Nose Rings Guide

Nose Ring Guide

Nose Piercing Tips & Tricks

All you need to know when considering a nose piercing and nose piercing aftercare.

Nose Piercing Information, Experiences, Tips & Tricks

nose ring information guide

Nose Ring Information - All You Need to Know

Find the answers to all the questions you have around nose piercing!
What side to pierce, self piercing vs paying a professional, nose ring types and gauges, what to do if nose ring is sinking much more!

piercing aftercare

Nose Piercing Aftercare Tips & Tricks

Congratulations on your new piercing! While it's exciting, it's important not to be complacent while your piercing is still healing. To prevent your nose piercing from getting infected, follow these simply tips and tricks to keep your piercing healthy and clean.

Nose Piercing Stories

Real Nose Piercing Stories From My Readers

Thinking about getting a nose piercing? Read some real nose piercing stories submitted by our readers! You'll learn what to look for, what to avoid, but also how people found the whole experience and what they love about their new piercing!

Jesse, nose piercing artist America


Piercing Artist


Hi, I’m Jesse! I live in LA I have been a piercing artist for over 10 years. I love what I do and hearing about why people chose to get a piercing and their reaction afterwards. It’s through this that I wanted to share these stories!

I also believe in good nose piercing aftercare so have included on here the instructions I give to all my customers post-piercing. 

I hope you enjoy reading others stories and maybe inspired to share your own! 

Share your piercing story

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Although it’s normal for people not to have any significant problems with the healing process of a new nose piercing, one of the most common issues we hear about from those who do is that the nose stud is “sinking in” and/or skin is growing over the stud of the jewelry...

nose piercing aftercare tips and tricks

Nose Piercing Aftercare - My Tips & Tricks

Congratulations on your new piercing! Before you can enjoy your fresh nose piercing, there are some simple nose piercing aftercare tips to avoid anything unpleasant! These are...

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You Want Nose Piercing – Which Side To Go For?

So you’ve decided to get your nostril pierced but which side will you go for? Right side or left side? Can’t decide? OK, I’ll give you some nose piercing information about what the pierced nostrils meant historically...