I Almost Squished His Hand For Nothing!

This nose piercing story was sent in by Ashley Carroll from Rochester, New Hampshire.

Nose piercing story


It’s been several days since I got my nose pierced, I am 21 and 3 months old. Ever since I was 13 I’ve wanted to get my nosed pierced, my dad’s side of the family is Italian and most if the woman in their 20s and 30s have their noses pieced. Unfortunately my parents were very strict about it growing up so I had to wait. I met the love of my life a few months ago and he encouraged me to get finally get it done.

We drove down to Connecticut to visit his old Navy base, while we were down there we checked out a few piercing parlors and found one that was the right price and had sanitary materials. We arrived at Vogue in the Crystal mall in CT.

The men there where incredibly nice! The guy up front I’m pretty sure was British. My BF and I giggled and questioned whether or not he is British. The guy went through how to take care of the piercing and how much it was, he also gave me a paper with all the care instructions on it. After he went through everything my BF and I final decided his accent was real.

When the piercer brought me back he told me what was going to happen and showed me the clamp and even opened the sterilized needle in front of us. I made my BF sit across from me and hold my hand because I’m a total baby when it comes to pain 🙂 I closed my eyes the whole time! I was freaking out for nothing, there was a little pressure from the clamp then a slight pinch and it was done in no time! My poor boyfriend’s hand, hopefully I didn’t squeeze it too hard.

I looked in the mirror and was so excited to see I had it in ❗ I was thrilled out how it came out! There was only slight bleeding, like if you scratched yourself. The piercer showed me how to clean it and I was on my way to enjoy the rest of my day. It only took a total of 5 min! On our way out the British guy told me when my nosed was done healing I could go back in and they would show me how to remove the ring and put in a new one free of charge.

When I went to work everyone loved it!! I’m so excited that I got to express myself through this piercing. It’s crazy but this tiny nose stud has given me more confidence in myself. My next one will be my belly button. I was very pleased with how my experience went! I still have a few months to go before switching to a new one. But I am planning on buying my jewelry at either Spenser’s or Portsmouth piercing company.

If you’re thinking of getting your nosed pierced don’t be afraid 😀

I latterly almost squished my boyfriend’s hand over a little pinch.

It was well defiantly worth the wait! 😉


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