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Septum Piercing Healing

Septum Piercing Healing

Septum piercing healing takes about ten weeks. The piercing is done on the septum or the wall separating the nostrils. Also called bull nose piercing, you can enjoy a variety of septum body jewelry after the septum piercing healing is complete.

You can wear tusks, spikes, ball closure rings, curved and circular barbells etc. If you are not allowed to wear septum piercing jewelry at work, you can also wear a septum keeper which is a horseshoe shaped piece of jewelry which can be folded inside the nostrils!

To make sure the septum piercing healing goes well, your piercer must take care to see that it is done through the skin under the middle of your nose. This means you get your piercing between the alar or outer cartridge and the quadrangular cartilage that divides the nostrils. If you feel it you will touch a soft portion here, which is where the piercing will be done.

The first jewelry you will get into your septum piercing is the ball closure ring or a septum keeper. When your septum piercing healing is complete, this hole can be easily expanded to accommodate different types of jewelry. Expect the healing to take about two to three months. Don’t be surprised if the area feels a little sensitive, and don’t even consider changing the jewelry until the septum piercing healing is complete!

Any body piercing is prone to infection and this usually happens when you touch it or can’t leave it alone; a septum piercing is no different. So the first thing to understand is aftercare. The piercing must be kept clean with salt-water soaks as advised by your piercer. Take special care to remove the crust around the piercing every day, otherwise you will find that it collects around the piercing, causing infections and become painful. Worse still, it will slow down the septum piercing healing.

Another thing to remember is to pat your piercing dry after you clean it. Paper tissues are safer than towels. Your piercer might ask you to use a drop or two of pure essential lavender oil to help with the septum piercing healing process on alternate days. If you are wearing a septum keeper, have the ends facing down when you clean it. Naturally, you are not supposed to turn the jewelry during the septum piercing healing as it could delay healing. 😉

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92 thoughts on “Septum Piercing Healing”

  1. Hey, I got my septum done a little over a week ago, and I haven’t been experiencing any crusties? It’s a little sore if I hit it but otherwise I borderline forget its there, I’ve been keeping flipping it to once every other day or so and doing salt water soaks twice a day, I’m just sorta concerned with lack of crusties?

    1. It’s not uncommon for a septum piercing to produce minimal crusting, especially if you’ve been taking good care of it and keeping it clean. However, it’s always important to pay attention to any changes in your piercing and to contact a professional if you have any concerns.

      If you’re unsure about the healing process or have any questions about your piercing, it’s a good idea to consult with the piercer who performed the procedure or a healthcare professional. They’ll be able to advise you on the best course of action and provide guidance on how to properly care for your piercing.

  2. i got my septum done on Feb 27th and when i cleaned it the guy told me to clean it 1 to 2 times for 2 weeks and i have but then i stopped i sometimes clean it from time to time but i notice that their are crust building up on the jewelry and if i move the piercing it will start to burn but only on the left side i haven’t seen any pust or swollen area in my nose i wanted to know if it was infected or if this is a common thing

  3. Hello, I got my septum done 3 weeks ago and I suspect that it was done through my cartilage. The first week of healing went great, no pus or anything but from the second week onwards, I noticed green crusties. Could this be dried green pus? Also, it doesn’t hurt or anything but it is getting a little bit red and it also bled a little yesterday when I cleaned it. Is it infected? What should I do?

  4. I just got mine pierced yesterday..and I know it’s early! My piercer said it could possibly change it to a smaller one in 4-6 days if I need to. Will that be okay? I can’t flip the regular one and I can’t let my grandparents see it. Suggestions?

  5. Hello! I recently got my septum pierced three weeks ago. I play rugby for my school and we aren’t allowed to wear any type of piercings during our games. It still hurts to flip it inside and I was wondering if I take it out during our games would the hole close?

  6. I just got my septum pierced yesterday and it seems to be a little crooked but my nose isn’t swollen or anything is that normal? And my piercer told me to leave it flipped up for a week so it heals faster. It also moves around some even when I’m not eating or talking or anything. Is that normal too? What’s the best way to clean it also? Sorry I have a lot of questions by the way I just really want to take good care of it.

