Septum Piercing Story: Piercings and Heartbreak!

This piercing story has been sent in by Victoria from Illinois!

Septum Piercing


I have had about 11 piercings throughout my life. I think they’re beautiful and fun and a great way to express yourself.

I dated this guy for a while. He hated all of my piercings. He didn’t like piercings at all, in fact. So I did end up getting rid of a lot of them for him.

Which I regret. I have always wanted a septum ring! But he hated that most of all! Eventually, like expected, things ended. I was emotionally crushed.

So in return, I had my friend, who does piercings, pierce my septum! I was so excited. And nervous!

She used a 16 g needle. At first I was so scared it was going to hurt a lot, but it only stung! 🙂 The healing process was very quick and convenient. Piercing looks great and I’m totally over that guy! 😀

I suggest this piercing to anyone who wants something new and unique!

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