better angle and you aren’t blocking the hole when inserting or removing jewelry.

    You may find that right is better if you are right handed. I’d say to practice with temporary or stick on and see what you find easiest to see/put on/remove!

  26. Hey all…

    It’s a tradition for Hindus to have their nose pierced, but it doesn’t specifically say in Hinduism that we should get our nose pierced, my mum doesn’t have her nose pierced, but I always wanted to have one, I’m unmarried, and my mum told me to get it done on the left and I got it done on the left nostrile.
    As for Islam, I don’t know if anything is mentioned, but my friend pierced her nose (on the left too) and she was 14 when she got it done and unmarried.

  27. @ Amber,
    I’m Muslim and I am planning to get my nose pierced tomorrow. I’m doing it strictly for aesthetic purposes. What other reason would there be? I think the stud will look really nice on me so I’m getting done.
    It’s not forbidden to do something to enhance your looks.

  28. Well since there are two Muslims here I have to ask. Is there anything at all in our Religion saying it is or is not ok to pierce the nose or which side to do it? I know at the Mosque many of our Indian and Pakistani Sisters have the left side pierced, so I think I will go with the left side. As far as I know, it is only bad if you do it to be more attractive. I wear Niqab, so that is not an issue. Anyone have any ideas?

  29. @ sofia there is nothing like that in our islam please dont use religion for your own or your family decisions.My sis did her piercing when she was 14 years old and unmarried.and there is no such thing ๐Ÿ™‚

  30. The info in the story above is not entirely correct. Which nostril Indian women pierce their noses depends on the region. In southern India it is on the right.

  31. yes please i would like to try pierce my nose please but my husband or my parents would not let me because in our islam the girls of our ages can piearce thier nose but not me but i like to pierce my nose please

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