Nose Rings Guide

Nose Ring Guide

End result of nose pierced with a piercing gun

My Experience in Getting My Nose Pierced With a Piercing Gun

I had always wanted to get a piercing but always fearful of the pain. Around my 16th birthday my mom let me my nose done. When the day finally came around I was nervous as hell! We went bazaar in Irving, Texas. The people were real nice and professional. They did however use piercing guns. Many people are hesitant about getting their nose pierced with a piercing gun, but so far I’ve had minimum problems.

The Process: Nose Pierced with a Piercing Gun

The process was simple; they made a dot on my nose and I checked it and then they put the gun to my nose and pulled the trigger. Honesty from a scale to 1-10 the pain was a 3/4, it was fast.

Afterwards I could relax because I finally did it. A few days after it was sore and a little bit painful to yawn and blow nose. The only complications I had was the piercer put a nose ring in that was too small and it started to sink into the hole. I was worried but to fix the problem I went and bought a proper nose ring and quickly changed it.

After about 2 months it didn’t hurt but wasn’t healed yet. Remember not to take it out or it will close in about 4 hours! Plus clean it EVERY day with sea salt and warm water and cotton balls. This is very important or the piercing will get infected and develop bumps.

It’s been 8 months now and everything seems to be fine, I can change it anytime and leave it out without it closing. You will now when your piercing is healed when it doesn’t hurt to change it and you can leave it out without it closing. However, it and every person is different and these results are everybody outcome.

Thank you and I encourage everyone to get piercings! 🙂

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