Nose Rings Guide

Nose Ring Guide

Small Nose Rings

There are occasions when you just can’t wear a big nose ring! You know, a big jewel or a gemstone, or some other adornment.

Some colleges, schools and companies have fairly strict policies when it comes to wearing body jewelry, so if you have a nose piercing, you have two options. Wear a clear nose ring, or a very small nose ring.

The small nose rings available here are very small indeed! These nose rings are very discreet.

You can choose between two main styles:

The first one is a nose stud. It’s a straight barbell and you can insert it into your nose piercing simply and easily.

The third type of micro nose rings is the nose screw. It’s a U-shaped nose ring that you have to twist into place. These nostril rings should be the most comfortable for you!

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