  7. I had my septum piercing done about 8 weeks ago, and I just switched to a retainer a few days ago.

    I found it oddly painful so I went back to my original piercing.. since switching it the tip of my nose hurts so much more than it did even when it was freshly pierced. Mostly on one side too..

    No noticeable swelling, blood, or pus or anything, but every little touch to my nose makes my eyes water !

    Could it just be that angry with me for changing it?

  8. Hi I got my septum pierced in February 2015 and my son headbuded me a couple days ago and now my nose feels sore and swollen …it’s a little hard to flip my ring back and forth now what should I do ?

  9. Hi, I got my septum pierced a few days ago and lately it’s been crusting more than normal. Sometimes to the point that I can’t move it without pain. I clean it with sea salt, but it’s only been getting worse? It’s still really sore and I don’t know if it’s an infection or if I’m just accidentally drying it out

  10. Hello. I got my septum pierced yesterday and it’s so stiff that my ring won’t lay flat (it rises). Is this normal for a freshly pierced septum? If so, how long does it take to loosen and stay down?

  11. I just got my piercing a day ago and it isn’t down like one should be. It is pushing forward so that the balls are pointing straight.
    Will this fix itself? Is it doing this cause its not straight? I’m freaked out

  12. I got my septum done yesterday and after it was done my piercer said that it started to swell and so it looked crooked… I’m just curious as to if it is really like that because of swelling or if it was done wrong?

  13. So I got my septum done about a week ago, and I only saline solution and emu oil to clean it. Is this okay.. or…

  14. I’ve had my septum pierced for 4 months. It has been perfectly fine up until a few days ago. It’s become sore, a reddish crust is forming around the piercing and there is a bit of an odor which I have had since getting the piercing. I was told it was normal nose funk from dead skin cells being trapped in the hole but with the new symptoms I’m getting worried.

  15. So I got my septum pierced 3 days ago. I have a little cold and I’ve been sneezing a lot. I have notice some green crust, I have been cleaning it everyday… Do you think it’s infected?

  16. I just got my septum pierced 3 days ago. Is it normal to have like green crust? I’ve been sneezing a lot so I don’t know if it’s from like the sneezing and stuff.

    1. noseringsadmin

      Hi Brie,

      The so-called “crusties” are normally yellowish but just like you’re saying – it’s possible that a little bit of snot is getting in thus making the crusties greenish in color.

      But then again – in case you’re experiencing pain and swelling along with the “crusties” – you should see your doctor in case there’s an infection.

      Robert – Hottest Selling Septum Rings!

  17. I got my piercing 3days ago and it’s still sore but I believe that’s because the day I got it I kept messing with it pushing it up and down. My nose is red around the piercing is this normal?

  18. I got my septum pierced 6/08/2015, it is now 6/19/2015. Every day I see, what I am assuming is crusties. One side of my septum, where the hole is, it will feel sore, and when I check I always see a light yellow substance, I’m assuming crusties? I clean it off with a q tip soaked in salt water. The soreness immediately leaves after cleaning. Does that sound like crustie or an infection? Thank you.

  19. Kirsten Rowlands

    Hi, I got my septum pierced today. I have no pictures but I’m pretty sure it has been placed in the right position in terms of height, but am worried that it’s way too far forward. Also, I’m slightly worried because when I touch the tip on my nose I can actually feel the outline of the horseshoe, is this normal?

    1. noseringsadmin

      Hi Kirsten,

      It really depends on your individual anatomy; the septum piercing “sweet spot” will differ from person to person and it might very well be that in your case it’s closer to the tip of the nose than normally.

      Robert – Hottest Selling Septum Rings!

