Exquisite Diamond Nose Jewelry

Diamond nose jewelry is much more affordable than people believe. Why? Simply because the diamond nose studs and screws come with tiny diamonds – starting from only 0.01 carats! And all of our diamond nose jewelry is up to 80% off RRP. Click on the links below to see prices, larger views and the full catalogue available.

14k nickel-free white and yellow gold is standard in diamond nose jewelry – and nothing less sophisticated is used in these USA handcrafted nose studs and screws.

So you can be completely assured that the highest qualities of metals are used when making diamond nose studs and screws and you won’t develop an allergic reaction.

When it comes to choosing high quality diamond nose jewelry, you have two options – nose screws and nose studs.

Diamond nose screws are more secure held in place and they look like tiny hooks. You just insert them into the piercing hole, twist, and secure in place.

Diamond nose studs are made like straight barbells with the diamond at the outer end and a small ball-like ending on the other side. That is to prevent the stud from sliding out of the nostril.

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Diamond Nose Studs

Who can resist the sparkle of the precious diamond? If you are thinking that diamonds are too expensive, you might be mistaken. Diamond nose studs are quite affordable because the diamonds are small and start from just 0.01 carat!

In spite of their small size, they look gorgeous as they flash and sparkle on your nostril. Securely set in gold, diamonds are forever. And of course, you can get diamond nose studs in various sizes.

While making your choice, consider what you personally like, your facial features and the kind of place you work in. If you really enjoy chunky jewelry, and also have a prominent nose, you might love wearing a 2 mm size diamond. In fact, it is a good idea to buy a variety of studs to wear for different occasions.

What About The Setting Of The Diamond Nose Stud?

You have a choice between the prong and bezel settings. In the prong setting the diamond is more visible and sparkles more brightly. In the bezel setting, the diamond is set a little lower and rests more comfortably.

The Benefits Of Diamond Nose Studs

Studs, also called bones or pins, are a lot more comfortable than other types of nose jewelry. They are easy to wear because all you have to do is insert them through your nose piercing and push the backing into the stud. This is held in place safely. The stud is like a straight barbell where the diamond is at one end and a little ball is at the other. Since the ball does not come off, there is no danger of losing your beautiful diamond nose stud. Studs are easier to change often if you like to wear a different one at different times of the day. Just remember to go in for white or yellow gold as it is the best setting for diamonds! 🙂