I pierced it myself!?

By Angela, from Illinois.

Well as you know body piercings are a type of artform that many people enjoy in todays society. and as everyone knows there will be alot of amazing storys about how they got into them why they like them and many stories about how they did them themselves!

As i am a big fan of body piercings i too have storys to tell about my piercings. well to start all the piercings i have on my body were all done by me and the one particular piercing thats my current fave is my nose. i knew it wouldnt be a problem piercing my nose because i had already knew that i could pierce cartalige as i have pierced the cartalige on my ears before and knew that piercing my nose wouldnt be a problem.

So i took out my curved sowing needle that i kept for piercings and i found the middle of my left nostril and marked it with a pen. then i got out some rubbing alcohol and sterilized the needle and the spare earring that i had laying about that i could use. then after both were sterilized i poked the needle through till it ent all the way through my nose. then i took the needle out slowly and immediately put the earring through my nose. then i cleaned the newly pierced piercing with rubbing alcohol. the next day i went to hottopic and purchased some real nose rings and left one in for about 4 weeks till i changed it out making shure it would heal right. i also made shure that it was cleaned 3 times a day for about 2 weeks.