  20. Hi! I got my septum pierced 4 days ago, and it’s been going well so far. Close to no pain at all, and no crusties and no discharge whatsoever. However it’s started to hurt now, but only on the left side? The right side is totally fine and i don’t feel any pain at all while cleaning it. But on the left side there is like a sharp pain when i clean it and turn the ring around a bit so the soloution gets into the wound. It feels similar to when the piercer put the needle through. The pain is not as bad if I lift the ring upwards a little before pushing it around, but if I just push it to the side without lifting first, it hurst quite much. (Not on the right side though.) It was like this the first day after getting it, but then it almost completely went away. But now it’s back!! Am I doing something wrong? I try not to touch it, but sometimes I do it by mistake, like if my nose is itching and I forget the piercing, I accidentally touch the ring with my finger. And also, I don’t know if I touch my nose in my sleep or not, because, you know, I’m sleeping…

    1. noseringsadmin

      Hi Emily,

      It’s been only a few days into the healing process, so I’d say it’s pretty normal to have such pain. The reason why it might hurt only on one side could be due to a small cartilage damage in that particular place, that’s just my guess.

      And obviously – if the pain doesn’t go away after a while and the would start getting swollen etc. – definitely go back to the piercer to see what’s going on.

      Robert – Hottest Selling Septum Rings!

  21. My septum doesn’t hang right it is at the tip of my nose and it does hand vertically like it should it kind of flips in towards my nostrils. Everytime I pull it out to look right it flips back into my nose

    1. mine does too, due to the shape of my nose and where my sweet spot is. Personally it doesn’t bother me. dont worry about it 🙂

  22. Hello, I’ve had my septum pierced for about seven months. I got a new job with a no-piercing-policy. I bought a septum retainer but it’s too long to get up inside my nose lol and my horseshoe is just uncomfortable to have flipped up (and I subconsciously flip it down without noticing) I was wondering if I could leave jewelry out on work days without my hole closing since its been seven months?

  23. So I pierced ny septum around a day and a half ago and I wanted to know if moving around your septum is bad, and if it’s normal to have a really sore nose for this long because it really only hurts when I touch the tip of my nose or the septum itself. Is this proper healing?

    1. noseringsadmin

      Hi Matthew,

      If you only move the septum ring up and down twice daily to hide it – there’s no problem in that, but of course you shouldn’t be flipping it all the time!

      Speaking of the pain – well, it’s pretty normal.

      Indications to watch out for is swelling and discharge which would indicate a possible infection.

      Robert – Hottest Selling Septum Rings!

  24. Hi so I made I huge mistake & let my septum get pierce while me & the piercer were drunk so I had it in for a few hours till I realized it was crooked so I took it out, how long does it take to fully heal from that sorta thing?

  25. I got mine done 3 weeks ago. (Septum). There has been no swelling, crust, pain, or anything. I know it isn’t healed, but it feels like it is. What do I do and why is this happening?

    1. noseringsadmin

      Hi Andrianna,

      Yours is a good complaint to have! 😉

      Obviously your body handles the new piercing exceptionally well and you haven’t developed any typical complications which is great!

      You shouldn’t do anything, but wait till the 8 weeks are over before changing the jewelry – just to stay on the safe side.

      Robert – Hottest Selling Septum Rings!

  26. I got my septum done 3 days ago I just wanted to ask if brown crust around the septum is fine or if is a sign of infection
    I clean 3 times a day and as soon as I see the crusts I take an q-tip and clean them off I just wanted to make sure that this is normal

    1. noseringsadmin

      Hi Lucinda,

      The so-called “crusties” is made up of dead cells and lymph, and is considered totally normal during the early stages of healing process.

      If you notice any pus seeping out of the septum piercing – that’s when you may start suspecting an inflammation or infection but for as long as it’s just crusties forming – you’re fine!

      Robert – Hottest Selling Septum Rings!

  27. Hi, I got my septum pierced two days ago, and it is very soar, and the tip of my nose has swollen and it is tender to touch my nose and just above my lip, its like a have had a procedure to get a bigger nose ha. Is this normal swelling for after two days? Thanks 🙂

    1. noseringsadmin

      Hi Zoe,

      Sounds like you should definitely see someone (by the sounds of it, the swelling is too excessive ) – be it your piercer or a doctor – because what you’re experiencing now might be an infection, so please get a professional opinion!

