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Nose Ring Guide

Self Piercing – why not??

We get daily mails and requests for information on self-piercing. And there are reasons we dont provide information or respond to these requests!!

Most of the requests are from very young teenage girls who cannot get permission from their parents, or cant find someone to pose as a guardian at the piercing studio. We can not recommend piercing anywhere, but by a qualified piercing professional in a professional studio.

Once upon a time, all piercings were DIY piercings. Tattoo and piercing studio’s were a thing of imagination. There was no need for them. The Romans, Greeks and Egyptians had no need for them. Its only in the last 30 years that the law has become so strict. But there is good reason for this!!

Three things are vital when having a piercing done:

  • Anatomy
  • Placement
  • Sterile-technique

Qualified piercing technicians have education and experience – they know what they’re doing!! You cannot learn the above or gain the necessary experience from the web.

If you decide to go ahead with a home piercing, you will most likely end up at the piercing studio because of infection. Worse still, it might turn out that you make a mess of it and ruin your chances of ever getting it done again!!

When you get pierced in a professional environment, you will also receive advice on piercing aftercare, and you can visit the studio any time you have a problem. So girls and boys, the advice I give is very simple – don’t try this at home!!

And Finally, we don’t give out DIY instructions because someone will sue us!!

4 thoughts on “Self Piercing – why not??”

  1. i pierced my own nose with a pin and an earring and it never got infected and i also keep the earring in until i get a normal nose stud so if u want advice from me if u want it done just doit

  2. I have done 9 piercings (4 cartilage, 4 lobe and even my smiley) myself and none of them had got infected. All I did was use an antiseptic wash in them that I got from claires years ago. They all turned out fine! If you take care of them well, you have NOTHING to worry about !

  3. i pierced my ears my myself once,.. and afew mins later i took them out. i was afraid that they would get infected. then the next day i tried again, only a little farther up then my origional earrings(pierced at icing). they didnt hurt at all, and i took my time. they dont hurt, and i even use alcohol. they are fine right now. but i learned my lesson, never pierce anything on your own!

  4. Yea. This site is Right ! haha. I did it myself at home with a safety pin & I couldn’t find the other side of the hole. The good thing was i ended up with no infection. so now I’m going to get it professionally done. I suggest not to DIY. (:

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