Potato piercing!

By Courtney, from Ohio.

In January 2010 i decided i wanted my nose pierced. it would be my first rebellious act as an 18 year old, something my parents would never let me do.

I called up my friend chelsea. she has done numerous piercings, though not professional, and had no complaints. i left school and went to her house. being a needle aphobe i was completely terrified. the first thing she said when i walked in the door was “i have to find a potato” chelsea, a potato? really? what for? “to put up your nose silly.” chelsea are you nuts? needless to say she was not kidding. she cut a little square out of the potato and shoved it up my nose. never in my life had my nose produced so much snot. it was disgusting. but we got a good laugh about it. she opened up a new needle and was like alright im gonna shove this through your nose. awe come on chelsea did you have to show me that stupid needle? she called me a big baby and we laughed some more. the piercing went pretty well and it was over in a second. i looked in the mrror and admired my new adornment, then i looked around the room and looked at chelsea. i was like chelsea is it hot in here? she looked at me and said ?”are you kidding? its all over and youre gonna get hot and pass out now??” she got me a bottle of water and sat me on the floor. within a few minutes i was fine. its now june ive had no problems with my piercing and i absolutely love it. for work though i have to wear a clear ring. no problem.. i buy all of my nose rings at hot topic. i prefer the l shaped bottom ones. that way i am sure they stay in.

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