      Robert – Hottest Selling Septum Rings!

  28. Hi,

    I want to pierce my septum but i swim in an pool (treated with ozone) 3 times a week. I can get six days of training off after doing the piercing. My training will be a problem for me? I say regarding cleaning and healing.

    1. noseringsadmin

      Hi Alfred,

      Speaking of getting the first six days off – it’s a great idea and it will hopefully allow for the initial healing stage to get well underway!

      But if you’re planning to go back to swimming right after, you absolutely need to use some sort of protection because the pool water will irritate your fresh piercing.

      Here’s a few brands you may want to look into:

      Nexcare waterproof bandages
      Tegaderm Transparent dressing

      Robert – Hottest Selling Septum Rings!

  29. So around 5 weeks ago, I got my septum repierced straight after I discovered my other one closed up. Recently on the left side above the hole, it has started to swell. Bumps on the piercing holes on both sides appeared but I started doing sea salt soaks and they’re gradually going away. But the swelling!!?!? Is that normal? Is it irritated? There’s no weird pus, smell, pain, etc. Just the swelling. Also, it’s a little crooked but that’s normal with septum piercings. What should I do? Thank you 🙂

    1. Hi Maria,

      Now that’s a bit strange to have swelling with no other symptoms!

      Normally if it’s an abscess, infection or irritation due to over-cleaning, there would be at least a certain degree of redness and tenderness, but you’re saying it’s just the swelling…

      Well, there’s a chance that it is some sort of a growth having developed from the inside of the piercing hole, so if I were you, I’d go back to the piercer and let them make the call!

      Robert – Hottest Selling Septum Rings!

    1. noseringsadmin

      Hi Lola,

      So you’re saying it sits straight but has slightly positioned itself at an angle? Well, if you were to say that it’s crooked, I would have said it’s normal considering that it’s quite tricky for a piercer to do a perfectly straight septum piercing.

      In this particular situation, however, I’m not really sure what’s at play – maybe it’s the way your septum ring is designed?


  30. So, i recently pierced my septum myself. I didnt think the needle would go through and i didnt clean it, it was just me fooling around. I had to pierce it three times to get the jewelery through. I used a safety pin to pierce it. Stupid i know. Now the left side is swollen and it burns, i keep playing with it but i keep it up due to family not knowing of it. Ive washed it with a foam handsoap and sea salt(iodized cause thats all i have.) My friend gave me some Bactine cleaner for wounds. I also am having slight breathing issues. Is this from my piercing? The crusties around the piercing are a yellowish greenish color, theyre like a yellow/neon green color. Is it infected and how do i take care of it without my family finding out?

    1. noseringsadmin

      Hi Kail,

      It really doesn’t sound good – you should visit a doctor!

      Iodized salt isn’t good for aftercare and Bactine isn’t the best option either because it doesn’t promote healing.

      Also, considering the crusties are yellow/green – it’s one of the signs of infection so I’d go and see a specialist, don’t mess around with your health!



  31. Hi,i would like to get my septum pierced but i work in a corporate setting i see alot of peircers say it not good to keep it flipped up how else can i hide it

  32. Hi! I got my septum pierced about a week ago now, and I’m still not sure what is best and what order for me to clean in. I have it flipped up and will leave it flipped up until it heals because of work, do i need to flip it down when I’m cleaning it??

    I have natural sea salt, a saline spray i bought from piercing shop, and i have a medicated soap no scent etc and the main ingredient is trioclosan, out of these which would be best to use? and in what order. I have been using the soap in the shower and then doing sea salt soaks for about 5 mins when i get out. The sea salt soaks have been drying out my nose really bad… Also gets very red on the tip sometimes.

    Also at work i get a lot of crusties which makes me feel uncomfortable so i just bring a few cu tips to work in a clean tissue and wet it a little and just clean around the peircing then dry it with a dry one, is this ok for me to do?

    Thanks so much! just want to make sure it heals properly.

    1. noseringsadmin

      Hi Caitlyn,

      If saline solution irritates your skin (which seems to be the case) I suggest you try out emu oil which is hands down one of the best aftercare products!

      Just apply a small drop of emu oil onto the piercing hole with a clean finger after you’ve removed the crusties (you can actually soak the swabs in saline solution) and let it do the job of healing your fresh piercing.

      Speaking of having the septum ring flipped up during cleaning it – yes, there’s no problem with that; the only thing I can think of is – maybe you can flip it down while cleaning it from time to time to gain access to any crusties that may have got stuck onto the inside of the septum ring.



  33. Hi! I had just got my septum pierced roughly a week and a half ago, and I thought it was healing perfectly fine. But I’ve noticed lately, I can’t move the ring around at all (I was told to move it around/turn it while cleaning it) I could move it and turn it in the beginning. But now, it’s nearly impossible and it hurts like hell when it does move! I just want to know if this is normal.. :/

    1. noseringsadmin

      Hi Laurie-Ann,

      You don’t necessarily have to try to move it around – it’s another one of those myths! The piece of jewelry you have inserted into your septum can’t possibly “grow” into the piercing hole, so you may just leave it alone and just do a saline soak around the piercing site.

      Basically try not to move it around, but there’s one worrying thing – you’re saying it hurts like hell. Well, it shouldn’t actually be that way, so I’d say if the pain persists for a week or so, go back to your piercer to get a second opinion on it.



  34. I got my septum pierced about a month ago and I changed the jewelry after 2 weeks (bad I know, but the retainer kept falling out when I washed my face somehow), and changed it again about a week ago. I’ve been careful and cleaned it twice a day and sterilized the new jewelry before putting it in. It still builds up crusty stuff and is sore if I hit it a certain way on accident. Is this normal or should I be concerned? (I got it done at a very professional place so if anything has gone wrong it’s my personal error)

    1. noseringsadmin

      Hi Ari,

      Considering it’s been only a month, it’s not unusual for your septum piercing to be tender. It hasn’t healed fully yet, so just keep cleaning it using saline solution and leave the current septum ring in for a good few weeks (8 weeks minimum) before changing it to a new piece of jewelry.



  35. Tuesday will make it a week having my septum piercing in. I only use anti bacterial soap. I was told I need to move it around to clean it and get the best result. I tried but my ring seem stuck. It won’t mov . Is that normal?

    1. noseringsadmin

      Hi Monique,

      Don’t get too carried away by trying to move it by all means – it’s completely normal not to be able to do it! There’s no way your septum ring could grow into the piecing and get stuck permanently; once the swelling goes down and the “crusties” fall off, you’ll realize you can move it just fine.

      So basically focus on keeping the piercing site clean, and if you’re really worried about it, do some saline soaks, it will definitely help!



  36. Hi, I just got my septum pierced 2 days ago and i was wondering if i could add lavender pure essential oil to my sea salt soaks to help heal and keep my piercing clean? and if so how often should i do this? Would Love Your Help Please And Thanks 😉 : )

    1. Hi Erika,

      You should give EMU oil a shot – it’s said to be one of the best alternative piercing aftercare treatment solutions!

      As for lavender oil – yes, sure, you have to dilute it first because when used in its pure form it’s too strong – and then you can use it in combination with saline soaks.



  37. Hello. I just got my piercing done Two days ago and it seems fine so far but it is a little crooked but not to the point where its noticible on sight. I wanted to know if it being crooked will affect the way it heals because i do get shap pains on one side of the piercing but not the other but i know its going to hurt regardless since i just got it but i would like to make sure if i chose not to get it redone it will be okay since its just alittle off.

    1. Hi Jade,

      Yes, by the sounds of it, the piercer didn’t create a perfectly horizontal piercing hole – and truth be told, getting a perfect result is quite challenging as far as septum piercings go!

      Not everyone knows that you can actually straighten a crooked septum piercing by slightly pulling it the desired direction up to 20 times a day during the first few weeks while the piercing is still healing. It’s not guaranteed to do the trick though, but you still may give it a try.

      As for the pain – it could be that the cartilage was slightly touched on one side. If it’s really bad, I guess you should visit your piercer to get his opinion on it, otherwise it should go away within a couple of weeks.



  38. What is the difference between a septum ring with straight bar (inside cartridge) or curved? I have a ring with ball now and was looking into fancier one, but i find both on the net. My present ring is always moving and I’m always having to bring the ball back to middle.

  39. Got my septum pierced 5 days ago. My nose isn’t sore it’s just super itchy in my whole nose… has this happened to anyone befor? Any suggestions? Also my top lip has slight numbness is that normal?

  40. Hey I’ve had my septum pierced for about 3-4 months now, and the pain had been gone after the first week or two. It just recently started hurting intensely on the right side any time it’s touched though. I’m afraid that at work, since I work on a dock and have had many things smack into my face and head so far since I’m fairly clumsy, that I’ve torn it. If so do you have any advice for me to help it heal again? Sea salt always irritated my piercing so I usually just rinsed with warm water while it was healing, but now even that seems to make it hurt more.

  41. Hello! I got my septum done September 2nd so it’s been about a good 4 weeks since I’ve gotten it done. I have had it flipped with a retainer in since I gotten it done because of work. Is it bad to keep it in the long? Is it causing scar tissue in my nose because of it being flipped? My nose feels extra puffy inside the nostrils. Is it being flipped damaging the inside of my nose?

    1. Hi Danielle,

      No, wearing a retainer won’t harm the septum piercing itself – after all, that’s the purpose of those retainers!

      If you keep it inside for months on end, well – I guess it’s not a good idea because it will slightly obscure your upper airways, so I guess when you’re not at work, just twist it in a downwards position.


  42. Hi there! Got my septum pierced on Friday, August 29th (it hurt like hell, lol) anyway, it is healing fine, no infection and I’m keeping it flipped up to heal due to work and etc. I just want to make sure that it is normal for it to hurt SO BAD on the end/tip of my nose? I mean—OUCH! It doesn’t hurt unless it’s been touched/bumped but wow. Is this normal? How long does this usually last if so? Also, is it normal for it to only hurt on one side? It is a little crooked (by crooked I mean it is more to the front on the left side than on the right, and the right doesn’t hurt at all but the left does a little when cleaning) The crookedness doesn’t bother me, I figure that comes with the territory, but is it normal? Thanks!

    1. Hi Sara,

      First of all, congratulations on your new piercing! Okay, so as far as the pain you’re suffering, I want to say that it is completely normal.

      Of course, you should always heed all warning signs and keep an eye out for any possible signs of infection such as unusually excessive swelling or redness that does not go down, yellow or green pus secreting from the piercing site, a hotter than normal piercing site (where the piercing and/or surrounding area is hotter than other areas of your nose and face), fever, or unbearable pain.

      On the other hand, keep in mind that many people who have had numerous piercings on all parts of their body report that their septum piercings were some of the most painful, both at the time they got them done and during the healing process. I’ve even read posts by people who have never had an issue getting their belly or brow pierced but suffered such intense pain during the healing process of their septum piercing that they had to remove the piercing altogether, though they’d had the piercing done professionally and did not have an infection or any other complications at the time.

      My best guess is that the pain you’re experiencing is simply due to the location of the piercing. The tissue from which the septum piercing hangs is very tough and, when pierced, causes the body more trauma than many other piercings do so it’s understandable that more pain would come with the territory. The tissue in the area also varies a lot in thickness so if your piercing is sitting a little crooked it’s possible that the jewelry is going through more or a different area of tissue on one side causing that side to hurt more.

      That said, it’s impossible to know without examining in person just what’s going on with your particular piercing so if once you’ve read this you still have any doubt about whether your piercing is infected or if it’s healing properly, please consider consulting your piercer to have it looked at. Hope this helps and thank you very much for reading!

    1. Hi Lexi,

      It’s not uncommon to experience a lot of swelling in the area of this particular piercing, especially within the first few days of having it done, however there are things you can do and things you should look out for in this situation. The intensity of swelling and length of time it lasts varies greatly from person to person but heavy swelling usually doesn’t last beyond the first few days of receiving a new septum piercing. In the meantime, there are methods you can use to bring the swelling down yourself if necessary such as applying ice or taking an anti-inflammatory pain killer.

      If within the next few days you haven’t been able to get the swelling to go down significantly, I would definitely have it looked at as it could then be a sign of infection. Keep an eye on it and look out for any other signs of infection such as fever, yellow or green pus, or unbearable pain that makes the piercing site hurt to touch.

      Of course, that is worst case scenario. At this point, I’d chalk it up to the fact that the piercing is still very new. Don’t worry yourself just yet! Just try the solutions mentioned for getting the swelling down and keep on your aftercare program to keep the site clean. After that, if need be, consult your piercer or healthcare professional in a few days if the swelling has not yet decreased. Hope this helps and best of luck to you with your piercing!

  43. I got my septum pierced in late January 2014 at 12g, and it still is a bit sensitive sometimes and crusty. No abnormal colored crust, sometimes a little bleeding. I have cleaned it with all sorts of things, including what I was originally given with the piercing. It never has felt infected, I’ve had infected piercings before. Not going to lie, I messed with it too much at the beginning and I ram my face into things often (on accident). Any thoughts?

    1. noseringsadmin

      Hi Steph,

      As I’m sure you already know, healing times can vary a great deal from person to person and piercing to piercing. Though most septum piercings will be fully healed within a couple of months, it can take others a much as a couple of YEARS (yes, years!) to heal!

      Also, considering you said you had tampered with your new piercing after getting it, your body’s healing process was probably somewhat hindered and delayed, making it take longer for your piercing to finish healing.

      As long as you’re caring for it properly, however, and not fiddling with it more than you have to, you’re on the right track to a healthy and healed piercing. Don’t fret if it takes you longer than average to heal. As long as you don’t begin to see any signs of infection, inflammation, excessive swelling, etc. just be patient and it will heal.

      One last thing: be sure that the cleaning solutions you’re using are piercing-friendly and aren’t drying out the area. If you use the wrong things to clean your piercing, it may actually make it harder for your body to heal. Sea salt solutions and saline sprays a few times per day should do the trick and certain antimicrobial, fragrance-free soaps (used in moderation and rinsed off thoroughly) may also be used or substituted if you have a saline allergy or other reason for not using the saline sprays or sea salt solutions.

      Just be sure to avoid tampering with the piercing more than you have to to clean it, consider switching to a jewelry piece that may be smaller or harder to hit if you’re having trouble avoiding bumps and trauma to your face, keep up with your piercing aftercare, and you should be healed in no time!

  44. I got my septum done yesterday, the guy who pierced it did it crooked and the bar is short so it looks like I have a shiny booker in one nostril. The other side u kind of have to look in my nose. The guy who pierced it said “it’ll adjust after a couple days, it just swollen” will it really adjust or should I be worried? Or do u think I just need a longer bar?

    1. noseringsadmin

      Hi Whitney,

      It’s hard to say without seeing the piercing first hand but, coming from someone who’s had a crooked piercing before, there’s a good possibility that you may need to let your piercing close and have it redone.

      While swelling can have a definite effect on how your jewelry sits in your piercing, most of the time if your piercing looks crooked to you, it is. I strongly recommend having it looked at by a reputable piercer who can tell you whether you need to have it redone.

      If the piercing is in fact crooked, you’ll need to take the jewelry out and let it fully heal before you can be pierced again. If you DO have to have it redone, be sure to see work or at least qualifications/reviews on the new piercer and/or piercing shop you go to to be sure that your piercing is done properly and you don’t have the same issue again.

      Also, different jewelry pieces can look straighter or more crooked than others due to shape, fit, etc but if any symmetrical piece appears crooked while in the piercing cavity it’s a definite red flag.

      You want to be happy with the way your piercing looks when fully healed and, most of the time, that look isn’t too different from the way it looks when it’s initially done!

  45. Hi I’ve had my septum piercing for around a week and the crusties are worrying me. I know its normal but the color is more of a yellowish color. What color are they supposed to be? Is my piercing infected? I don’t know for sure. Ever since I got my piercing I’ve been spraying it with h2ocean and leaving it on 3 times a day. I’m not sure what I need to do

    1. noseringsadmin

      Hi Shi,

      Off-white or yellowish crust is normal and to be expected with a new piercing, even with a solid aftercare routine. The color is due to the crust’s make up of plasma, lymph, and some white blood cells and dead skin.

      If the crust turns black or green, then you’ll want to seek medical assistance. Otherwise, don’t fret! Just continue with your H2Ocean as usual. If the crusties bother you, you can lightly rub them away with a q-tip after a shower when they’re soft.

      If they don’t come away easily, however, don’t rip them off because it can tear open the site and slow down the healing process.

      Thanks and wish you all the best with the new piercing!

  46. hey iv had mine for 2 days now and its not crusting or anything it didnt hurt to flit it up but i keep getting sharp pains in my nose is that bad

    1. Most likely your cartilage has been touched in a bad spot so that’s what’s causing the pain; you should be fine however when it heals. If it gets worse, of course, you have to go back to your piercer!

  47. I got my Septum on Oct. 9 2013… Its been 3 weeks and its healing alright but i been gettin lately some crustys on both side i tend to do sea salt soaks, how long more is iy gonna take to heal completely. I love how it looks thats the onlu peircing i will have in my face… Plus im a tattoo lover 😉

  48. Just got my septum pierced about two weeks ago,thankfully enough i havent had any troubles with it. i havent even had any crusties or discharge from it at all. the only thing i am worried about is its healing and still a bit sore and it is a bit white around the holes on each side of the piercing, is that bad and do i need to be worried ?

  49. I pierced my septum with a 12g hollow needle a few days ago and for the first few days I couldn’t decide if I wanted to let it heal up or down and I decided flipped up (i’m wearing a cbr in it) but I don’t know what color the crust is supposed to be as mine is sort of a dark amber color, I’ve been putting neosporin on it for about 4 days but because I wear it flipped up I find it rather hard to clean the crust off of it 🙁

  50. I just got my septum pierced about 3-4 weeks ago (can’t remember exactly). The first 4 days were extremely painful if my nose was accidentally hit or touched or if I tried to adjust the jewelry. It was around the 3rd day that I went to my local CVS and got a generic Biactin spray and I wouldn’t have made that first 2 weeks without it. Not only did it keep the area disinfected but it loosened the crusties enough to wipe off and not be painful and it also numbed the area temporarily. 🙂 now though, there is barely any pain except for when I push a little on the tip of my nose. There aren’t any more crusties either and I haven’t had to use the spray since that second week. Good luck to anyone wanting a septum piercing or has a newly pierced one! 🙂

  51. I just got my piercing done a week ago and I am only getting a bit of crust and some slight tenderness. So thanks to this I am a little less worried. Sounds like everything is going as it is supposed to =)

  52. ye it wont reject thats bullshit.. too much tissue to destroy for it to do that the body wont allow that. it wont heal tho id say and will migrate loads .. not good

  53. I had my septum pierced a week ago and had a septum keeper in but it was to tight and has like made a big cut either side the wall separating the nostrils. ive took the keeper out and put a wider one in, will the cuts go away? what should i do?

    1. I haven’t had mine pierced for too long, but I ways talk to my piercer. they will go away over time, try rinsing it with anti-bacterial soap. He also said that you should really change it because that can cause scar tissue to build up, that happened on one of my lip piercings, it hurts. But in all. You should be fine. Just remember to clean it 🙂

  54. Hey umm I made my septum piercing but a made it with a normal earing is that a bad thing? shoud I take it off or can I leve it on?I realy want my piercing or what can I do Please help 😉

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